How To Reset Your GoPro WiFi Password In Less Than 2 Minutes

gopro wifi password

Updated on May 1st, 2021

Are you desperately trying to connect to your GoPro’s WiFi network to check your footage or stream the “live feed” of your camera? Now, you are getting upset because you really want to see this video, but something is wrong with your WiFi password. Maybe it slipped your mind, and later on, you will remember it. But how to watch this video right now?

Easily. You just need to reset your GoPro WiFi password. And I can assure you it will take you less than two minutes!

After checking the official guide to reset the WiFi password on GoPro’s website, I understood it would take me time to follow all these steps. Therefore, I checked if there is a more straightforward solution. Luckily, there is.

Here is what I found. Look for your GoPro model and change the WiFi password accordingly.

Reset the WiFi password on a GoPro Hero 8 Black & Hero 9 Black

If you have a new version of GoPro, you can reset your WiFi password easily. I bet it will take you even less than 2 minutes. Here is how to do it.

  1. Turn on your GoPro Hero 9 or 8 Black
  2. Swipe down, then left till you find “Connections / Preferences”
  3. Select “Connections” > “Reset connections”
  4. Tap “Reset” to confirm.

How To Reset Your GoPro WiFi Password In Less Than 2 Minutes

Congratulations, done! Yes, it was that easy!

Reset the WiFi password on a GoPro Hero 7 Black, Silver, and White

In case you have any GoPro 7 version, you can reset your WiFi password by following these steps.

  1. Swipe down on your main screen
  2. Tap “Preferences” > “Connections”
  3. Tap “Reset connections.”
  4. You will see a new name and a password created by the camera.

Was it hard?

Reset The WiFi Password On a GoPro HERO 5 & Hero 6 Black

Resetting your password on the 5 & 6 Black edition is pretty straightforward. Just follow the steps below.

  1. On your GoPro’s main screen, swipe down and tap on “Connect”
  2. Tap on “Reset Connections”

How To Reset Your GoPro WiFi Password In Less Than 2 Minutes

  1. Now, your GoPro will set a new password.

GoPro HERO5 Session

  1. Make sure your camera is off.
  2. Press the menu button to access the status screen.
  3. Go to ‘Connection Settings’ by repeatedly pressing the menu button.
  4. Go into the ‘Connection Settings‘ by pressing the shutter button.
  5. Again, press the menu button repeatedly until you see ‘Reset Connections‘
  6. Select ‘Reset Connections‘ by pressing the shutter button.
  7. Go to ‘Yes’ by pressing the menu button and select it by pressing the shutter button.
  8. A confirmation will appear that the WiFi was reset successfully. Use the default.

Be aware that going through this process will set your camera back to its factory settings.

Resetting The Password On a GoPro Hero 4

If you own the 4th generation of the GoPro, then you’re lucky. Resetting the WiFi password can be done via the camera’s menu. All you need to do is go to your camera’s settings, select “RESET CAM”, and then “RESET WI-FI”. That’s it!

How To Reset Your GoPro WiFi Password In Less Than 2 Minutes

After reboot, the password will be automatically set to a default password, “goprohero”.

Resetting The Password On a GoPro 3 (All Models Including 3+)

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy with the 3rd generation and 3+ models. However, it doesn’t take longer than a minute or two. All you need is your GoPro with the microSD card inserted and the cable to connect it to your computer.

  • Connect your GoPro to your computer. (Alternatively, you can also just insert your microSD card using an SD card adapter)
  • Download the correct file from the list below
  • Extract the zipped folder.
  • Copy the folder’s contents and paste its content to the root folder of your GoPro’s microSD card.
    •     Hero 3+: Paste the whole “UPDATE” folder to your GoPro’s root folder. The files must be in a folder with the name “UPDATE”; otherwise, it won’t work.
    •      Hero 3: Paste only the files, not the folder, to the root directory of your GoPro.
  • Unplug your GoPro. It should automatically turn off.
  • Turn it back on. Your GoPro should display now that it’s updating. Once it’s done, it will turn off again.
  • You can turn it back on now and connect to its WiFi network with your device using the default login:
    • Network name (SSID): GoProHero
    • Network password: goprohero

In case you want to have a different SSID and password directly, you can change that by editing two lines in the “” file:



How To Reset Your GoPro WiFi Password In Less Than 2 Minutes

Good luck with your password change! Hopefully by now, you are ready to go and make some great shots!


    ( The one that you insert the GoPro SD Card into)

    Make sure you DO NOT cover the card reader itself.
    And Write-Protection is gone.

      • Right sorry, the card reader you use for the SD card has a little groove (cut) at the right side. In order to stop the write protection, you need to cover that up so it is smooth. So you out a piece of tape and cover up the groove/cut. Then it should be find. But do not interfere with the golden parts

  2. Dear Marc, i copy-paste the update folder, then put it back ti my gopro, why it says “sd card doesnt work’? i put it back again on sd card reader, and then it says my sd card has to be formatted first, but i cant format it with my windows

  3. Thank you so much, bought my GoPro on Ebay and the owner forgot his password and manual update from the GoPro website didn’t worked. I was nearly giving up before I found your tutorial and download 🙂

  4. There is a shortcut for the GoPro Hero3 wifi password reset.

    I use an IPhone6 so I take the following steps:

    Go to your GoPro app and connect to your camera.
    This will lead you directly to the camera you already have.
    On the top right hand corner there is an option to edit.
    Hit that and it will release a (-) symbol next to your camera.
    Choose your device and it’ll remove your device from the app.
    Close the app, and open the app again.
    It will lead you to a step by step instruction on how to install your camera.
    It will say if you want to continue then click continue or change your settings.
    Here, you can change your username and password.
    Before you do that however, you have to make your phone ‘forget the device’ in the Wifi settings.
    Once you change your username and password on your GoProHero3, search for the device and update the password on your phone.
    Close and open your app to see that it recognized your device immediately.

