How to Use Audio Emoji on Google Phone App?


May 14 is the first day of Google I/O. They are likely to talk more about Android 15, which you can beta test right now, and some AI-powered features for their newest phones, tablets, and other tech at the event. You don’t have to wait until then, though, to try out some cool new Android features. Like, do you like the sound of farts?

Google is now adding “audio emoji” to the Phone by Google app’s test version. You can do this right now. You could also just wait. Soon, everyone will likely be able to use this tool. One of the six sound effects you can choose from is a fart noise. Each one fits a different picture.

As a joke, you can play the audio emoji during a phone call to bother the other person. I fail to see how they would enjoy this feature. I guess it’s like the soundboards that old radio shows used to mess around with during breaks and interviews, adding strange sounds like a toilet running or a sad trombone. It’s getting even worse now.

What Audio Emoji Are Available on Android?

There are six audio emoji to choose from:

  • Clapping Hands (applause)
  • Face with Tears of Joy (laughter)
  • Party Popper (party noises)
  • Crying Face (womp womp/sad trombone)
  • Pile of Poo (fart)
  • Drum (sting/ba dum tss)

While most of the audio emoji are straightforward, the crying face emoji corresponds to the sad trombone noise made as a joke when someone fails at something, and the drum emoji is the rimshot sound effect made after someone tells the punchline to a joke.  All of the audio emoji sound effects seem to be very old school, similar to the Wilhelm scream.

How to Use Audio Emoji on Google Phone App

How to Use the Audio Emoji During A Phone Call?

You might want to get the test version of the Phone by Google app. This is the place to sign up. Go to the Play Store app, tap your picture in the upper right corner, and then tap Manage apps & device > Updates accessible. This will take you to the Phone by Google app. Please wait a little longer for the new fix if it doesn’t show up right away.

After you signed up to be a beta tester, it took a little while for it to appear for you. Be careful, because great power comes great duty before I show you how to use these sound emoji. People you work with, family, and friends may hang up on you if you use the audio emoji too often and never want to talk to you on the phone again. Do you understand?

First, make a call or answer the phone on your Android to use voice emoji. Then, press the new audio emoji button on your phone, which is above the screen, stop, and speaker keys. The voice emoji button will grow to show you the six ones you can use when you click on it.

You’ll hear a sound effect and see a full-screen picture that is both annoying and not very good when you press an audio emoji button, like the poop or drum emoji. The sound effects can be heard by both people. I’ve been hit by an audio character before, and it’s pretty loud and annoying.

How to Use Audio Emoji on Google Phone App

How To Disable the Audio Emoji During a Phone Call?

Open the Phone app, tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner, and choose Settings > Audio Emoji. Then, flip the switch to off. It’s too bad that this will only turn off the feature on your phone. No matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you will have to listen to these sound effects if someone else has them on.

For business calls and other important talks, you shouldn’t use it all the time, even though it’s pretty simple. I like to make jokes with my friends, so I can see how these sound emoji will stop being funny after a while of being used too much. Can you picture giving your friend a womp womp while they’re upset about a breakup?


It looks like this is… stupid? This doesn’t seem to be useful in any way, besides the “Sting” being funny. Some might say this kind of function is fun and useful, but the fact that one of the sound effects is a fart takes away from all of that.

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