What Are the 3 Best Ways To Email to a Fax Machine?


Now that everyone talks on their phones, sending papers by fax may seem old-fashioned, but many people and businesses still need to do it. People who work in healthcare, law, and real estate still use fax machines a lot. This is because sending signed documents safely is important in these fields. You’re lucky that you don’t need to find a real fax machine to send a message. Tech has made it possible to send a text from your computer these days. This article will talk about three quick and easy ways to email to a fax machine.

You can talk to people in both new and old ways when you email to a fax machine. This hybrid method doesn’t need a real fax machine, but it can send papers quickly and safely. When you know how to use this tech, you can save time and get more done. You can use an online fax service, a fax machine that can send and receive emails, or fax software. This help will talk about all three. There are different ways to do things, so you can find the best one for you.

Method 1: Using an Online Fax Service

A web-based fax service is one of the best and most popular ways to send a fax by email. That’s right—these services take your email and send it to someone else’s fax machine as a copy. How to do it:

  • Choose an Online Fax Service: Pick a fax service online that you can trust. A lot of people like eFax, MyFax, and RingCentral Fax. A lot of these services let you try them out for free before you pay for them.
  • Making an Account: Pick a copy service and sign up for an account with them. This usually means giving your email address and creating a password.
  • Type Your Email: Use your email app to start writing a new message. The “To” box needs to have the fax number and address of the service filled in. You would type 1234567890@efaxsend.com if the fax number you want to send is 1234567890 and you are using eFax.

How to Email to a Fax Machine

  • That’s right, you can send the paper you want to print along with the email. A lot of websites can work with different file types, like PDF, DOC, and JPEG.
  • Click “Send” to send the email when everything is ready. The online fax service will take your email and any files you send and turn them into a fax. The fax will then be sent to the recipient’s fax machine.

Method 2: Using a Fax Machine with Email Capabilities

Some newer fax machines that can connect to the internet let you send texts right from your email. You need a fax machine that can connect to email for this method to work.

  • Check to See if It Works: Make sure your fax machine can send and receive messages and emails. You can find this information in the user guide or on the maker’s website.
  • Setting up email: link your email account to the fax machine. Most of the time, this means going into the fax machine’s setup menu and typing your email server settings (SMTP server, port number, etc.).
  • Write and Send Email: Use the fax machine’s screen to write and send an email. Type the recipient’s number where it says “Recipient’s Fax Number.” Next, put the paper you want to send on top of it.
  • Send the Fax: Once everything is ready, send the fax. The machine will send the email as a fax to the other person’s fax machine.

How to Email to a Fax Machine

Method 3: Using Fax Software

Fax software is another good way to send a fax from your email. You need to get software for your computer that works with both your email app and your fax modem for this method to work.

  • Find Fax Software That Works with Your OS and Install It: Find fax software that works with your OS and install it. A lot of people like both WinFax Pro for Windows and FaxDocument for Mac.
  • Set Up the Software: Follow the steps to set up the software. To do this, you usually need to connect your computer to a fax machine and type in your email account information.
  • Write Your Fax: Open the fax app and write your fax. Add the paper’s fax number to the message after typing in the person’s number.
  • Send the Fax: Use the app to send the fax. It will turn your file into a fax file and use the fax connection to send it to the other person’s fax machine.

How to Email to a Fax Machine


Your email can be sent to a fax machine, making it easy to send documents between digital and paper methods. You don’t need a real fax machine to send faxes. You can use fax software, an online fax service, or a fax machine that can also send emails. These choices are all safe and sound. It’s easy to send files by fax from your email if you follow the steps in this guide. This will help people talk to each other more easily and make sure the papers get to the right people quickly and properly.

Since you can copy files right from your email, you can get a lot more done and save a lot of time. Email’s speed and ease of use are combined with the safety and dependability of regular faxing in this type of contact. When you email to a fax machine, your documents are sent quickly and safely, whether they are contracts, medical records, or something else important.

Pick the method that works best for you to send texts faster and more easily. This tech can help you stay ahead in the fast-paced digital world of today, where safety and speed are very important.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an email tool that lets me send a fax?

Yes, most online fax services and fax apps work with all of the main email systems, like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and others. Which means you can use any email tool that lets you send files. This makes the email and any files fax-ready so they can be sent to a normal fax machine. You can send a fax from any of these sites as long as you have an email address and can connect to the internet.

Do I need a fax number to send a fax by email?

To send a fax, you don’t need a fax number. But the person who will get the paper needs to have a fax number so that the paper can be sent to their machine. When you send a fax through email, an online fax service turns it into a fax and sends it to the user’s fax machine. You only need the recipient’s fax number. The process is simple and quick because you don’t need to set up a regular fax machine or a separate fax line.

If I send a fax through email, is it free?

Some online fax services are free, but they generally have limits, like a number of pages you can send each month or ads. You can send and receive faxes for free on sites like FaxZero and GotFreeFax. There may be ads on the cover page or a cap on how many texts you can send each day with these free services. A lot of the time, expensive services have more features, like more security, more space for pages, and no ads. If you write a lot of emails or need more features and more reliable service, you might want to pay for a service.

Is it dangerous to use email to send a fax?

Most of the time, sending a fax through email is safe as long as you use a reputable online fax service or program. Most of the time, these services will protect your information before you give it to them. But to be sure your data is safe, you should only use a service that is well-known and has a good name. A lot of online fax services also follow rules like HIPAA, which means you can share private documents like medical records using them. For the safety of your papers, always make sure that the service you use has safety features and meets all legal standards.

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