  5. Hi thanks for the tutorial. I’m trying to access through the app on android, do you know if you need to “add a new device” or will it use the old gopro name i gave before i lost the password. Because nothing is working for me, i did the update successfully.

  6. Gents, some one know how fix the following error of a Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver.
    A Tried to rest the password generating the update file from the go pro web site and also using the file posted in this web site. but always i have the same error “Wireless Settings Update Failed” and i cann’t throught wifi to my camera and also i can use the RC. Thanks for your help!

  7. Thanks!!!! It was as easy as you described and much easier than the procedure on the GoPro site. I’ve just purchased the touchscreen back and its just added another amazing dimension to this powerful little piece of tech.

    • i figured it out, you hold the wifi button and then press the power button then an option to reset comes up and choose from the screen.

  8. Terima Kasih,,
    Panduan yang anda berikan sangat membantu, dan akhirnya gorpo milik saya dapat digunakan kembali setelah 5 bulan nganggur,,

  9. THANK YOU. I just bought the GoPro 3 Silver edition from a friend of a friend and the GoPro official route is not as easy as this! fab Well done mate.

  10. Tried it, prompt on the camera says “wireless update settings failed,” what do i do now? I’ve tried it twice

  11. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I looked everywhere on how to do this but had many unsuccessful attempts. With your knowledge and information, I finally managed to do it! Thank you very much!

  12. When I tried to copy the folder Update to the SD card, my Windows XP asks: “The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”

    Should I accept formatting?
    I am afraid that after formatting it will not be compatible with my camera Gopro.
    Please help!

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I can’t believe that worked! I felt like I was installing code into a file. That was my first software editing success ever (even though the directions were perfect and the update was simple). Thank you so much. You saved me!!! I would give you a big hug if I saw you. Have a nice day!!!! You earned it.

  14. I need help with resetting my wifi on the GoPro. I don’t know if i am doing it wrong but when i past the files to the root directory on my GoPro Hero 3, i let it finish pasting, then i unplug my GoPro and it turns off but when i turn it back on it doesn’t say that its updating. Can someone help me please?

  15. I did as you said – downloaded the update, TRIED to copy the UPDATE folder into the GoPro root directory – but it wouldn’t accept the update folder. What now?

  16. Thank you!!! Spent hours trying to do this via there website and your simple download did the trick – top work. Clicked on a few banners for you.

  17. This should work but my disc is saying “write- protected”. I have a sandisk extreme plus, 64 GB does anyone know how to remove the write protection?

    • There are some SD cards where the lock is up and some where the lock is down. You need to know exactly what position locks your SD and what position unlocks it. The lock is usually in the adopter. Thats where I had a problem. But theres another fix to it using the registry editor – way too complicated. I hope it doesnt get to that point.

  18. Glad I found your article. I have a 3+ and you were the only site after searching the internet to give me the answer I needed… the 3+ needed a folder named “UPDATE” to make the update work… no other responses I found had that info… thanks much.

  19. omg!!!! why has this worked for all of you lol…. i did everything and then plugged into gopro and didn’t even say anything so annoying

  20. Goshhhhh, I finally could update it!! I´ve been trying to update a gopro 3+ for a month, and your info was the only one wich actually worked!!! thank youuuuuu sooooo much!!!! The Gopro team should have ppl like you working for them!

  21. Brilliant, this set of instructions are the only ones I have found that work, even the GoPro web site is wrong, well it was for my Hero3+ Black anyway. Cheers.

  22. i did the step by step on my hero4 by resetting cam and resetting wi-fi. but what happened next is when i started pairing my hero4 to my iphone. there is this message saying “there seems to be an issue connecting your GoPro. i dont know what to do. Please help! Thanks!

  23. Awesome post! This fixed the problem in 5 minutes after all day trying, till I found this post.

  24. No Lie!!! This is the ONLY one that works! Thank s a million! I’ve tried every one from youtube at least 100 time!

  25. This worked first try!!

    On GoPro’s site it displays steps for a Hero3+ not a normal 3. I kept copying the folder and didn’t know. Thanks!

  26. what do you mean by copy only the files on the Hero3? it doesn’t let me click on the folder, only copy the entire folder but then it doesn’t update when I put my SD Card back in?

  27. i have a hero 3 plus and when i try to paste it into the sd card it says i cant bc it is write-protected, pls help me

  28. Fantastic, I’d tried doing it from the GoPro site with no joy, downloaded the file from here and it worked a treat

  29. Any way to do it without plugging my SD card into the computer? i dont have an SD card slot on this computer….I try to drag and drop the extracted zip into the camera while plugged in and it doesnt work…

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