The Ultimate Guide to Backlink Monitoring Tools: Find the Best One for Your Website


The Definitive Guide to Backlink Monitoring Tools: Finding the Best One for Your Website’s Success

You already know how important backlinks are to your website. The next puzzle is how exactly you can monitor them to see if your efforts are paying off. Links need a lot of work. It is not just about where you place them but also how you track them. Otherwise, you risk building ones that will lower the quality of your website or lose them entirely.
Have you ever wondered why certain backlinks backfired on you? Perhaps the answer is that the new website owner changed a few things on the page. This is why you need to monitor the links and know their status and whether someone made an addition to your articles.

Keep in mind that behind every successful link-building strategy is a well-set-up monitoring tool. Since building links is already tedious, it is only wise to make good use of the best backlink monitoring tools available to maintain your ranking. The good thing is that these tools are numerous, both free and premium, including for you to start with. If you are worried about getting the right one for your site, then we are here to help.

Your site is attracting many links and the traffic is increasing by the second. This is good for your page. You need to know that the more it grows the faster you need to be able to spot spammy external link counts to avoid complaints or a penalty. Check out the following list of best backlink monitoring tools and pick one that suits your needs. Who knows, some of the general SEO tools listed might be familiar to you.

LinkChecker Pro

This monitoring tool is an all-inclusive friendly to use instrument that comes with many features. It tracks your backlinks and notifies you when something goes amiss within your website. You can monitor your competitors to see the keywords they use or simply plan your link-building outreach using the gathered report.

Monitor Backlinks

A premium-monitoring tool that has many exotic and unique features but won’t take many chunks from your pocket. If you pay for your links and you want to keep an eye on them, then this software is your guy. With pricing as low as $22 a month, you get to enjoy all the advanced features, including the infamous keyword rank-tracking feature. Monitor Backlinks has a friendly user interface and a 30-day free trial when you start using it. It allows you to check your keyword rankings and domain score.


There is no better way to see how your link-building strategy is paying off than through Ahrefs. It comes with a complete set of SEO tools, including a powerful backlink monitor and keyword research features. The backlink monitoring tool can serve you best if you are working with many clients because it gives you a huge number of links per report. It comes with so many tools, including metrics, that make it easy to find information and see new and lost data.

This allows you to see if you are losing or gaining links, so you can take action as soon as you spot an issue. Ahrefs will enable you to follow your most important keyword and check for any broken backlinks and domain ratings. To get started, you will enjoy a 7-day trial and pay $99 a month.

Google Search Console

The best place to start is the Google Search Console. Other than being the most accurate source of information, it is free and gives you link reports. On the menu, click ‘Links’ to find out information about your backlinks. Through the reports, you can easily see the domains linking to your page, including keywords and internal and external links. You can also disavow spammy backlinks and find the list of anchor texts used to refer to your website. Google Search Console is free and best suited for beginners, as it doesn’t give a comprehensive analysis.


For beginners looking for backlink monitoring tools for their backlink profiles, Linkody is the best option. It is free of charge and has an easy-to-use interface. This tool allows you to track your linking domains and the anchor text your backlinks are using, using over 100 links per report it gives you. Although you can’t download the report, you’ll still be able to see important metrics like the linking site, anchor text, and linking pages.


Majestic can give you access to any information from up to 100,000 reports all at once. Using the tool is advantageous because it gives you access to massive amounts of information about your backlinks. Depending on the plan you choose, which ranges from Lite to Pro, you stand to take advantage of rich features such as Trust Flow and Domain Authority. Trust Flow will show you the quality of links that point to your website and sites with relevant links. Your company can analyze your competitor’s backlink profile and see which websites to build links on.


Like Ahrefs, the MOZ backlink tool called Link Explorer is an all-in-one SEO tool with a fully complete suite of backlink monitoring features. The account is free once you sign up, and a company can get a comprehensive report of over 10,000 URLs. With its many features, you can find out the number of links that point to your site using the backlink discovery metric. You can also see the authorities and domains that link to you, access the inbound links, and discover lost links.

Google can treat broken links as spam, so MOZ lets you catch and fix them faster. What better way to find opportunities for improving your ranking than with the profile comparison tool that lets you analyze your competitor’s profile?

SE Ranking

Another all-in-one tool like Ahrefs for keyword research and backlink monitoring. SE Ranking has additional features that can prove helpful in checking your backlink profile. You can use it to check links on your site and see the valuable ones. You can also check things like how much you spend on links, linking pages, anchor text, and the backlinks of your competitors.

Best Backlink Monitoring Tool

Many tools are available for monitoring your backlink profile. Above are some of the most highly ranked software and SEO tools. To drive traffic to your website, you have to have a functioning strategy for building links and tracking them. Choose a tool that meets your needs, whether it’s for keyword search or monitoring features.

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