How To Use Chrome And Windows 10 Color Picker Feature?


When we look at things online, color can change how we see and understand them. The people who made Google Chrome and Windows 10 know how important it is to choose the right color. These tools let you find, pick, and use colors exactly as you want. This is true whether you are a web creator making the perfect website or an OS user changing how their system looks. You can use the color pickers in Chrome and Windows 10 with this guide. You can improve your digital color by following the steps and tips it gives you.

Using the Chrome Color Picker

  • Click “Inspect” or “Ctrl + Shift + I” (Windows/Linux) or “Cmd + Opt + I” (Mac) to open Chrome’s Developer Tools. This is where the color story begins.
  • In the Developer Tools, you can find the “Elements” tab. You can see the HTML and CSS code that makes up the page here.
  • Look for the feature that describes color: You need to find the part of CSS that lets you choose the color. This could be under the “Styles” or “Computed” tab, depending on how the page is set up.

How to use Chrome and Windows 10 Color Picker feature

  • Start up the Color Picker. A small color box will show up next to the color number. The tool to pick a color will appear when you click on it.
  • Pick a Color: Pick any color on the page with the eyedropper tool while the color generator is on. You can choose the color you want with just one click of the mouse.
  • As you choose a color, you can copy the color code. The color code comes in hex, RGB, HSL, and other forms. It’s best to copy the code so that it works right in your design work.

Using the Windows 10 Color Picker

  • Click on “Settings” in the Start menu. This will begin the process of changing the colors in Windows 10. You can also quickly get to the Settings app by pressing the Windows key and the letter I.
  • Pick “Personalization” over there: Follow these steps: 1. Go to the Settings menu and pick “Personalization.” You can add your own style to the “Colors” tab that appears.
  • Pick an Accent Color: To add color to the Windows 10 interface, scroll through the list of accent colors that have already been set or pick the one you like best.

How to use Chrome and Windows 10 Color Picker feature

  • Turn on the “Custom color” switch to get a unique color. The Windows 10 color choice will then appear and be ready to help you bring your color ideas to life.
  • To see the color picker, click on the colored box next to “Choose your custom color.” You can pick from many colors.
  • Change the strength and opacity of the color you’ve chosen to make it look even better if you know a lot about them. Change the way you pick colors.
  • Fill this form out and save it: Are you happy with how you’ve used art to show how you feel? Click “Done” to use the color you picked. Now, it will be used in a lot of places in Windows 10.

Tips and Considerations

  1. Chrome apps: If Chrome’s built-in color picker is too hard to use, look into simple apps that can help you pick colors faster and easier.
  2. Setting up themes for Windows: The Windows 10 color picker changes the main color and some colors in the interface. Click on “Themes” to add more color choices.
  3. Learn how to use color codes that are written in hexadecimal (hex). You can move through the color range more quickly if you know and use these codes.


Last but not least, the color pickers in Chrome and Windows 10 are more than just tools; they let you make art. If you want to improve your digital palette, these tools make it easy and accurate. They can be used to change the colors on a page or the way your operating system looks. Use your greatest thoughts to paint on your computer screen. Each click should have a color that tells a story.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change the colors that Google Chrome uses?

Some people may find it too hard to use the color choice that comes with Google Chrome. It was made with writers in mind. Many Chrome apps have simple color pickers that you can use if you’d rather not do it all by hand.

Can I change the color of more than just borders in Windows 10?

Not many people will really notice the colors that come with Windows 10. You can change colors even more by going to “Themes” and looking at the other colors there. You can now change more parts of Windows.

Do you want to learn how to use hexadecimal color bars?

To show colors on the web and in digital photos, most people use hexadecimal color names. Some people choose better colors when they know about hex codes, but you don’t have to. This is especially true for web-based projects.

How can I pick a color in a different Windows 10 app?

You can get color pickers for Windows 10 from outside the OS that works well with it and give you more options. You can do more with these tools than just change the color in Settings.

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