How To Use The Split Screen Feature On Windows 10?


One useful tool in Windows 10 is the Split Screen feature, which lets users split their screen space between two apps. Now you can do more than one thing at once, which makes you more effective overall. You can do a lot of things at once or put two pieces of information next to each other to compare them with this function. It’s easy to use the Split Screen tool if you follow these steps:

Using Split Screen with Snap Assist

  • Start up the first app: Start up the first app or window you want to show on one side of the split screen. It might be a window, a message, or a file.
  • There is a square icon in the upper right part of the window that you can click to make it bigger. You can also move the window’s edges to one side of the screen to change its size.
  • Hold the window in place as you move it to one side of the screen. It will now take up half the screen. To move to the left or right, you can also press the Windows key and the left or right button keys on your computer.
  • Pick the second app: To put the second window or app on the other side of the split screen, open it. It might be a chat app, a calendar, or something else.

How to use the Split Screen feature on Windows 10

  • Take a picture of the second window: Now do the same thing with the second window. Tools for the computer were already talked about. To snap quickly, you can also drag it to the other side of the screen.
  • Move the Line Between the Screens: If you need to, you can change the space between the two screens by moving the line between them. This can be changed to make your desk better and fit your needs.

Using Task View

  • To open Task View, press Shift and the tab key at the same time, or click on the Task View button in the taskbar. You can see a list of all the open apps and VR screens in Task View.
  • You should be in Task View when you want to split the window. It will become a thumbnail when you drag it to the edge of the screen. Because this is a normal process, it is possible to split.
  • To split a window in half, hold it down and drag it to the edge of the screen. Like with Snap Assist, when you let go of the mouse button, the window snaps back into place.

How to use the Split Screen feature on Windows 10

  • For the Second Window, do the same thing on the other side of the screen. In Task View, choose the second window that you want to split. Task View makes it easy to move between open apps.
  • You can change how virtual computers are split and used as an extra. You can make virtual workspaces with Task View and other tools. In Task View, click on “New Desktop” to make your space even better organized. You can also use this feature with a split screen.

Exiting Split Screen

To get back to a single-window view after leaving split-screen mode, do the following:

  • To move the line to the top or bottom of the screen, grab it and drag it. One of the windows will be the right size again after this.
  • Press the Windows key and the up button to make the window bigger. To shrink it or return it to its original size, press the Windows key and the arrow key down.


Learn how to use Windows 10’s Split Screen tool, whether it’s through Snap Assist or Task View. This last tip will help you do more than one thing at once. This tool lets you compare data, work on several things at once, or just clear off your desk so you can get more done. It will be easier to switch between apps if you follow these tips. This will help you get more done in general.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a Notepad++ tool for Android or iOS phones?

It looks like Notepad++ does not have an official app for either Android or iOS as of right now. Some other phone apps, on the other hand, try to copy its features. Be careful and make sure these apps are real because the fake ones might not have as many features or as much safety as the real PC version.

Can I open Notepad++ files that were made in Notepad and Notepad++ files that were made in Notepad?

You can open and change Notepad files in Notepad++ and Notepad files in Notepad. Both tools work with common text file types, so you can use them together. Because they can talk to each other, users can choose which tool to use based on what they want to do or what they need to do.

Is it possible to divide the screen into more than two parts?

A lot of the tools that come with Windows 10 can be used to split the screen in half. But third-party apps and external computers may give you more choices for more complex ways to split your screen.

Can I use Split Screen on more than one screen?

You can use Split Screen on more than one screen in Windows 10. It’s possible to split the screen on each computer so that users can use each one separately. There is more room and freedom in the office now.

Does the computer run slower when you use the Split Screen tool?

The Split Screen tool doesn’t make the system work any better or worse. But in general, it might depend on how many resources the projects need. You might use the CPU and memory more if you have a lot of apps that need them open at the same time. This might make things take longer. When you have a lot to do, think about what your tool can do.

A lot of people want to know about mobile access, how text writers can work together, and what the limits of Windows 10’s split-screen are. This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is meant to answer each of those questions. This will help people get a better grasp of this helpful tool.

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