How to Ping iPhone From Apple Watch in the New Update?


Apple Watch users can use the “ping sound,” which is also known as the “iPhone ping” feature, to find their lost or forgotten iPhones. It’s now easier than ever to get to this function since the watch was updated.

What is the iPhone Ping Feature?

“Ping” lets iPhone users make a loud noise on their phone to help other people find it. The device is close by but can’t be seen, like when it’s in a bag or under a couch cushion. This function helps.

Before you try to use the ping feature on your Apple Watch, make sure that the software on both your iPhone and Apple Watch is up to date. This checks that everything works and shows you all the new features and changes.

Activating Find My iPhone

Make sure that Find My iPhone is turned on for your iPhone before you use the ping tool. With this tool, you can use an Apple device, like the Apple Watch, to find your computer. Follow these steps to use Find My iPhone:

  • Open up your iPhone and go to the app called Settings.
  • At the top of the screen, tap on your Apple ID.
  • Click on “Find My.”
  • “Find My iPhone” and “Send Last Location” can be turned on and off.

how to ping iphone on new watch update

How to Ping iPhone From Apple Watch in the New Update?

The ping tool is simple to use after you’ve made sure your Apple Watch and iPhone can talk to each other and turned on Find My iPhone. Swipe up on the face of the watch and tap on the “Ping iPhone” phone button. You’ll get to the Control Center this way. If your iPhone is close, it will make a loud ping sound to help you find it.

Once you’ve made the ping sound, pay close attention to the loud, unique sound that your iPhone makes. The sound should help you find your device faster, even if it’s hidden since it’s meant to get your attention.

Find your iPhone by following the sound of the ping. It might help to walk around the area and listen to the sound to find its exact location. You’ll hear the sound until you open your iPhone and find it.

If you have to stop the ping sound. Open your iPhone or press the “Stop” button in the Apple Watch’s Control Center. First, you should know that watchOS 10 changed some things about the Control Center on your Apple Watch. Remember that you could raise the face of your watch to get to the Control Center? Those times are over now. Now just press the side button:

  • To start, press the side button on your Apple Watch to open the Control Center.

how to ping iphone on new watch update

  • When you find it, tap the “Ping My iPhone” button. You can find your iPhone by the sound it makes.
  • Just remember that this will only work if your iPhone and Apple Watch are both on the same network, either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • You could use the Find My app instead if your iPhone is too far away.

how to ping iphone on new watch update

Benefits of iPhone Ping

The ping tool on the iPhone is useful for many reasons, including:

  • An easy and quick way to find an iPhone that you’ve lost or forgotten.
  • When you can see the iPhone but not touch it, this helps.
  • You won’t have to make an effort to find something you lost.


The ping mode on your iPhone is also useful; it can help you find your lost or forgotten device faster and with less stress. More recently, this function on the watch has been made easier to use and more useful. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to ping your iPhone and find it quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my iPhone “ping” when I press a button?

The “ping” tool can help people find their lost or forgotten iPhones. It makes a loud, unique sound when you turn on ping on your iPhone. You can use this to find it even if you can’t see it. It helps people who lose their device nearby and are looking for it, like when they’re looking for it in their bags or under the pillows on the couch. The “Ping iPhone” phone button in the Control Center makes it easy for Apple Watch users to find their phone and hear the ping sound.

What does the “ping” method do when used with the Apple Watch?

People who have an Apple Watch can make the ping sound on their iPhones right from their watch. To get to the Control Center, slide up from the watch face. You can quickly find your phone by tapping on the “Ping iPhone” phone icon. With this helpful feature, iPhone users can quickly find their lost or forgotten phone without using any other tools or gadgets.

Can I still ping my iPhone when it’s in silent mode?

The ping tool is made to work even if your iPhone is turned off. You can use the ping sound to find your device when it is on, even if the quiet setting is picked. It makes a loud, unique sound. It can be used when someone can see the device but can’t find it because they dropped it nearby. People can quickly find their iPhone without changing any of its settings if they turn on the “ping” feature.

How far away does my iPhone have to be for the ping tool to work?

As long as your phone is within Bluetooth range, which is usually about 30 feet, the ping tool will work. If there are things like walls and background sounds in the way, the real range might be different. For ping to work, the iPhone needs to be in Bluetooth range. People may have trouble if the iPhone is too far away. Move closer to where the device was last seen and use the ping tool again to help you find it.

If I ping my iPhone but still can’t find it, what should I do?

If your iPhone makes a ping sound, it’s close by but you can’t find it. You can try these things. First, get up and listen again for the sound. It’s possible that the thing got lost or moved by accident. The tool might also be hidden somewhere else, like under a pillow or in a bag. You could use apps that track your location, like Find My iPhone, to get a better idea of where it is if you still can’t find it.

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