Virbo vs Synthesia. Which AI Avatar Tool Should You Choose?


AI Avatar tools generate photorealistic avatars using artificial intelligence. It offers limitless possibilities, allowing users to create diverse portraits with different clothing, settings, and poses. Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals, AI avatar tools are a versatile powerhouse for exploring creativity and producing stunning results.

Wondershare Virbo and Synthesia are top AI avatar tools that provide exceptional results in minutes. They offer various features for AI avatar creation, catering to new and professional users. With advanced capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, Virbo and Synthesia are ideal for creating stunning avatars, making them a popular choice for all users.

In this article, we will draw a comparison between Virbo and Synthesia. Which AI Avatar tool should you choose? Let’s get to it!

Part 1: Virbo AI Avatar Video Generator

Virbo AI Avatar video generator is an advanced tool that uses artificial intelligence to produce stunningly lifelike avatars. With its extensive features and capabilities, Virbo enables users to create high-quality avatar films in minutes. This tool allows you to build a professional AI avatar by just entering and clicking.

Features of Virbo AI Avatar

Wondershare Virbo AI Avatar generator has many features that you could use when making your AI videos. We have listed a few of the features below:

  • 300+ real human avatars:
    You can get an extensive library of over 300 commercial-use-friendly AI avatars that are continuously updated and copyright-free, making them ideal for improving your movies.

  • Natural Human Voice:
    You can boost the videos by using AI avatars with actual human voices, which enhances emotion and attention.
  • 300+ Voices and Languages:
    AI avatars can reach a worldwide audience by speaking in over 300 languages and voices, catering to a wide range of linguistic and cultural demands.
  • All Age Ranges:
    You can interact with a broad range of audiences by deploying adaptable AI avatars representing different age groups, from kids to elders.
  • Various Outfits:
    You can also increase visual attractiveness by dressing AI avatars in a variety of outfits, from formal to casual, to match the style of your content.


  • Extremely high video quality will lift your work to new heights.
  • With Virbo, you can create avatars quickly, saving you a lot of time and effort.
  • The best benefit is that it’s quite simple to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy, making it accessible to anyone.


  • Facial expression problems might be distracting, however they are infrequent and being addressed.
  • One restriction is that it does not interface easily with other video editing applications, which can be aggravating.

Part 2: Synthesia AI Avatar Video Generator

Synthesia AI avatars are realistic artificial representations of humans that can be used to generate videos in over 120 different languages. Synthesia is an artificial intelligence video generator that makes use of these avatars rather than performers or voiceovers. The avatars are intended to exhibit realistic facial emotions, voice, and head movements.

Synthesia has a big collection of over 150 avatars that license the image of actual actors such as Olivia, Paige, Jason, Jack, Alex, Lily, Matt, and Agnes. Users may also construct their own personalized AI avatar, complete with speech, as a paid add-on to their Synthesia membership.


  • It allows you to build lifelike avatars without having to hire actors or rent studios, saving you time and resources.
  • The platform provides a wide variety of avatars, languages, and dialects, allowing you to make films that appeal to a worldwide audience.
  • Synthesia allows you to simply make videos without any prior video editing experience, making it accessible to everyone.


  • Although the avatars are incredibly lifelike, a closer glance may reveal that they are artificially made, which might be a disadvantage for certain users.
  • The Personal Plan’s restriction of 120 minutes of video per year is extremely limited and may be insufficient for customers who want more.
  • Custom AI avatar production can be expensive, but the quality and realism it provides may be worth the cost.
  • While the program offers a wide range of voice selections and personalization capabilities, the synthetic voices can occasionally seem robotic, lacking the natural flow and subtleties of real speech.

Part 3: Comparison of Virbo and Synthesia

Selecting the right tool for your work often requires a direct comparison of different tools. Here is a detailed one between Virbo and Synthesia:

AI Avatar Comparison

Virbo and Synthesia both provide high-quality AI avatars, however there are a few variances. Virbo’s avatars are very realistic and lifelike, with complex facial expressions and emotions. They also provide a variety of personalization possibilities, such as clothes, accessories, and backdrops.

Synthesia’s avatars are similarly lifelike, but with a more stylized and comical appearance. They provide you with a large variety of avatars.

Voices and Languages

Virbo and Synthesia both provide a diverse choice of voices and languages, but there are a few variances. Virbo provides approximately 300 voices and languages, including some unusual and exotic languages.

Synthesia, on the other hand, provides over 120 languages and voices, with an emphasis on more popular languages such as English, Spanish, and French.

Price Comparison

Virbo AI offers different plans to cater to various user needs. The Monthly Plan costs $19.9/mo, offering 15 minutes of video credits and 20G cloud storage. The Yearly Plan – Essential costs $44.9/yr, providing 45 minutes of video credits and unlimited AI script time. The Yearly Plan – Pro costs $199/yr, offering 300 minutes of video credits and additional features.

Synthesia offers a Free plan with 36 minutes of video/year and key features like 120+ languages and voices. The Starter plan costs €20/mo (billed yearly), offering 120 minutes of video/year and additional features like avatar builder. The Creator plan costs €59/mo (billed yearly), providing 360 minutes of video/year and custom fonts. The Enterprise plan offers custom editors and guests, and 140+ AI avatars.

When comparing prices, Virbo AI’s Monthly Plan is more expensive than Synthesia’s Starter plan. However, Virbo AI’s Yearly Plan – Essential and Pro offer more video credits than Synthesia’s Creator plan. Synthesia’s Free plan is a great starting point, but its paid plans have more limitations than Virbo AI’s plans. The choice between Virbo AI and Synthesia depends on your specific needs and budget.


Virbo and Synthesia are both outstanding AI avatar generators, although they serve distinct purposes and tastes. Virbo provides incredibly realistic avatars, comprehensive customization possibilities, and a diverse selection of voices and languages. In contrast, Synthesia offers styled avatars, an easy-to-use interface, and a free plan with outstanding capabilities.

According to your unique needs and budget, Wondershare Virbo is appropriate for you if you are looking for high-end, realistic avatars. It offers superior quality and customization choices along with many other features.

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