How To Fix Error 500 On Google Image Search?


It can be hard to figure out what Error 500 means on Google Image Search, which can make it hard to find the right picture. You can read more about this mistake and how to fix it in this post. Then you can search for pictures without any problems. People may not know what to do when they see Error 500 on Google’s picture search. Why is this piece being written? To explain the problem and give good ideas on how to make the picture search process better.

What is Error 500?

This is an HTTP success code which means the server is having trouble. That name is also used for it. Several things could cause this mistake in Google Image Search, such as a problem with the computer, the network, or the browser.

People don’t like the Google Picture search engine because of Error 500. It slows down work, stops people from being creative, and is annoying. The problem needs to be fixed quickly so that everyone is happy and can keep using Google Image Search safely.

Common Reasons for Error 500

A few main things can cause you to get Error 500 when you use Google Image Search. There might be a problem with the computer, like the settings not being right or too many requests for resources. This could happen if the user’s connection to Google’s servers isn’t working right or if they are using an old computer or browser add-on that doesn’t work with Google’s servers.

How do i fix error 500 on Google image search

Troubleshooting Steps for Users

People who get Error 500 can do a few simple things before they call for help. People can clear the cache in their browser, make sure their internet link is strong, and try a different browser on their own.

Method 1: Use Incognito Mode

A lot of people could fix this by reading in private mode. Press and hold Ctrl, Shift, and N to open the Incognito window. To fix Error 500, try to load the Google Search page again after that.

Method 2: Restart Chrome Processes

To begin, you should restart Chrome and everything that is connected to it. It will have a new case to work on, which could also help fix the main problem.

  • To get to the Task Manager, close Chrome and press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  • Then go to Background Processes and pick out all of Chrome’s running tasks. Last, press the End Task button.
  • Then, go to the Details tab and check off all of the chrome.exe jobs. It then says “End Task.”
  • See if that gets rid of the 500 error message that says Google Image Search doesn’t work.

Method 3: Disable Preload Pages

Chrome starts some web pages early because it thinks you might want to return to them later. It can do this with the help of the cookies it has saved and the places you’ve been before. Still, this function isn’t very useful since it takes up space on your hard drive and system resources that could be used for other things. The only good thing about it is that you can see these pages a little faster. This feature has more cons than pros, so it’s best to turn it off. To do this, follow these steps:

  • In Chrome, go to this address: chrome://settings/cookies
  • Click the “Off” button next to the line that says “Preload pages for faster browsing and searching.”
  • See if that gets rid of the 500 error message that says Google Image Search doesn’t work.

How do i fix error 500 on Google image search

Method 4: Disable Chrome Extensions

A lot of people say that apps from outside sources make websites not work right. Also, this might be what’s wrong with the Google Search page. It might be best to close all the apps and come back.

  • In Chrome, go to this address: chrome://extensions/
  • To stop it, flip the switch next to each extension off.
  • See if that gets rid of the 500 error message that says Google Image Search doesn’t work. If it does, let’s find the person who did it. So, turn each extension back on one at a time until the problem appears again.
  • That’s what will happen because of the last stretch you gave them. That’s why you need to either turn it off or take it off your computer.

Method  5: Flush Chrome DNS

Google Chrome’s Domain Name Server keeps track of the sites you visit. This record book might get slower if it has a lot of information in it, though. Websites might take longer to load. You might want to get rid of these files. You won’t have to fill them in again when you go to that site again.

  • Open Chrome and go to this address: chrome://net-internals/#dns
  • After that, click “Clear Host Cache” and wait for it to finish.
  • See if that gets rid of the 500 error message that says Google Image Search doesn’t work.

Method 6: Disable Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration

It looks at your PC’s CPU and GPU speed to see how fast they are. It gives the GPU the browser’s work if it learns that it can do it faster than the CPU. It’s still not clear how this could make the GPU better than the CPU, so most people will tell you to turn this off. How to do it:

  • In Chrome, go to this address: chrome://settings/system
  • Next, turn on the switch next to Speed up the device as much as possible.
  • See if that gets rid of the 500 error message that says Google Image Search doesn’t work.

Method 7: Delete Chrome Data

Some computers may not work right if they store too much data or if data gets damaged while being saved. Since the cookie has saved data and files, you might want to get rid of them. Do these things to give it a shot:

  • In Chrome, go to this address: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  • To do the same thing, press Ctrl+Shift+Del.

How do i fix error 500 on Google image search

  • Now, click on the boxes that say Cookies, Other site info, and Cached files and pictures.
  • Last, click “Clear Data” and wait for the process to finish.
  • Follow those steps to see if they fix Error 500: Google Image Search doesn’t work like this.

Method 8: Delete Chrome User Profile

Inside Chrome, everything is saved on the C Drive. This information could be stolen at any time, and the whole computer system would have to fix it. So, you might want to delete this Profile data and let Chrome fill it in from your Google Account. Bear in mind that this will get rid of all of your saved contacts, likes, site settings, cookies, and other data. It’ll be easy to get that back if you sign in with your Google account.

  • Press Windows + E to open File Explorer. After that, go here: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
  • You need to copy and paste this User Data folder somewhere else. Two copies of everything will be kept.
  • Now is the time to get rid of this User Data folder in Chrome.
  • See if that gets rid of the 500 error message that says Google Image Search doesn’t work.
  • Put the User Data back into Chrome if that doesn’t work. Once this fix gets all of your information back, we’ll move on to the next one.

Method 9: Reset Chrome

For that reason, if you lose your browser’s settings and choices, it’s best to get it back to the way it was when you first got it. All the changes you made will be undone, and it will look the same as it did before. Follow the steps below to give it a try.

  • In Chrome, go to this address: chrome://settings/reset profile settings?origin=userclick
  • In the next box, click “Reset Settings” to be sure.
  • If you see the 500 error message and Google Image Search isn’t working, you might want to restart your browser.


To sum up, fixing Google Image Search Error 500 can be done in more than one way. Users should figure out what’s wrong, fix it, and look into other options to make their picture search go more smoothly.

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