Procreate & Best Alternatives for Procreate for Windows

What if you could paint digitally on a canvas? With ProCreate for Windows, you’ll be able to accomplish it easily. For iPad and iPhone users, there’s an app called Procreate Pocket that comes with a huge brush and colour library.

Procreate for Windows Free Download

Procreate The Chrome Webstore does not have a direct download link for Windows; instead, you must use an emulator to install macOS into your PC’s virtual machine.

As an emulator, you may use either Oracle VirtualBox Manager or VMware Player. These two emulators are among the most widely used.

You’ll also need a copy of macOS at this stage to complete the emulation. If you’d want, you may use a virtual machine to install macOS High Sierra, which is easily accessible from any internet site.

Using the emulator is as simple as logging into your Windows computer and downloading Procreate from the Windows App Store. Several different emulators may be used, but this one is easier to use and doesn’t need any special software.

Alternatives to Windows ProCreate in 2022

We now live in a digital world where everything is digitised due to changing times and developing technology. Everything has been mechanised and compressed so that consumers can quickly access it on their electronic devices, from digitising the whole process of music creation to digitising the process of producing digital art.


Since we’ve previously spoken about how easy it is to digitise artwork, we should add that Procreate is a standout software in this field. Only Mac and iOS users may access it. If you don’t have one of these gadgets but still want to work with these applications, we’ll go over 5 alternatives in this post that anybody can simply access and utilise.

  • Assembly: Users of all operating systems may utilise Assembly, a programme known for its ability to create high-quality digital graphics (including Mac). To assist users improve their work, this programme includes many features including Bezier editing tools and typography tools. A comprehensive lesson is also available for those who are just getting started. In general, it’s a wise decision.
  • Autodesk Sketchbook: This is a popular alternative to the Procreate Windows App. 2. Autodesk Sketchbook. Export options include.jpeg,.png,.tiff, and more. In addition to the 190 brushes, it includes 16-sector radial symmetry and predictive stroke characteristics. This software aids in the creation of high-quality artwork at no charge.
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch: Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a top-rated sketching software because of the large number of ink pens and graphite pencils available, many of which have their own unique characteristics. As a result of the application’s tiny file size, users may more easily share their artwork without having to sacrifice the quality. Because of this, it has a user-friendly user interface. Because of this, it is an outstanding Procreate App substitute. Big companies like Disney, Apple, and others utilise this software to produce basic yet powerful and intriguing drawings.
  • Concepts: Regardless matter how big or little the job is, Concepts’ selection of pens and pencils can help you complete it on time and on budget. Despite being a high-end tool, this software may be downloaded and used without spending a dime (though more features can be accessed using a premium subscription).
  • Krita: Krita is an open-source, free-to-install alternative to Procreate Windows that is widely considered as one of the best. Using the app’s many features, one may produce cartoons, conceptual art, or even extremely complicated drawings. It’s a professional-level drawing programme with a well-developed user interface.
  • Ibis Paint: Ibis Paint is a well-known smartphone painting and sketching software. There are over a hundred different brush and pencil types to choose from in this app.
  • Corel Painter: Corel Painter is another a powerful option for windows that has built up a solid reputation for painting work over time. Both Windows and Mac users may access it via their Windows computers.
  • ArtRage: With its highly user-friendly User Interface, ArtRage, a new Windows and Android-based software, is rapidly becoming popular among painters and artists.

These are some of the tops Procreate app replacements for Windows 10 in 2022 that are currently available on the market.

Sketch your way to Creativity

With Procreate for PC, you can create intuitive drawings, stunning paintings, appealing illustrations, and clever animations using a single digital art studio.

There are two versions of Procreate that are available for purchase. The iPad pro comes with the free Procreate software. Procreate Pocket is also available for iPhones and other Apple devices, as the name implies. If you follow the techniques outlined above for Windows users, you may still make use of this programme.


The Procreate app includes a brush library with a variety of creative brushes, sophisticated designs, pencils, and charcoals to help you get the most out of your drawing experience.

Brushes may also be created using the Brush Studio to meet your specific drafting needs. Several brush templates may be downloaded from the specified clip studio paint at the same time.

Among the finest Procreate’s improved colour library lets you mix and match any colour combination you want with your drawings while using extreme brushes. Color brushes Companion appears when you touch and hold your canvas and helps you avoid menus.

In order to help you choose backdrop colours that go well with your drawings or sketches, Color Harmony and Color Companion have been included into the programme. The Color Panel may be used as a toolbar for navigating your painting by dragging and dropping objects on it.

Procreate Gestures

  • With two fingers on the screen, you may reverse a previous action.
  • Using three fingers allows you to repeat an action in a similar way. Using four fingers, just touch to conceal your User Interface and keep it hidden.
  • Painting Features


Art tools in precise forms are provided by Quick Shape for your convenience. In other words, it recognizes the form you’re creating on the digital canvas and makes sure the created shape’s proportions are exactly right.

The Color Drop function uses a simple hand motion to apply the desired colour to a particular area of your artwork.

Full font control editing capabilities have made it easier than ever before to add text to your artwork. To make text pop out on your canvas, experiment with different font styles, sizes, and typography.

Procreate Pocket – Paint on the go

With Silica M, a cutting-edge painting engine, you’ll be able to create rich, flowing paintings from your mobile or laptop, no matter where you are. The Layer system lets you paint on many levels that may be layered on top of one another to produce a more delicate artwork. When it comes to fixing mistakes, using layers is invaluable. You may also export the artwork in layers, such as PNGs, GIFs, and MP4s, depending on your preference.

Artificially intelligent brush and colour studios in apps like Procreate for Windows have reshaped the drawing and sketching experience for consumers. The Procreate App is only accessible for Apple devices, but you can Free Download Procreate and use it on your Windows PC or laptop to take use of the same functionality. Don’t allow your computer’s operating system dictate the quality of your digital work! Let there be births!

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