5 Cool Gadgets Under $20

Most gadgets make our everyday live better. They can be helpful, safe you in dangerous situations or simply give you something to waste time.

Of course, many gadgets like Google Glass or a GoPro can be quite expensive. Luckily you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for every little helper. I’ve scraped the net and found some great gadgets for under $20 that can make your live awesome!


External USB Battery

Smartphones, tablets and other devices need energy. A lot of energy. If you don’t have a power outlet at hand, an external battery can recharge your device on the go (and save you from boredom). The external USB battery listed below includes 5000 mAh and completely charge a smartphone more than one time.

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Digital Cooking Thermometer & Timer

I love cooking, but sometimes it can be quite annoying to get your meat to the perfect temperature. If you constantly open your oven, moisture and temperature can get lost. You might also burn yourself or get a face full of steam. A digital cooking thermometer and timer will simply inform you when the desired temperature is reached. So easy, so perfect – and it’s only $13.99! Enjoy your perfectly cooked meal!

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Mini Helicopter

Mini Helicopters are awesome. Does not matter if you want to play with them in your office or give your kids a great time in your living room. Unfortunately they don’t work outside. (Almost) Endless fun for only $19.75.

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Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Although modern tablets offer a great typing experience, sometimes you simple want to use a good old keyboard to type. This $19.99 bluetooth keyboard will work with your iPad, Nexus 7 or other tablets and is highly portable. The batteries should last for about a year. Simply connect it to your tablet and you’re good to go. If you want a more sophisticated keyboard, check out Marc’s ZAGGkeys PROplus review.

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Mini Speakers

Summer is coming and if you want to listen to some music while hanging out outside, a mini speaker can be a nice gadget to help you out. This mono capsule lasts up to 12 hours, is quite tiny and offers decent sound for $18.29. Of course, you can’t compare it to bigger speakers, but it should improve your mobile audio experience dramatically.

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What Is Your Favourite Gadget Under 20$?

Above I’ve listed a few cool gadgets that are well worth their (low) price. Of course, you can go crazy and spend thousands of Dollars for a cool gadget, but why not start small?

Did I forget your favourite gadget? I want to constantly update this list, so please tell me about yours in the comments section below!

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