Jooble Recommendations On How To Become a PHP Developer Part-Time?


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source scripting language used to develop websites and business applications. Its use is on the website’s back end because it is a scripting language. Even though it is used on the back end, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages: Facebook uses it for its desktop website.

Looking at PHP’s popularity and the job opportunities that it may draw, PHP is a productive programming language to learn. It is simple to learn despite its extensive use. Furthermore, its jobs are easy to get, and you can choose how you want to work as a PHP developer. For instance, you can be a PHP developer part time and get a job online. This will afford you a handsome income while doing other things you want.

In this regard, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on how to become a part-time PHP developer. Let’s proceed.

How To Become A Part-Time PHP Developer

Like other professions, PHP developers often undergo specialized education and training before they can work in the industry. Understanding what a PHP developer does and the steps to build the technical knowledge can help you pursue a career in this field.

Below are the things to do to become a PHP developer:

Get A Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is vital for being a PHP developer as it helps improve your value and can help you negotiate better pay. Start your journey toward being a PHP developer by getting a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or related courses.

Learn HTML and CSS

Although PHP is your primary focus, you need to have some basic coding knowledge to excel in learning PHP. Take a course in HTML and CSS, often used to define a webpage structure and style. You may also need knowledge of HTML to build some PHP websites.

Learn The PHP Language

The next thing is to learn the PHP language itself. There are tons of materials and resources online to help you learn quickly. You can learn PHP in three to six months, depending on how committed you are and how fast you learn.

Master the basics properly to create a good foundation for your journey as a PHP developer. You should also remember that learning PHP is a journey; it can never end as you can keep improving yourself. Take advantage of the materials online and check Youtube or Linkedin to get started.

Practice What You’ve Learned

PHP is a skill that needs to be constantly practiced to improve, so it would help if you keep practicing it without relenting. Use the skill to build websites for friends and family members. You can also join challenges in school and online.

Another way to practice is to build a project. Building a project allows you to use what you have learned actively. Unlike the other ways of practicing listed above, building your project gives you free rein on many things, such as the outlook, idea, and timeline. Constant practice will also be the basis for your portfolio and overall growth.

Get Certified

Certifications show your expertise and increase your value as a professional. Hence, it is advisable to get a PHP certification to test your knowledge of the language and add value to yourself.

You can do PHP certifications online. All you need to do is choose a certification that suits you the most based on learning format, time frame, cost, and skill level.

Examples of PHP certifications that you can get are Zend Certified PHP Engineer, PHP Developer Certification, Coursera PHP certification, and W3Schools PHP Certification.

Set Up A Freelance Account And Get a Part-Time

Since your motive is to do PHP part-time, freelance is the way to go. Set up a freelance account online and wait to be called for jobs. You can also apply for part-time jobs. Create a CV and a portfolio to make your employment process easy.

Benefits Of Learning PHP

There are several benefits of learning and using PHP. Some of these benefits are:

Easy To Learn

PHP is considered the easiest scripting language to learn. While it has some features for professionals, a newbie can quickly get the hang of it without stressing too much. PHP is beginner-friendly, making it easy for newbies to create personal pages.


PHP is a free programming language, as it is an open-source language. It does not have any hidden costs or licensing fees, making it easier for developers to use it. It is also used for Content Management Systems like Drupal, Wix, and WordPress.


Another thing PHP offers is its speed. Speed is crucial for servers in today’s world, where millions of users want to assess the internet simultaneously. The programming language used to build a server can affect the server’s speed. Compared to other programming languages, PHP has proven to be very fast.


The documentation available for a programming language can affect its use. This is because programming languages with proper documentation make it easier for developers to use them to find help when they need it. PHP is a programming language with a lot of documentation and resources online.

Great Community of Users

Besides the document and library available on a programming language, the community of users is also essential. The importance of the community stems from the fact that you may sometimes not get the help you want from the library and the documents available online. However, the community of programmers available for such language can help you more easily. PHP is one of such languages with a large community of users that are always ready to help.

Job Opportunity

PHP is popular and used on many websites. You shouldn’t be surprised that eight out of ten websites use PHP. This can make it easy for you to get a job as a developer who has learned PHP.


The average pay for PHP is $80,000, with the possibility of earning more than $100,00. This makes PHP a high-paying programming language.


PHP is a popular programming language with a high prospect. Even though there are several popular programming languages, PHP keeps being relevant because of its simplicity. It is also free, which makes it more widespread.

This article has examined what it takes to be a PHP Developer and do the job part-time. We have also discussed the advantages of the programming language to reinforce the fact that it is a great decision to learn it.

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