How to Fix Black Screen on Roblox Mobile?


Signed-up Roblox users can make their own games and play games made by other signed-up users. Still, a lot of Roblox fans are having trouble with something that isn’t clear: the mobile app gives them a black screen. There are a few good ways to deal with and fix the black screen problem on Roblox Mobile. Having this problem can be very annoying.

What Can be the Potential Causes Of the Black Screen on Roblox Mobile?

Roblox might show a black screen on a phone or tablet if any of these things happen:

  • Not able to connect to the internet? If your internet is slow or jumpy, the game might freeze on the black screen while it tries to load.
  • Too Old of an App Version: If you use an old version of the Roblox app, it could crash other apps and show a black screen.
  • What’s Broken in the App: If data inside the app is broken, like cache or saved game files, the app might not load right.
  • Roblox might not work on some phones because they don’t have the right hardware. If they do, they might see black screens.
  • Not being able to get along The answer is different for every device: Black screens could happen if Roblox doesn’t work right on some phones or OSs.
  • Before you start the video, make sure your device can handle high graphics. If you turn them up, you may see a black screen while the game loads.
  • Why do we need more than one Roblox game? There is something wrong with the code or assets for that game because the black screen will only appear in that one game.
  • Should not work with the device’s OS: If the Roblox app does not work with the device’s OS, a black screen may show up.
  • Serve-Side Issues: Roblox’s servers might be to blame, not you.
  • Having trouble with your account or profile: A black screen could mean something is wrong with your account or that you have been banned.
  • bugs that only happen on some phones: The Roblox app might not work right on some brands or models of phones.

It can be tough to figure out what’s wrong when your screen goes black. These ideas should assist you in figuring it out.

Methods to Fix Black Screen on Roblox Mobile

It’s important to figure out what might be causing the black screen on Roblox Mobile before we look at the many ways to fix it. This could be a problem for several reasons, such as devices not working right, issues with the network, or even losing game data. You have to figure out what went wrong before you can fix it.

Method 1: Check System Requirements

Before you start, ensure your phone meets Roblox’s system needs. This will help you get past the screen that says “black.” For the platform to work, it needs some hardware and software. The awful black screen might show up if these aren’t met. Roblox’s website has the most up-to-date list of what your computer needs to run the game. Check to see if your gadget fits them.

how to fix black screen on roblox mobile

Method 2: Update Roblox

People who use old versions of the Roblox app may get a black screen and have trouble with other apps. All you have to do to fix this is check your device’s app store to see if there are any new Roblox apps. A lot of bugs will be fixed when you update your app, and the game will also run better.

Method 3: Clear Cache and Data

The black screen might show up if there is too much-cached data or broken game files. To fix this, go to your phone’s settings app, locate the Roblox app, and delete all of its data and cache. This step is often missed, but it can help you easily fix your issue.

how to fix black screen on roblox mobile

Method 4: Check the Network Connection

Always check to see if your internet connection is safe. Strong and stable networks are best for this app. The black screen may be caused by a bad or unstable network connection. Do not let this happen again. If possible, try to play the game again after connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi or something else strong and stable.

Method 5: Reinstall Roblox

Putting the Roblox app back on your phone is the last thing you can do if nothing else works. If the app is still giving you trouble after reinstalling it, you might be able to fix the black screen. If nothing else works, this might work really well. It might take a little longer, though.

how to fix black screen on roblox mobile

Method 6: Contact Roblox Support

Here are some things you can do to get rid of the black screen. You should get in touch with Roblox’s support team if none of them work. They know what you’re going through and have the tools to help you figure it out.


Getting a black screen is a tough enemy in Roblox Mobile games that can make even the best players scratch their heads. Follow the steps in this article to make things right. You’ll have a better chance of being able to play again without any harm. To read more of informational context like this, please visit our channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s wrong with Roblox Mobile’s black screen?

There could be a network problem, a device that doesn’t work with the game, or lost game data that led to the black screen.

How do I find out what Roblox needs from my phone?

Roblox needs certain hardware to work. Sites for the game or the app store will tell you if your device counts.

The black screen still shows up after I clear the cache and data. What must I do?

If getting rid of the app’s cache and data doesn’t help, you could try that again. This fixes most of the problems that are still there.

Just why is it important for Roblox Mobile to have a strong network connection?

You can’t play games without a stable internet connection. You might see a black screen if your network is weak.

When must I call Roblox support to get help with the black screen?

If the problem still exists after you’ve tried everything else, you should get in touch with Roblox support for more help and more advanced troubleshooting.

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