How to Disable the New YouTube Layout?


This shows how the website or app’s design parts are put together and how they look. It’s better for the user because of things like the video player, the navigation menus, and the way the information is grouped. YouTube has changed its look to be more modern and simple to use. Some people may have liked the old layout and how things worked better than this change. If you’re in the second group, this guide will show you how to get back to the old YouTube look.

How to Disable the New YouTube Layout?

1. Using YouTube Settings

In YouTube’s settings, you can turn off the new look. Things to do:

  • Go to the home page after logging in to your YouTube account.
  • The drop-down menu is where you click on your picture in the upper right spot.
  • “Settings” is in the menu.
  • Click on the “Appearance” tab in the Settings menu.

How to Disable the New YouTube Layout?

  • You can change what YouTube is about and how it looks on this page. Discover a style choice like “Restore classic YouTube” or “Switch to old layout.”
  • When you find the right choice, click on it to make the changes.
  • To see the new look, reload the YouTube page.

2. Using Browser Extensions

With browser add-ons, you can easily change the way sites like YouTube look. To get rid of the new style, you might want to use these add-ons:

  • That’s right, this add-on brings back YouTube’s old look, which makes it easier for people to use.

How to Disable the New YouTube Layout?

  • Change the style and add tools like movie mode and night mode with Magic Actions for YouTube. This makes YouTube more fun to watch.
  • This YouTube add-on lets you change a lot of things. You can even use the old style again.

Benefits of Disabling the New YouTube Layout

Some reason to disable the new YouTube look is that:

  • Better for users: People who are used to the old way may find it easier and more fun.
  • The old style might have been better for people who have used YouTube for a long time because it was easier to get used to and use.
  • For people who use older gadgets or have certain disabilities, the old style might have been easier to use.


Finally, you can turn off the new YouTube look if you don’t like it or just like the old one better. Try on a few styles until you find the one that looks best on you. This is still true even if you use computer add-ons or change the settings on YouTube. Let us know if these tips help you watch YouTube better.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it matter what kind of style YouTube has? What does it matter?

Structure is a big part of YouTube because it makes videos and features look good and makes the site easy to use. This is important because a good style can help people find their way around the site and use it.

Is it possible to make YouTube look like it did before?

You can make changes to your settings or use add-ons for your computer to get back to the old YouTube look.

What will happen to my YouTube account or the videos I post if I turn off the new style?

It won’t change how YouTube looks on your phone or computer if you turn off the new style. Your account and the movies you post will stay the same.

Why wouldn’t you use YouTube the way it looks now?

Some people might find it easier and more comfortable to look around if they go back to the old layout. But they might miss out on the novelties and changes that came with the fresh look.

Can I switch between YouTube’s old and new interfaces whenever I need to?

To change how YouTube is laid out, you can use computer add-ons. This makes it easy to switch between styles. After that, pick the style that fits you best.

Should I turn off the new YouTube layout? If I do, will the way ads and paid content are shown change?

If you turn off the new style, it shouldn’t change how ads or paid videos are shown on YouTube. Because that’s how YouTube works, video ads will still be shown.

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