How to Update Viber on Android or iOS and PC?


Viber is a popular texting app that lets family and friends talk, call, and share media. You should always update Viber to use the newest features, as well as changes that make it safer and fix bugs. It is possible to update Viber on a PC, an Android phone, or an iOS phone.

Viber needs to be changed a lot for many reasons. New features that make the app work better and be more fun to use are often added in updates. They also come with important security updates that protect your chats and private data from threats. Updates also fix bugs and make the app work better, which speeds things up and makes them more effective.

How to Update Viber on Android?

There is an easy way to update Viber on an Android device. Do these things to make sure your app is up to date:

  • Open Google Play Store: On your Android phone or computer, open the Google Play Store app.
  • Go to My Apps and Games: Press the menu button in the top left corner, which looks like three lines across the screen. Just open the menu and pick “My apps & games.”
  • Get Viber: Under the “Updates” tab, look for Viber in the list of apps that need to be changed.
  • To make changes, tap the “Update” button next to Viber if it comes up. The fix will be downloaded and put in place by itself.
  • Automatic Updates: If you want Viber to update itself in the future, you can set it to do so automatically. Find the Viber app page in the Google Play Store. It’s in the top right corner. Tap it three times, and then check the box that says “Enable auto-update.”

How to Update Viber on Android or iOS and pc

How to Update Viber on iOS?

It’s just as easy to update Viber on iOS. How to do it:

  • Start up the App Store: On your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store app.
  • Changes to Access: In the top right corner of the screen, find your profile picture and tap on it. This will take you to the page for your account.
  • Find out what’s new: Find the part that says “Updates Available” and scroll all the way down. This is where you can find Viber changes if they are out there.
  • Change Viber: Tap the “Update” button next to Viber. The fix will be downloaded and put in place by itself.
  • Making changes on their own: If you want Viber changes to happen immediately, go to Settings, tap “App Store,” and turn on “App Updates.”

How to Update Viber on Android or iOS and pc

How to Update Viber on PC?

Viber for PC users gets new features and changes when they update it. To update Viber on a Mac or Windows computer, follow these steps:

  • Start Viber: Open the computer app for Viber.
  • Find out what’s new: Press the three-lined “More” button in the top right corner of the Viber app.
  • Open the Settings menu: Click the drop-down button and select “Settings.”
  • Try to find the Update button: Click “Settings” and then “Account.”
  • Find out what’s new: Click on “Check for updates.” When an update is found, get it and set it up by following the steps shown on the screen.

The most up-to-date version of Viber can also be downloaded from the group’s main website. All you have to do to update the app is get the launcher and run it on your Windows or Mac machine.

Troubleshooting Common Update Issues

It’s pretty easy to update Viber most of the time, but sometimes you might have issues. Why these problems happen and how to fix them:

  • Not Enough room: Make sure the hard drive on your device has enough free room for the update. If not, get rid of apps or things you don’t need to make room.
  • Having trouble connecting: Make sure that your connection to the internet is strong. Find a different Wi-Fi network or use your cell phone if your Wi-Fi isn’t working right.
  • When an update doesn’t work right, all you have to do is restart your device. Try updating Viber again after you’ve turned your device off and on again.
  • Android: If you’re on an Android phone or tablet, try clearing the Google Play Store’s cache. Pick “Google Play Store” from the list of apps, then “Storage” and “Clear Cache.”
  • If nothing else works, you can remove Viber and then reinstall it. This makes certain that you have the most current copy. Just keep a copy of your chat logs in case you need them.


Keep your Android, iOS, or PC versions of Viber up to date to talk in a quick, safe, and fun way. When you keep your software up to date, you can get new features, better protection, and faster speed. Just follow the steps in this guide to make sure that your Viber app is always up to date. It will be simple for you to stay in touch with friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does Viber release new versions?

Viber changes things a lot, about every two weeks. Bugs are fixed, and new functions are added. The security is also improved.

Will all of my chat history be lost when I update Viber?

Your chat logs will still be there after changing Viber. Anyhow, it’s always a good idea to keep copies of your chats.

What is wrong? I can’t see the Viber update button.

If you can’t see the update button, you might already have the most recent version of Viber on your phone. Check the app’s settings to see what version it is.

Can I update Viber on more than one device at the same time?

You can update Viber on all of your gadgets at the same time. This goes for PC, iOS, and Android. You will have to update each device on its own, either through its own app shop or program settings.

Why do you think I keep forgetting to update Viber? What should I do?

If the update keeps failing, restart your device, make sure you have enough space on your hard drive, and check your internet link. Check to see if the problem goes away by restarting the app or calling Viber support.

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