What Are the Major Features You Are Getting With the ChromeOS 124 Update?


Google will put ChromeOS 124 out for Chromebooks in the next few weeks. A few new things about it make it stand out. Because of Things The Settings app for ChromeOS now looks like a tablet app because you changed it. Now, each part opens on its own page inside a cover. Before, there was a stream of thoughts that never stopped.

Many things are still the same in About ChromeOS, Accounts, Devices, Privacy, and Security (turned around), Apps, Accessibility, and Networks. The stuff in the toolbar has both text and icons for them. “System Preferences” and “Wallpaper and Style” are brand new. “System Preferences” has Search and Assistant, Power, Storage management, and settings that used to be in “Advanced.”

Besides the update, there are some other changes, like the settings menu having a new look and the motion features being better. Window users will already know how to use the new “Faster Split Screen Setup” option thanks to pictures shared by 9to5Google. Screenshots of other apps show up on the other side when you snap one app to one side. You pick one to pin, and it stays put. Before this change, you had to find the other app and pin them side-by-side again. Things should go a little better now.

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What Are the Major Features You Are Getting With the Update?

  • One of the first things you’ll notice is that the Settings app has changed. It looks more like the Settings app on an Android computer. Everywhere now has a Material You theme, and instead of a stream of options, each app starts in its own box.
  • No changes have been made to the network, Bluetooth, devices that are connected, accounts, or devices. But there are now more options, such as Wallpaper and style, as well as System settings.

ChromeOS 124 Brings Material You Settings, Split Screen Updates, and More

  • You can now use two screens at the same time more easily. In ChromeOS, when you switch to split screen mode, the other side will now show you a Windows shape. There’s also a new tool in ChromeOS called “Quality of Service” that makes sure Wi-Fi networks handle traffic better when people are gaming or video calling at the same time.
  • Google has also added support for Fast Pair mice in ChromeOS 124. Your Chromebook will ask you to connect to your Bluetooth device when you get it closer. To change the size of the pointer on a mouse, go to Settings > Accessibility > pointer and touchpad.

Move your mouse over the button in the top right corner that lets you show or hide the window to start a split. This will make the Split Screen Setup come up faster. In ChromeOS 124, the other side of the screen will show you “a list of all the open windows.” You could only put one window into place before. But this was already how it worked when you dragged a window to the left or right in Overview. It’s a new option that you can find in Settings > System settings > Windows and desks.

Chrome OS 124 now has something extra called Quality of Service (QoS). This function “ensures better traffic prioritization of video conferencing and gaming applications on congested Wi-Fi networks.” Watching videos should be faster and take less time, just like on Nest WiFi. This could be fun for Chromebooks that are used for games. From the user’s point of view, it looks like they can’t change this.

ChromeOS 124 Brings Material You Settings, Split Screen Updates, and More

For now, Fast Pair can now link up with mice. It will ask you to pair it when you bring it close to your Chromebook. In the same way, you can now make your mouse bigger: “This can help people with low vision, teachers who want students to follow along while they present, people who are presenting on a video call, or anyone who just wants a bigger mouse cursor.” From the menu, choose “Accessibility” and then “Cursor and touchpad.” If you check the box next to “Show large mouse cursor,” a slider will appear that lets you change the size of the mouse cursor.


Chrome Unboxed also says that this update changes the look of the ChromeOS settings app to make it more like the settings on smartphones. It now uses Google’s Material You design. The news source also says that you can delete messages with a new two-finger trackpad gesture and that ChromeOS now lets you digitally pan, tilt, and zoom even on cameras that don’t have Super-Res Zoom on Chromebooks.

The updates that Google sends to ChromeOS are not all sent at once. Chromebooks that can handle Version M124 will be able to get it “over the coming days.” To find out if the update is available, either look for the message that says “Update available” or go to Settings > About ChromeOS > Check for changes.

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