How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets?

How to sort by date in Google Sheets

Sorting your data in Google Sheets by date makes it easier to find it and put it where it belongs. This makes your data easier to look at. The next guide will show you the best ways to sort Google Sheets by date based on real-world examples and use cases. There are tools in Google Sheets that make it easy to sort data. You can also sort Google Sheets by date with the same tools. Since a date is really just a number, sorting by date is just the same as sorting a list of numbers. But because there are many different ways to write Date format, it can be hard to sort by date.

Sort Your  Google Sheet by Date

Data is only useful if it can show insights and patterns, and the best way to do that is with a well-organized spreadsheet. Sorting your data makes it easier to understand, whether you’re trying to keep track of deadlines, watch your progress over time, or make sense of a lot of information. Sorting information can be done in many ways.

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You can sort by name, size, date, and other things. Spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets have powerful sorting tools that make it easy to change the order of your data. This article looks at the different ways to sort a Google Sheets dataset by date, whether you’re using a PC or one of the best high-end Chromebooks.

How to Sort Our Google Sheet by Date?

In this article, we’ll show you how to sort Google Sheets by date and how to deal with common problems when working with date datasets. So let’s get started!

Sort by Date in Google Sheets by Using the Sort Range Function

The fastest and easiest way to sort a dataset by date in Google Sheets is to use the sort range feature. It uses the original dataset to make an output that is ordered by the sort date. So, here’s how it works:

How to sort by date in Google Sheets

  • Open the sheet with the data you want to sort on your laptop running Windows or Chrome OS.
  • Mark the fields that need to be filled out. Along with their titles, this has dates, names, and other information. Don’t write down the numbers, though.
  • From the Sheets menu bar, choose Data.
  • Click on Sort range with your mouse.
  • For a range, choose Advanced sorting options. A box called “sort range” will appear.
  • Check the box next to Data has header row if you marked the headings. If not, leave this box unchecked.
  • Choose the column you want to sort by in the box next to “Sort by.”
  • Pick A–Z to go from oldest to newest or Z–A to go from newest to oldest (latest to earliest).
  • Click the “Sort” button.

When you use the date column, your information is put in order right away.

Sort by Date in Google Sheets by Using the Sort Function

The easiest way to organize data in Google Sheets is to use the “Google Sheet sort by date” SORT function. It starts with the original set of data and ends with sorted date data. You can use one or more columns to sort, and you can tell the computer to use the date column. The best thing about the result of using the SORT function is that it changes. If something changes in your original set of data, the sorted data will be updated automatically. Let’s say you have a set of data and want to sort this column by the dates. Here’s how to put the dates in order in a Google Sheet:

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  • Go to the spreadsheet you made on Google.
  • Pick the table that has the column you want to sort.
  • Click on Data and then click on Sort range.
  • To sort by ranges, click on “Advanced options.”
  • Check to see if there is a header row.
  • Choose the column by which you want to sort. Order by
  • Check from A to Z (newest date first) or from Z to A. (latest date first)
  • Choose Sort.

The selected data is automatically sorted, and new cells are filled in beginning from where the cursor is. Even though it seems harder than sorting by range, there are many good reasons to use this method. For one thing, it keeps your original data column. So you can use it whenever you want. The big advantage of the sort formula is that it automatically updates the sorted data whenever the original data changes.

For example, if you change George Bryan’s date from September 7, 2020 to September 29, 2020, his name will move from the top of the sorted field to the bottom. Another good thing about the sort function is that it can be used in the future to organize data. Let’s say we want to add 10 more names and dates to our list of five. Change C6 to C16 in the function to get =SORT (B2:C16,2,TRUE).

Then, when we add a new name and date, it is automatically put in the sort field as long as we don’t go past C16. The output cells must be empty for the sort function to work. Here is where the data will go after being sorted. If you don’t, you get an error. The data you type is more important than the sort function, so the sort function can’t change the data you type. In the same way, if you type anything in any output cell, the results that were already there will be erased and an error message will appear.

Sort by Date in Google Sheets Using Column Filters

You might want to sort one column by date sometimes. Here’s how to do it in Google Sheets. You can also choose a whole range. Once you’ve checked that all of the dates in a column are in correct order, Data > Data validation > Date, and locked the header rows, you can use the Sort sheet by column X option to sort the sheet by date and put it in alphabetical order. Here’s how to arrange dates on a Google spreadsheet:

How to sort by date in Google Sheets

  • Choose a row in the column with the dates that doesn’t have any dates.
  • Click on Data, then on Sort sheet by column X.
  • The dates go from the first to the last letter of the alphabet.
  • Z to A goes from newest to oldest and A to Z goes for oldest to newest.

You can also sort by more than one column if you want to.

Alignment of the Date

By default, all dates in a Google Sheets cell are on the right, and all text is on the left. If the dates are aligned to the left, it’s likely that the format is wrong.

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Google Sheets doesn’t automatically sort data by date because many people don’t want their spreadsheet to be sorted by date. To sort by date, select the data you want to sort and go to Data then to Sort range. To sort Google Sheets from oldest to newest, choose the range you want to sort by date and go to Data then to Sort Range. If you’ve been looking for a way to sort your Google Sheets data by date, we’ve got you covered. You were shown three ways to do this, so hopefully one of them will work.


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