Google Keep Note-Taking App Is Now Officially Live

Google Keep has been accidentally leaked into the internet a few days ago but was taken down quickly afterwards. Google’s new note-taking app – Google Keep is now officially live. 

You can download the Google Keep Android App here, and access the browser application here.

Unfortunately, Google Keep is not available as an App for iOS at the moment. You can only access the web version with your device.

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is an app that helps you to “keep” your notes in the cloud and easily accessible from every device you have. Basically, Keep is Google’s version of Evernote, with more or less same functionality.


The really exciting thing about Google Keep is not its functionality, which is simply taking notes, but the ability to integrate Keep into Android and native apps like Google Now and possibly with Google Glass in the future.

There is also a down-side to all of this: Google is already struggling to keep Google Drive up and running in times of high demand. For instance, a few days ago an Android Smartphone giveaway was started on Reddit. Participants had to register by following a link to Google Drive and enter their username in a simple form. Within just a few minutes Google Drive crashed


Let’s see how Google Keep will show itself in real-life situations. We will publish a review within a few weeks after we have tested it properly.

What do you think about Google’s new note-taking app? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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