How Can I FaceSwap Online with AI?


Face swapping is a digital trend where a person’s face is seamlessly transposed onto another’s body in a photo or video, and AI has made this process more accessible and realistic. Using sophisticated AI algorithms, these tools analyze facial elements to ensure perfect alignment of textures, lighting, and angles.

This has created great opportunities for fun, content production, and even teaching. Face swapping has become more popular across social media platforms as AI technology advances since it is now more realistic and simpler for the common user to experiment with.

In this article, we will find out how you can face swap online with an AI tool.

Part 1: Top Online Tools Available for AI FaceSwap

By understanding the practical applications of face swapping, you can make the most of these top 5 face swap online tools to effortlessly perform AI-driven face swaps in photos or videos.


If you’re on the lookout for the perfect tool to elevate your photos and videos, look no further than the best AI face swap tool FaceMod. This innovative tool goes beyond the ordinary by offering face-swapping features that let you swap faces with yourself or your friends, injecting a dose of fun into your images and videos.

With its reface mod feature, you can effortlessly turn serious moments into hilarious memes and GIFs, adding a touch of humor to your creations. But that’s not all – FaceMod takes creativity to the next level by allowing you to experiment with the styles and outfits of various celebrities, giving you the chance to explore different looks and personas.

In addition, its accurate and high-quality face swaps ensure that your creations look polished and professional every time. So whether you’re planning to pull a prank on your friends or channel your inner movie character, FaceMod is the ultimate tool to bring your imaginative ideas to life.

Faceswapper AI

Let’s talk about the AI face swap tool Faceswapper AI, a nifty tool that’s gaining popularity for its ability to seamlessly swap faces in images. With nearly 3 million visitors, it’s definitely making waves. But it’s not just about swapping faces; this tool goes beyond that.

You can even swap faces in GIFs and animated avatars, though we haven’t personally tried that feature. And hey, if you’re just looking to cut out faces from photos, they’ve got you covered with a free face-cutting tool.

Now, onto the results. The tool does a pretty good job blending facial features, but there are some quirks, especially if you zoom in. You might notice some odd details on the foreheads, probably because of differences in hairstyles and hair colors.

But here’s a cool thing: unlike some competitors, Faceswapper AI gives you free access to its tools and credits, which reset every day. Plus, they don’t slap on any watermarks, so you’re good to go without any branding issues.


Let me introduce you to Artguru, another AI face swap tool that’s gaining quite the following. With over 2 million monthly visitors, it’s definitely making waves in the digital world. But Artguru isn’t just about swapping faces; it offers a range of other AI tools too, like video generation, photo enhancement, avatar creation, text-to-image generation, AI art creation, and background removal.

Now, let’s talk about the face-swapping feature. Just like Faceswapper AI, Artguru nails it when it comes to precision and efficiency. The facial features blend seamlessly, creating swapped faces that look natural and seamlessly integrated into their new surroundings. Plus, the attention to detail is impressive, like how it manages to adjust the hair color to match the new face’s tones.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to keep in mind. Firstly, Artguru adds a watermark to the swapped photos, which you can only remove with a paid subscription. Also, the resolution of the swapped photos might be a bit lower, but you can access higher-resolution versions with a subscription. And once you’ve used up your free credits, you’ll need to subscribe to a plan to keep using the face-swapping tool.


Another famous AI face swap tool in the list is Fotor, known for its comprehensive online photo editing capabilities and boasting a large user base of around 15 million web visits per month. With the integration of AI technology, Fotor has been enhancing its features to offer smarter and simpler photo editing options, including its AI face swap tool.

Now, let’s dive into the details. Unlike its competitors, Fotor doesn’t offer free credits or easy access to its tools and features. While you can get a 3-day free trial, signing up on their website and providing your card details for a subscription is required. Once you’re in, you can start experimenting with the tool.

Fotor’s face swap feature seamlessly swaps faces in the example images, producing natural-looking results with facial features and hair that appear genuine and unique to each individual.

