How to Fix Valorant Error Code 59?


If you play Valorant often, you may have seen different error codes while you were playing. Error Code 59 is one of these problems that players sometimes run into. This mistake can be annoying and frustrating, but don’t worry, you can fix it in a few ways. This guide will show you how to fix the Valorant Error Code 59 so you can get back into the game as soon as possible.

What is Valorant?

Since Valorant came out in the fast-paced world of online games, it has been in the news. This smart first-person shooter (FPS) game has taken over the world of video games.

how to fix error code val 59

Its unique mix of fast-paced games, deep strategy, and online competition keeps players interested. We’ll find out more about Valorant’s world in this piece. We’ll talk about its main features, how to play it, and why fans all over the world love it so much.

Valorant came out in June 2020. Riot Games made it, and it became a favorite among FPS players very quickly. Riot Games is best known for making the very popular game League of Legends. They used their skills and desire to make a new and interesting FPS game.

What is Error Code 59?

Let’s find out what the Valorant Error Code 59 means before we talk about how to fix it. Most of the time, this mistake happens when Riot Vanguard’s anti-cheat system isn’t working right. Riot Vanguard is a kernel driver for Valorant that was made to stop people from cheating and hacking. Error Code 59 means that the Vanguard service isn’t running or isn’t working right because of a problem.

How to Fix the Valorant Error Code 59?

1. If you get Error Code 59, the first and easiest thing to do is to restart your device. This can usually fix small problems with the Vanguard service. Run Valorant again after you restart to see if the mistake is still there.

how to fix error code val 59

2. Running Valorant as an administrator can help make sure that the game and the Vanguard service have the rights they need to work right. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Right-click the file for Valorant or the file that starts the app.
  • Choose “Run as administrator” from the list of choices that pops up.
  • If asked, confirm the move and put in the information for your supervisor.

If you run Valorant as an administrator, you might be able to fix Error Code 59. The game might then work without any problems.

3. Error Code 59 can happen if the Vanguard service isn’t working or is having trouble. Follow these steps to find out what’s going on with the Vanguard service:

  • Press the Windows key and the letter R to open the Run box.
  • Press Enter after typing “services.msc” to open the Services window.
  • Check the list of services at the bottom of the page for “VGC” (Vanguard).
  • Right-click “VGC” and choose “Start” from the menu that appears.

If the service is already running, click “Restart” to try to start it up again. Start Valorant again after you’ve started or restarted the Vanguard service to see if the problem is still there.

Update Riot Vanguard

It’s important to keep the Riot Vanguard program up to date so that the game runs well. Do the following to keep Riot Vanguard up-to-date:

  • Right-click the file for Valorant or the file that starts the app.
  • Choose “Run as administrator” from the list of choices that pops up.
  • The Riot Vanguard program will immediately check for updates and run them if there are any.

how to fix error code val 59

  • Most bugs and communication problems can be fixed by updating Riot Vanguard.

Reinstall Valorant

If the steps above didn’t fix Error Code 59, you may need to restart Valorant. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program in the Control Panel to get rid of Valorant. Choose Valorant, and then decide to get rid of it.
  • The latest version of Valorant can be found on the page for the game.
  • After you install Valorant on your computer, do what it says.
  • When you restart Valorant, any broken or lost game files will be fixed. Error Code 59 could be fixed this way.

Contact Valorant Support

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and are still getting Error Code 59, you may need to contact Valorant support for more help. The support team knows how to fix computer problems and can help you in a way that works for you. Go to the Valorant website and look for the support or help area to get in touch with customer service.

how to fix error code val 59

There, you should be able to learn how to send a help ticket or chat with a support person in real-time. Tell them as much as you can about what went wrong and what you did to fix it. This will help them come up with a better answer and get a better grasp of the problem.


Error Code 59 in Valorant can be annoying, but it’s usually easy to fix if you know what to do. In this piece, we talked about some ways to fix Error Code 59 so you can get back to playing Valorant and having fun. Don’t forget to restart your computer, run Valorant as an administrator, check the state of the Vanguard service, update Riot Vanguard, and, if needed, reload Valorant. If the problem keeps coming up, don’t be afraid to ask Valorant support for help. To read more content like this, visit

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