Five Methods to Use Android Tablet as Monitor!


In the fast-paced world of technology, it’s always fun to find new ways to use your gadgets. Did you know that you can use your Android tablet as an extra screen for your computer? This opens up a lot of options, like giving people more things to do or giving them better things to do for fun. In this piece, we’ll look at different ways to set this up, giving you more freedom and convenience than ever before.

Method 1: Wired Connection Using USB-C to HDMI Cable

A wired link is one of the best ways to use your Android tablet as a monitor. If your tablet can make videos through USB-C, you can use a USB-C to HDMI connection to connect it directly to your computer. This gives you a solid and stable connection, so there won’t be much lag and the picture quality will be the best it can be.

  • Find out if it works. Make sure that your computer’s USB-C port can send video. Most newer types should be able to do this.
  • Find the correct cable. You can connect HDMI to USB-C with a connector. Make sure it is well made so it will work well.

how to use android tablet as monitor

  • Connect things together. Plug one end of the cord into the USB-C port on your tablet and the other end into the HDMI port on your computer.
  • Make things work differently. Go to your computer’s display settings and tell it to recognize the second screen on your tablet. If you need to, you can change the size and direction.

Method 2: Wireless Connection via Screen Mirroring

  • If your Android tablet can connect to other devices without wires, you can use it as a monitor. Most new Android computers can mirror their screens over Wi-Fi, so this is a common way for users who want to be flexible.
  • You should use Screen Mirroring. Go to Settings > Display > Cast Screen on your Android phone or tablet. Choose your machine as the target device from the list.

how to use android tablet as monitor

  • You can mirror your screen. Make sure your computer is set up so that the screen can be shared. Now, what’s on your computer screen and what’s on your tablet should be the same.
  • Improve how things work. Make sure mirroring works quickly and easily by changing the settings on both devices.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Apps for Extended Display

  • There are a few third-party apps that let you put your computer’s screen on your Android tablet. In these apps, you can do more things and change them in more ways.
  • Pick an app. Look at choices like “iDisplay” and “Duet Display.” Both your tablet and your computer should have the app installed.
  • Connect things together. Follow the steps in the app to link your tablet to your computer.
  • Make things work differently. Once you’re linked, you can change settings like the size of the screen, how it’s oriented, and how touch works.
  • Have fun with the rest of it. Some apps give you more choices and ways to use your fingers to make your experience better.

Method 4: Utilizing Miracast for Wireless Extension

  • If your computer and Android tablet both support Miracast, you can use this portable display standard to make your screen bigger.
  • Find out if it works. Make sure that both your laptop and your tablet can use Miracast.
  • Start using Miracast. Go to Settings > Display > Cast Screen on your Android phone or tablet. Pick the device you want the movie to go to. Most likely, this is your machine.

how to use android tablet as monitor

  • Think about it. Now, the screen of your tablet should appear on your computer screen, making the process easy.
  • Improve how things work. Change how your network is set up to cut down on lag when sharing.

Method 5: Tablet as a Secondary Input Device

  • Your Android machine can be used for more than just a screen. It can also be used as an extra input device, giving you more ways to set up your system.
  • Put the right apps in place. Look for apps that let you use the touch screen on your computer to type. These apps are very useful for digital artists and people who make pictures.
  • Connect things together. Follow the steps in the app to link your tablet to your computer.
  • Try to come up with more ideas. Because your tablet has a screen, you can draw, sketch, and use your computer in different ways.

Benefits of Using Your Android Tablet as a Monitor

  • Increased Productivity. Having a second monitor gives you more room on your screen, so you can do more things at once and do them better.
  • Flexibility. You can quickly set up your tablet as a second screen at home, at the office, or while you’re out and about.
  • You can have more fun now that you can stream movies, pictures, and games on your computer.
  • You can save money by not buying an extra computer and instead using your tablet for something else.

A Few Considerations and Tips

  • Stability of the network: If you’re using Wi-Fi, the link needs to be stable for screen mirroring to work well.
  • If you use your computer to watch videos, the battery will die faster. Change the settings to find the right mix between speed and battery life.
  • Privacy: Be careful when using your tablet in public because the larger screen may show private information.
  • Change the settings on both devices’ screens to get the best speed and less lag.


As technology changes, so does our ability to do different things with the same thing. One great example of this is that you can use your Android computer as a monitor. There are many choices, such as a wired connection, wireless screen mirroring, or apps made by people other than Apple. With these tools, you can open up a whole new level of flexibility and improve your ability to be creative and effective. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Any Android computer have a second screen?

This feature isn’t on all Android screens. Check the specs of your computer to see if it will work.

Is there an app that doesn’t cost anything that can make the screen bigger?

Some apps have limited free versions, but many good ones can only be used to their full potential if you pay for them.

When I use the tablet as a screen, how long does the battery last?

Yes, it does use more power when the tablet is used as a screen. You can change the settings to save power if you need to.

Is it possible to use more than one tablet as a second screen?

It depends on the app you are using and how fast your computer is. Some apps can be used on more than one screen at once.

Is using the tablet as a second screen the same as reflecting the screen?

No, screen mirroring just makes a copy of your main screen on your computer. When you use it as a second screen, it gives you more room to work.

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