Coinbase vs Immediate Edge: Which Should You Choose?

If you are an avid crypto investor, then you should have experienced confusion when choosing a platform to use. For most people, several platforms are the same. However, these platforms are always rolling out more features that make intending users even more confused. Despite the plethora of options, investors and traders alike still have to settle for one or a few if they have several wallets.

So, in this article, we will be focusing on two crypto platforms — Coinbase and marketing tool that links crypto investors. While no part of this article should be considered investment advice, we will educate you on the features of Coinbase and Immediate Edge. In addition, you will learn about their similarities, and differences, and probably decide which suits you better. Ready to know the ins and out? Then, continue reading!

Coinbase: A Brief History

Coinbase was founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong. The former AirBnB engineer who also serves as the company’s CEO created the company after Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies began gaining traction. Today, Coinbase is part of the top five crypto exchanges used by millions of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. So, in summary, Coinbase is a crypto platform that facilitates easy buying, selling, and transfer of cryptocurrencies.

After all said and done, the definition of Coinbase would be incomplete without discussing the incredible attributes that the exchange provides. So, sit back and get ready to learn as we help you understand these key features.

Key Features of the Coinbase Platform

As one of the platforms with the highest trading volumes, Coinbase has an incredible number of features that has made its users loyal. So, in this section we will discuss a few of those features enjoyed by Coinbase users.

Quick Withdrawals

Not many crypto exchanges can boast of fast withdrawals. However, for Coinbase, it is a completely different story. With Coinbase, users have nothing to worry about getting their funds into their bank account or transferring to other wallets outside of the Coinbase platform, and this is done in record time.

Opportunity to Earn Cryptocurrency

One feature that has earned Coinbase the millions of users it has is the ability to own cryptocurrency without necessarily buying them. This is because Coinbase has a feature to earn some cryptocurrency by learning about digital assets and competing tasks about what you;ve learned. All for free and it only requires your dedication.

Support for High Number of Cryptocurrencies

One big problem with many crypto platforms is the limited number of trading pairs available. However, Coinbase addresses this problem. With the exchange you can access over 150 cryptocurrencies which have double the number in trading pairs. So, you don’t have to wonder where to trade Bitcoin, SushiSwap or a meme like Dogecoin.

Immediate Edge

The Immediate Edge is not like your regular platform. As a matter of fact, it is a one-of-a-kind crypto platform that easily connects investors with reliable brokers. So, in simple terms, Immediate Edge is a marketing tool that links crypto investors with brokers globally. These brokers, in turn, then provide these investors with trading platforms that suit their trading objectives.

So, you can easily see that Coinbase is very different from the broker platform.While they may be similar in a few places, the features are largely different. So, the next section will tell you the most important features that the platform offers its users. Hence, get ready to learn about some of the reasons over 100,000 users choose it over several options.

Features You Should Know About Immediate Edge

Trustworthy Brokers

As we mentioned earlier, Immediate Edge is not an exchange. At the same time, it is not a trading platform or software. However, one noteworthy feature of Immediate Edge is that you can access brokers without any hassle. And you do not just access “anyhow” brokers but those with verifiable track records. Of course, this might help you enjoy a higher success rate in your trading. Still, you should remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and nothing is guaranteed. Nevertheless, having such access to these quality brokers should not be underrated.

Demo Trading

If you have ever used a trading software, you would understand that many of these platforms expect that you have some trading experience. However, it is not so with Immediate Edge. Because of its commitment to ensuring that novices are not left out, Immediate Edge ensures that its broker partners have a demo account option on their trading platforms. For some, the demo trading account can be funded with as high as $10,000. So, you, as a beginner, can take your time to practice before trying out live trading with your capital.

Access to Trading Bots

Not many people know what automated trading robots are. But experienced traders understand how helpful they can be and The Immediate Edge offers this feature to users with the help of its partners. Automated trading robots can help with identifying potentially profitable signals. At the same time, these bots can facilitate the execution of multiple trades simultaneously. However you should know that bots may not be ideal for beginner investors. While experienced traders might find it comfortable using them, beginners need a robust knowledge of them before trying them. Hence, it is best for newbies to leave bots out of their trading strategy.

Coinbase vs The Immediate Edge: Similarities and Differences


Immediate Edge

Platform is an exchange Marketing tool to connect brokers worldwide
No demo account available Demo account available
Trading fees debited per transactions No trading fees charged per transactions
Over 150 cryptocurrencies available Cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodity options
Fast and secure Fast and secure

The Bottom Line

All in all, you should know that a platform being better than the other depends on the objectives of the user. It is the same with The Immediate Edge and Coinbase. Choosing which suits yours is your decision to take. However you should note that you need to be careful about investing in cryptocurrencies. That a platform aligns with your trading goals does not mean that it is a guarantee that you will be successful in your trading. So, do your own research and ensure due diligence.

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