How to Customize Your AirPods Settings

How to Customize Your AirPods Settings, When I’m out for a walk, nothing makes me happier than double-tapping an AirPod to skip a song. Simple pleasures are the best. However, you may have want to change the touch setting on your AirPods so that it activated Siri or went back one song instead of forward. Well, you can tweak the AirPods to your liking, and we’ve got the instructions to show you how.

How to Customize Your AirPods Settings

How to Customize Your AirPods Settings

How to customize your first- or Second- generation Airpods settings

Depending on the AirPods model you own, you’ll have access to a unique collection of customization options. Listen up, original AirPods users:

  1. Put your AirPods in your ears and open the case next to your phone.
  2. To locate your AirPods, open the Bluetooth menu in your device’s Settings menu.
  3. You can access all of the available preferences for your AirPods by clicking the little I button next to them.

Available customizations:

  • Click “Name” and provide a name for your AirPods.
  • To configure the behaviour of double taps, select either “Left” or “Right” from the on-screen menu. You can choose to use Siri, play/pause the music, go to the next or previous track, or disable the double-tap feature entirely.
  • Toggle the setting to enable or disable the AirPods’ ability to recognise when they are in a user’s ears. When activated, your phone will begin playing whatever was playing when you inserted the AirPods and cease when you removed one or both.
  • Choose which AirPod acts as the caller’s microphone by tapping the “Microphone” option. If you leave “Automatic” selected and you only have one AirPod turned on, the microphone will switch.

How to Customize Your AirPods Settings

How to customize your Airpods Pro settings

The settings of the AirPods Pro are very similar to those of the first and second-generation AirPods, with the exception of the tapping customizations, which have been replaced by Force Sensor modifications. The steps to get to them are as follows.

Release your AirPods Pro from their case and place them in your ears, or open the case and place it near your phone.

  1. Follow this path: Settings > Bluetooth > locate your AirPods Pro.
  2. Any available customization options for your AirPods Pros can be accessed by clicking the I icon next to the device.
  3. All of the methods and possibilities for personalization are exactly as described above. Instead of being able to adjust settings, you’ll be presented with:

Available customizations:

  • To configure what happens when you squeeze the AirPods Pro’s force sensor on the stem, select “Left” or “Right” from the accompanying on-screen menu. Accessibility settings let you do things like activate Siri or toggle between Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation.

How to customize your AirPods Max settings

The same steps apply to renaming your brand-new AirPods Max, but because they’re so cutting-edge, they provide a few more personalization choices than older models. The digital crown and buttons are located on a completely other side of the device, and this is the root of the major variances.

  1. When you’re close to your phone, take your AirPods Max out of their Smart Case.
  2. To locate your AirPods Max, open your device’s Bluetooth settings by going to Settings > Bluetooth.
  3. You can access the AirPods Max’s settings by clicking the I button next to the device.

Available customizations:

  • With iOS 14.3 or later, you’ll be able to customise your audio experience by clicking the “Noise Control” button.
  • Automatic Head Detection: Like Ear Detection on previous AirPods models, you may turn this feature on and off to have your AirPods Max automatically detect when you have them on and begin playing music or an audio podcast.
  • To adjust the volume by rotating the crown clockwise or counterclockwise, select “Digital Crown” from the menu.

When using any AirPods model, you can remove the pairing information from your phone by tapping “Forget This Device” at the very bottom of the screen. And if you do tap this by accident, don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world. It’s as simple as pairing a brand new set of AirPods with your device. Perhaps it will make you feel as if you just bought a new pair!

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How to Customize Your AirPods Settings


Q1: How do I customize AirPods audio?

  1. To enable Headphone Accommodations, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Audio/Video > Headphone Accommodations on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Select User Defaults > Audio > Custom Setup, and then proceed as shown.
  3. Select the Play Sample button to hear a preview of your current audio settings.

Q2: Can I customize my AirPods color?

Each AirPod can be painted a different colour, and the enclosure can be personalised in a different shade as well.

Q3: How do I get more AirPod bass?

  1. Launch Music in iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Apply some EQ.
  3. Put a checkbox next to Bass Booster by tapping on it.

Q4: Do black AirPods exist?

ColorWare sells all-black AirPods for $299, which is much more than the $159 that Apple charges; if you want the charging case in all-black, too, that will cost you an additional $40.

Q5: Are AirPods waterproof?

Actually, No. As a matter of fact, your AirPods are not watertight. They are not suitable swimming companions. In fact, you shouldn’t wear them when working up a sweat at the gym or going for a walk in the rain (unless you have an umbrella).

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