However, it’s worth noting that similar results can likely be achieved with other face-swapping AI tools without the need to divulge personal details or commit to a paid plan right away.


Wrapping up the list is Icons8, a go-to platform for icons, illustrations, photos, and more, catering to designers and creators seeking resources to enhance their projects. With an array of comprehensive features, many of which are now powered by AI, Icons8 offers tools like an AI image generator, photo enhancer, and even a face-swapping tool.

Similar to Fotor, accessing Icons8 Face Swapper requires a subscription, with the need to provide your email and banking details. However, they do offer a 3-day free trial to give you a taste of what they have to offer.

On the positive side, users appreciate the seamless blending of facial features and hair details in the second photo swap. Yet, there’s a noticeable glitch around the hair area in the first photo. Compared to Fotor, which provides similar accessibility, Icons8 doesn’t consistently deliver the same level of quality, making it less reliable for some users.

Part 2: How to FaceSwap Online with FaceMod

With FaceMod, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’ve dreamed of being a supermodel, an 80s icon, a TikTok sensation, or a stunning bride, it’s just a quick face swap away. Unlike FaceApp, FaceMod allows you to edit both photos and videos, effortlessly swapping multiple faces with just a click.

Key Features of FaceMod:

  • One-click transformations: Instantly apply old filters to your face without manual editing.
  • Powerful face recognition: Utilizes 106 facial key points for accurate aging effects.
  • Multiple face swaps: Swap faces in single, double, or multiple photos within seconds.
  • Stunning templates: Choose from diverse photo and video templates covering popular themes and styles.
  • Data security: Safely swap faces from photos and videos without accessing your personal data.

To add the old age filter to your photos using FaceMod, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the official FaceMod webpage and either sign up for an account or log in if you already have one.

Step 2: Once logged in, navigate to the “AI Tools” section in the top menu and select “AI Image Generator.”

Step 3: Click on “Upload Photo” to upload the photo you want to apply the old age filter to.

Step 4: After uploading your photo, click on “My Face” located near the bottom right corner of the page.

Step 5: Upload a photo of an old face or choose one from the provided “Samples.”

Step 6: Click on “Swap” to merge your face with the uploaded old face photo for the aging effect.

Step 7: Once the process is complete, click on “Download” to save your newly aged photo to your device.

With these steps, you can easily transform your photos to see how you might look in old age using FaceMod’s old age filter.

Part 3: Is FaceSwap Online Safe?

When navigating the internet and utilizing online services like AI face swap platforms, including both pictures and videos, it’s crucial to exercise caution and maintain awareness. While reputable face-swapping services generally prioritize user privacy and employ robust security measures, it’s wise to take some precautions.

Here’s how you can stay safe while using face-swapping services:

1. Review Privacy Policies: Before using any face-swapping service, carefully read through their privacy policies. Ensure that they have clear guidelines on data usage and don’t share your information with third parties without consent.

2. Choose Reputable Services: Opt for well-known and reputable face-swapping platforms with a track record of prioritizing user privacy. Look for platforms that have positive feedback from users regarding their privacy practices.

3. Be Mindful of Uploaded Photos: Exercise caution when uploading personal or sensitive photos for face-swapping. Remember that once a photo is online, it can potentially be accessed by others. Avoid sharing overly personal or compromising images.

4. Keep Security Settings Updated: Regularly update the security settings on all your devices to protect against potential threats. This includes keeping your software, antivirus programs, and operating systems up to date.


To wrap things up, AI has truly transformed the world of face swapping, making it more accessible and lifelike than ever before. With a plethora of online tools available, users can effortlessly swap faces in photos and videos with stunning precision. However, it’s important to approach this technology with care and responsibility.

When it comes to selecting the perfect face swap tool, it’s all about finding one that suits your needs and preferences. Facemod is the most popular online AI face-swapping tool with a good reputation, user-friendly interfaces, and clear privacy policies.

With these simple guidelines in mind, you can make the most of face swap technologies while staying true to your values. Let’s continue the creativity while upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect.

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