How to Restore Google Drive Backup | UPDATED (2022)

Of course, that is why you are here. If you have heard somewhere that you cannot restore Google Drive backup, I want to tell you that it is a myth. In this article, I’m going to tell you how to restore Google drive backup with simple steps.

So, keep your worries aside because you are never going to lose your precious data.

How to Restore Google Drive Backup

Let’s get started…

How to Restore Backup from Google Drive to PC?

I am going to explain the 2 best solutions to retrieve backup from a Google account. The one is manual method and the other one is automated method.

Restore Backup from Google Drive using Manual Method

Restore Backup from Google Drive using Manual Method

The straightforward step is to directly download the required files from Google Drive.

  1. First, you need to open the Google Drive account in your browser and visit the link
  2. Now, search the data you want to restore from Google Drive. 
  3. Once you have selected the item, do right-click on the file or folder. Here, you have to click on the download button.
  4. After that, your folder will be compressed into a Zip file. The download will be processed on your computer or device.

You can follow this procedure for every folder or file you want to backup from Google drive to your computer.

While this method is easy and convenient, it doesn’t allow you to download all your Google Drive data at one time.

Restore Google Drive Backup to PC using Automated MethodRestore Google Drive Backup to PC using Automated Method

An automatic method to restore Google Drive backup will surely save you from the trouble of downloading files one by one.

Here, I am revealing one software that will download your entire Google backup to your desired destination. The name of the software is SysTools Google Drive backup software. This allows you to opt for date range filter while the restoring process going on, to back up the selected drive data.

The software downloads data including Documents, Sheets, Presentations, Images, Videos, and so on.

Follow the steps below to Google drive phone backup restore:

  1. First thing is first, you need to download the Google Drive backup software on your desktop.
  2. Now, write your email id and password of the Google account in the given space.
  3. Select the Category as Documents and Apply date-range filter.
  4. After that, search for the location of the data that you want to restore.
  5. Finally, just hit the start button. Doing this will initiate the Google drive backup process.


I hope you have learned how to restore Google drive backup. If you know any other method, please consider sharing it with our 1 lakh readers in the comment box.


How to back up Google Drive?

You are allowed to check your google drive backups for your mobile phone or WhatsApp messages.

If you want to back up google drive data, you can back up the following items:

  • WhatsApp data
  • Android device backups

How do I back up my WhatsApp data to Google Drive?

If you’re looking for the answer about how to backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive, I am going to share the solution.

Alternatively, you can visit WhatsApp help center to know how you can backup and restore your messages.

  • Your WhatsApp backups doesn’t use Google Drive storage for your personal Google account.
  • The WhatsApp backup allows you to restore your chats and attachments to the app.
  • You are allowed to stop and delete backups from WhatsApp. However, you can never look into the backup files.

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