Methods to Fix Discord 500 Internal Server Error!


People who play games or hang out online often use this to talk to each other. People know they can count on it. But sometimes, even the most reliable platforms won’t work right. People can get the “Discord 500 Internal Server Error,” which can make it hard to talk to other people and do things online. In this case, the Discord servers are having trouble. Still, you can fix it. There is a Discord 500 Internal Server Error. This guide will explain what it is and give you several good solutions to fix it so you can use Discord normally again.

Causes of the Discord 500 Internal Server Error

You need to figure out what’s causing the Discord 500 Internal Server Error before you can fix it. Most of the time, it’s because of a server issue, but it can also be due to other things. Usually, it’s because of these:

  • Server breaks or maintenance: The error could be caused by Discord’s servers being down for a short time or for maintenance. Most of the time, Discord’s tech team can fix errors like these.
  • The error can be caused by bugs that only last a short time in any online service, not just Discord. Most of the time, users don’t need to do anything to fix these bugs.
  • If you see the error, it could be because the cookies and cached data in your web browser are broken or out of date.
  • Browser Add-ons: Browser add-ons are helpful, but they can sometimes make Discord less reliable. For the problem to go away, either turn off your extensions or change how they work.
  • Connecting to the Internet: The problem could be caused by a slow or unstable Internet connection. Your internet connection must be strong and stable so that Discord works well for you.
  • Use of a VPN or Proxy: The error happens because public VPNs and proxy servers can make it hard for Discord to connect. This stuff might need to be turned off.

Methods to Fix Discord 500 Internal Server Error

A lot of people who like video games and other things use Discord to talk to each other. It can go wrong sometimes, though, just like any other online service. An error message like “Discord 500 Internal Server Error” could keep you from having fun. This error usually means that something is wrong with Discord’s servers. But there are some things you can do to fix it. Here are some links that will help you fix the Discord 500 Internal Server Error:

Method 1: Check Discord’s Status

Before you try to fix Discord, make sure something else is wrong. This message might have shown up because the server went down or there was an update. You can use sites like “DownDetector” to see if other Discord users are having the same problems and find out what’s wrong with the service.

discord 500 internal server error

Method 2: Refresh the Page

If someone gets the 500 Internal Server Error, refreshing the page might fix it. Either press F5 or click your browser’s “Refresh” button. If it was only a short-term mistake, this might fix it.

Method 3: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Sometimes cookies and cached files can make things worse. What to do to get rid of them:

  • In your browser’s settings, find the place where you can delete all of your history. This often refers to cookies, but it can also mean cached files and images.
  • Get rid of this and try to join Discord again.

discord 500 internal server error

Method 4: Try a Different Browser

You can try a different web browser to see if that one is the only one that is giving you trouble. You might want to use a different browser to log in to Discord for a while if it works fine there.

Method 5: Disable Browser Extensions

Add-ons for some browsers can make Discord not work right. By turning them off one by one, you can figure out which one is giving you trouble. You can turn them back on if Discord works again.

Method 6: Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection isn’t strong or stable, bugs can happen. Make sure you can connect to the web at all times. Ethernet over wires is better than Wi-Fi because it is more likely to stay stable.

Method 7: Disable VPN or Proxy

Once in a while, Discord might not work right if you use a VPN or a proxy server. If the issue goes away when you disconnect your VPN or proxy, you may have fixed it. You can turn it back on after Discord.

discord 500 internal server error

Method 8: Wait and Retry

If the trouble is with Discord’s servers, it might go away on its own. Try to join Discord again after some time has passed. Server errors only last a short time most of the time.

Method 9: Contact Discord Support

If you’ve tried all of these and are still getting the error, there is a better way to get help. Their job is to help you work out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

If you keep getting the Discord 500 Internal Server Error, don’t worry—these fixes should let you enjoy Discord again. Keep in mind that if Discord is the problem, it might take a while for their servers to get back to normal. When things like this happen, you should be patient.


The annoying Discord 500 Internal Server Error can happen from time to time. You can fix it and get back to normal in Discord by following the steps in this guide. If something is wrong with the server, the browser, or add-ons for the browser, there are real steps you can take to fix it. Wait a little while longer while Discord’s tech team works hard to fix things. This is especially important when the server is down or being fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I got an error message that said “500 Internal Server.” Is it my fault?

If you get this error, it’s likely that your internet connection or the servers that run Discord are broken. There was no mistake.

How can I tell if Discord is down for maintenance or not?

If you want to know if other people are having the same problems, you can follow Discord on Twitter or a website like “DownDetector” to see what’s going on.

Should I delete my browser’s cache and cookies to fix the problem?

This error can happen if you don’t clear your browser’s cache and cookies. If you delete these files, you’ll have to start over when you browse again.

Are there Discord browser add-ons that can make the service less reliable?

Most of the time, browser add-ons for Discord are made to make your experience better. They can be bad for the service sometimes, though. Most of the time, moving or turning off extensions will fix problems.

Should I contact Discord support right away if this keeps happening?

You should get in touch with Discord support if you’ve tried everything and the error is still there. They can look into the problem and give you specific help based on your situation.

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