Different Methods to Hide Apps on iPhone!


Smart phones are a big part of our lives these days. We value them because they help us have fun, get things done, and talk to each other. In other words, our phones and tablets hold a lot of private information and apps that we might want to keep secret.

How do I make apps on my iPhone disappear? You might not want your friends to see a dating app, a private note-taking app, or other apps that you want to keep to yourself. The point of this article is to show you different ways to keep your private apps safe so that only you can access them.

Methods to Hide Apps on iPhone

Create App Folders

It’s easy to hide apps on your iPhone by setting up folders. If you hold down an app icon until it moves, you can hide it. To make a folder, drag it to another app. Your apps will be hidden if you give the folder a name that doesn’t mean anything. You can hide your apps by putting them all in one folder that you can’t see.

Limit Siri Suggestions

Siri is the voice assistant from Apple. If it tells you about apps based on how you usually use your phone, it can be too helpful. You can tell Siri not to suggest certain apps if you don’t want them to appear. Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and choose “Siri & Search.” Here is where you can hide apps from Siri. Siri won’t suggest these apps when you search or use your phone after that.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

Disable App Notifications

Alerts can make it possible for other people to find out that some apps are on your device by accident. If you don’t want some apps to send you notifications, this won’t happen. If you have an iPhone, open “Settings” and then “Notifications.” Pick the app you don’t want to see. There is a setting in the app called “Allow Notifications” that you can turn off. Nobody will know the app is on your phone if you do this. The alerts will stay hidden.

Use Screen Time

Apple Screen Time is mostly meant to help you control how much time you spend in front of a screen and stay focused. But you can also use it to hide apps. Make a Screen Time passcode to do this. Go to Screen Time and find the “App Limits” group once you have your passcode set. You can make it harder to get to apps you want to hide by putting limits on them or groups of apps. However, this method might not be able to hide the app completely. It will also be very hard to use.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

Third-Party App Hiders

App-Hiding Apps

There are some third-party apps that are only made to hide apps better. “App Hider” and “Hidden Apps” are two safe apps that let you hide apps. With these apps, you can hide your favorite apps somewhere safe that only people who know the password or another way to prove who they are can get to. Most of the time, they add extras like fake app icons to make things even more secret.

Calculator Vault Apps

Number vault apps are a great way to hide apps that you don’t want other people to see. Some of these apps, like “Calculator%,” look like regular calculators but hide an extra feature. They hide you behind a strong PIN or biometric lock so you can use apps without drawing attention to yourself. Plus, this way is safer because the calculator hides your hidden apps.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

Utilize Guided Access

Setting up Accessibility on your iPhone is one of the best places to find Guided Access. This is meant to keep people in one app. Its main job is to guard what your device can do, but you can also hide apps with it. This feature lets you hide an app when it’s turned on. Guided Access can help you hide apps, but it might not be as easy to use as other options.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone

You can jailbreak your iPhone to make more changes and find new ways to hide apps. When you jailbreak your device, Apple software restrictions are taken away, giving you more control over it. There are some things you should remember after jailbreaking your phone. It could void the warranty on your device, make it less safe, and make it less stable. Make sure you know what this method means before you even think about it by reading a lot about it.


It’s important to protect your privacy, and one important way to do that is to hide your private apps on your iPhone. As of now, there are several ways to hide apps: built-in features, third-party app hiders, and even jailbreaking. What you choose will depend on what you need, how tech-savvy you are, and how willing you are to risk things. Who cares what you choose? The goal is the same: to keep nosy people from seeing your private apps so that your private data stays safe. To read more content like this, visit https://www.trendblog.net.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I hide apps on my iPhone? Is that okay?

The Apple Terms of Service don’t say that you can’t hide apps with third-party app hiders or built-in features. But remember that jailbreaking your iPhone to hide apps might void your warranty and is even illegal in some places.

Is it possible to hide the Apple apps that come with my phone?

Weakness: You can’t hide or get rid of the Apple apps that come with your phone. To hide them, you can either put them in a folder or stop getting alerts about them.

Is it safe to get app hiders from outside sources?

Most third-party app hiders are safe to use and will keep your data safe. You should read about and compare different apps, though, before making a choice. This is because not all of them are safe and useful in the same way.

Will I lose files from an app if I hide it?

You can hide an app without deleting any of its data by following these steps. It’s still possible to use the app after you’ve shown it again.

How do I get my iPhone to show apps again?

If you undo the steps you took to hide apps, they will appear again. This will work whether the app is built in or not. Just do the steps backwards to get your apps to show up again.

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