5 Best Tower Defense Games And Tips to Win Them

With the crazy pandemic and quarantine scenario, we want to engage more with the online world. With no parties and social gatherings, the tower defense games give a stunning feel with vibrant colors and keep you engaged. Let us have a look at the best tower defense games. 

Best Tower Defense Games

Bloons TD 6

Who does not know about the Bloons tower defense series? This is  one of the latest games in the series. If you have not played any game of the Bloons series before then let me tell you that it is like any other game of the Bloon series. 

You have to burst the bloons or balloons. In this a monkey hero will help you. This is a hero because it has superpowers. This game comes with brand new animation and appealing visual effects to kill all your quarantine boredom or end of day exhaustion. 

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Kingdom: Two Crowns

Here you have a kingdom under enemy attack. You have to establish peace in this kingdom under turmoil by collecting gold and gathering followers. If you love chivalry then the visuals will keep you engaged for weeks.

 Above all, you can play this game with your friends.  

Minion Masters

This is a fast paced game where you have to collect cards. This will help you build your army with whose help you will fight a battle. Things get more interesting when you sit back and let the minions act and observe the opponent’s army. 

Then you can analyse their shortcomings and beat them taking advantage of their weaknesses. 

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Bad North

Bad North game

Imagine strategizing in a battle to protect your own small island against the Viking invaders! This is a great game if you like to make battle plans and relocate your troops in war. 

Aegis Defenders

Love heroes, monsters and the myths about ruins? If you want to find yourself in a magical and historical world then this is the game for you. You lead a bunch of heroes in this game to beat a bunch of villains. 

I know you love to play tower defense games so I will share some tips with you to win all best tower defense games.

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 The worst part comes when you think you were a step away from victory but the tables turned, your enemies won and you had to start all over again. Let me tell you how to avoid these failures.

Tips to Win Any Tower Defense Game

Tower Defense Game

  1. Arrange the powerful towers at a short distance from the turning points. 
  2. Arrange the long range towers after that. They should be near the middle of the map. If you upgrade them then their range will increase. This will help you keep your enemy in check most of the time. 
  3. Let your enemies form the wrong impression that they are winning. Arrange the towers with slowing effects so that the enemy gets the greatest blow.
  4. Keep your towers close to a point and intact to deliver a massive blow to your enemy. If you know that the enemy is self healing then keeping a great distance between the towers means you are letting the enemy heal before facing your towers again.
  5. Injure them so much at a point in the map that they never get to heal. 
  6. Be economic with the poison towers. Place them at such intervals that you can keep poisoning          your enemy throughout the track. The next poison should come right after the healing from the first. 
  7. Keep a level head while upgrading. You  may upgrade a slower tower if that is more effective. Keep it less expensive. Do not upgrade a lot of towers if upgrading only one has similar effects. 
  8. If you have reached towards the end of the game and the map is not too vast then upgrade giving priority to quality over quantity. 
  9. Find which towers are the most dangerous to which enemy. There are certain towers which are      more dangerous that the others to a specific enemy. Research them and use those towers against that specific enemy.

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I know you came looking for the best tower defense games and I hope this article could satisfy you. Which is your favorite tower defense game? Comment.

 Do you have any other cool strategy to win a tower defense game? Share with your readers in the comment section. 

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