Methods to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV!


The Nintendo Switch doesn’t always work with TVs, which can make it hard for gamers to make plans. People love the Switch because it’s so easy to switch between phone and TV modes. There are a few common problems that people have with this, and we’ll show you how to fix them all so you can play your game again.

The Nintendo Switch lets you do many cool things, which is great. It’s simple for users to switch between computer and TV modes, so they can pick how they want to play. Sometimes your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to your TV, which is a big pain. Because of this, you might not want to play your best games. Do not be scared! We’ll figure out what’s wrong and help you fix it so you can play games again.

Common Issues with Nintendo Switch TV Connection

  • If an HDMI line is too loose, the link might not work. Make sure the wire is firmly plugged into both the TV and the switch dock before you do anything else. The game will not start or stop. This is a simple but important check that can often fix the issue quickly.
  • Not the Right TV Input: The TV might not always be set to the right input source, which can be annoying and make it harder for the Nintendo Switch to connect. Make sure that the HDMI port on the Nintendo Switch Dock is facing the right way on the TV. This is a simple step that many people forget.
  • Need help with the Nintendo Switch Dock? You might not be able to join if the Nintendo Switch Dock is giving you trouble. If something is wrong, check the dock to see if it’s broken or not working right. This could be getting in the way of how you set up your game. Take care of any issues you find with the dock. This can help you get the link to work again.

Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV? Methods to Fix

Troubleshooting Methods

Method 1: Check HDMI Cable

Make sure the HDMI line is clean before you try to figure out what’s wrong. Watch out for any damage or wear that might make the link less strong. If you want to find out if the HDMI cord is broken, try a different one. This will always make the link work well.

Method 2: Verify TV Input

It’s very important to connect the TV to the right HDMI feed. You can find the one that works with the Nintendo Switch Dock by using the TV remote to change between them. This step is easy but important. Make sure to get rid of any difference that might be what’s wrong with the link.

Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV? Methods to Fix

Method 3: Examine Nintendo Switch Dock

Carefully look over the Nintendo Switch Dock for any broken or damaged parts that could help you figure out what’s wrong. You can connect the Switch to the TV without the dock if you need to. That could make things better. This step helps you find a better answer by reducing the number of problems that could happen.

Method 4: Update Nintendo Switch Firmware

When your program is old, it can be hard to join. So, change it in the system settings to make sure your Nintendo Switch has the most up-to-date version. You can fix problems as they happen and stop them from happening in the first place if you keep the software up to date.

Method 5: Check Power Source

Make sure that both the TV and the Nintendo Switch Dock are plugged into a stable power source. This is not as clear, but it’s very important. When the power goes out, it can be hard to talk to each other. If you fix this issue, all damage to links caused by power changes will be fixed.

Method 6: Inspect HDMI Ports

The HDMI port on either the TV or the Nintendo Switch Dock should not be dirty or broken. After this, the link might not work as well. That means the link between the TV and Nintendo Switch has to be perfect and not broken in any way.

Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV? Methods to Fix

Additional Tips

  • There is an old trick that works for both the TV and the Nintendo Switch. Just turn them off and on again. Plug the TV and Switch into a different power source for a while. It’s easy to fix and works well. Then, turn on the TV and plug them back in. Anything wrong with the link might be fixed for now since this starts everything over.
  • You can choose a different HDMI port. There should be more than one HDMI port on your TV. Use all of them to find the broken one. Step 3 can help you fix the TV by showing you what’s wrong.
  • If you can, try the Nintendo Switch on a different TV. This will help you figure out if the system or the TV is broken. The Nintendo Switch is the only thing left to fix after this step. It’s not possible that the TV is broken.

Seek Professional Help

The problem should be fixed by someone you don’t know if you’ve tried to fix it yourself and failed. Help from a trained professional or someone from Nintendo’s customer service can help you learn more and study better. Anyone can do troubleshooting, which can fix much of the time. But if you have a question about something more complicated, only a professional can fully explain it.


If your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to your TV, you can fix it. Before you try to play games again, you should check the power source, the dock, the software, the HDMI ports, the devices that are turned off and on, and a different TV. Also, read the other tips. Talk to a professional if nothing else works. This is the only way to get a full answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Nintendo Switch and TV won’t connect. Why does that happen?

If the HDMI lines aren’t tight enough or the TV input settings aren’t set up right, connection issues can happen. The Nintendo Switch Dock can also give you trouble. If you change things in a planned way, you can find these issues and fix them.

If the HDMI cord breaks, will it be hard to connect?

If you want to hook up your Nintendo Switch TV, the HDMI cord might not work right or be broken. We can rule this out and check the link again if you use a new one.

What should I do if my TV only has one HDMI port?

The one HDMI port on your TV needs to be set to the right source. Try a different HDMI port on the TV if you can. That might help you figure out what is wrong with the first one.

Do you think it’s important to always have the newest build for Switch?

This is a list of bugs that need to be fixed regularly for the Nintendo Switch to work better overall. Following these changes should also fix any issues with the link. You should check for and run software updates as often as you can. This is what you need to get the most out of your tech.

When should I call Nintendo’s support?

Someone skilled should help you if you’ve tried everything to fix the problem and it still won’t go away. You can call Nintendo’s customer service. If you hire someone to help you, you can be sure that they will study hard and find solutions to problems that are unique to you.

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