How to Use Instagram’s New Reveal Sticker Stories Feature?


Meta, the company that owns Instagram, has added new stickers to Instagram Stories. People say that the new stickers will help you talk to your friends about the things that matter to you. “Whether you want to share your favorite song of the day or create your own custom stickers from your photos or videos, we hope these new tools inspire you to get creative in Stories,” the company said in a statement.

Every day, Instagram stories are the best way to talk to your friends. With this app, you can make your stories more fun by adding stickers, effects, and frames. There’s a new sticker on the site called “Reveal” that lets you share secret stories. A person who replies to the stories is the only one who can read them.

This week, Meta, the company that owns the app, added a bunch of fun and useful new features. The Reveal sticker was one of them. People can only see it when they answer, and it makes your stories less clear. You can write down a story idea or something to start a conversation. People will have to leave comments on your story for others to understand what it’s about.

How to Use Reveal Sticker on Instagram?

There is a short movie that shows you how to use the new Instagram story sticker called “Discover.”

  • To get to Tales from Instagram, turn left.
  • Pick a picture from the gallery and take a picture now.
  • In the row at the top of this page, tap on the sticker icon.
  • Press the “Reveal” button after that.
  • Type your thoughts about the story in the text box. After that, click “Done.”
  • Last, click “Your story” to send it to other people.

How to Use It Instagram Reveal Sticker Stories

It will be clear again right away if someone sees it and responds to your story. You don’t need to answer or agree. It’s great that this tool will help creators get their audiences more active. You won’t have to answer every message to let them see your story either, since you don’t have to answer their direct message. An “Add Yours Music” sticker was added to Instagram at the same time. It works the same way as the “Add Yours” sticker.

No one has to answer your stories to be asked to share their best songs. The Frame sticker seems to have been added too. This sticker hides your photos so they look like Polaroids. Also, you have to shake your phone to see the shot, just like with a real SLR.

  • Click on the sticker icon and then on the button that says “Reveal” to add a reveal sticker to your story.
  • If you pick the Reveal sticker, you’ll be asked to type a hint for your friends about what they might find behind your vague story.
  • Tap the “Preview” icon in the bottom left area to see how other people will see your story.
  • Put up your story when you’re done. People who direct message you can only see what’s inside.


This sticker can be used to turn any movie or picture in your camera roll into a unique sticker. After that, you can add it to your story or clip. In a note to the press, Instagram said that these cutouts are saved and easy to find in your sticker tray, so you can use them over and over again. People can even keep the paper stickers you make and use them in their own clips and stories.

Add Your Music

This feature adds a song sticker to Instagram’s “Add Yours” feature, making it even more fun. People who follow you can listen to your songs and add their own. Here’s what you need to do to use the Add Your Music sticker in Instagram Stories:

How to Use It Instagram Reveal Sticker Stories

  • To begin, tap the sticker. After that, press the “Add Your Music” button.
  • Tap “+/Add Music” to choose a song from Instagram’s library after you’ve picked one.
  • After you post your story, your friends can add their own song by clicking the “Add Yours” button.


Last but not least, Instagram Reveal Stickers are a fun and interesting way to improve your stories on the app and get more people to look at them. Because Reveal Stickers are mysterious, you can use them to tell more interesting stories, get more people to connect with your posts, and get closer to your fans. Change your plan often, keep an eye on how well it’s working, and keep making it better to get the most out of Reveal Stickers on your Instagram stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it matter if I use Reveal Stickers on my personal and business Instagram accounts?

Reveal Stickers can be used on both personal and business accounts. Individuals who want to share interesting stories with their friends and followers can use reveal stickers in a fun and flexible way. Businesses that want to connect with their audience and sell their goods or services can also use them.

For what kinds of things can I hide behind a Reveal Sticker?

Remember that Instagram has community rules that you should follow and not post anything that breaks those rules. Reveal Stickers let you be creative with the content you share. If you want to hide something with a Reveal Sticker, you should also think about what your audience needs and what they expect. It’s important that the content you make fits with your brand’s personality and values and is also interesting.

Could you help me keep track of participation metrics that are only used for Reveal Sticker stories?

Yes, Instagram tells you how well Reveal Sticker stories are doing by showing you things like how many times people tap on the sticker and how interested they are in the story in general. Find out how well your Reveal Sticker efforts are doing with these tips. Then, you can change your content plan to fit. Keep an eye on engagement numbers to see patterns and know how your audience acts. Use this information to make decisions that will make your Reveal Sticker stories stronger and more meaningful.

Will Reveal Stickers still work if I use them with other playable Instagram features like polls or games?

This is correct. Reveal Stickers can be used with other interactive Instagram features to make stories more fun and interesting to read. Change up the ways you put things together to keep people interested and help them connect in meaningful ways. If you use Reveal Stickers, you can hide things like quiz solutions or poll results. This makes your stories more interesting and lets people take part in them. With a lot of different fun features, you can make story events that really pull people in, keep their attention, and get them involved with the platform.

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