Best Guide for How to Boot People Offline Xbox With Phone

Booting offline someone at Xbox is not rocket science, but a bit risky. On the other hand, it is proved as most loved and fun for gamers. But, so many of you, use this method for studies as well. As it is appreciable for learning purposes. 

On the internet, the exact information of how to boot people offline Xbox is quite blurred. Let me give you some transparent information. Which I have applied to kick my sibling out. Only for fun purposes

In this article, I am going to share how to boot people offline Xbox in android and iPhone both. As well as important terms which are required to boot Xbox

Important Terms, Before Start

  1. Make sure you have the IP address of the Xbox which you want to boot (mandatory)
  2. You are connected to a strong unstable network
  3. For iPhone users, ensure these settings are done properly in your phone. Follow steps 4 to 6 carefully. If you are an android user. You can jump to step7
  4. Go to settings. Turn off Block all cookies in settings
  5. Must ensure background app refresh option in general settings is turned on with automatic downloads in apps settings. Both the settings need to be turned on. 
  6. Go to the battery option in the settings and check whether, it is turn off or not. It has to turn off.
  7. If you are an android user, you have to ensure the browser you are using like: chrome, internet explorer. Do not forget to enable it in your phone. 

Let us start now. These settings need to be taken care of before proceeding. 

How To Boot People Offline Xbox?

how to boot people offline xbox

As you know what is Xbox. and How important it is for playing games. Of course, anytime even once. You also get booted by someone. 

Let us start, with iPhone users. 

Boot Someone From iPhone

Step1- Install Xbox booter++ in your phone.

It is an offline booter. Also, a good source to boot someone. 

Step2- After installation. Open the app and write the IP address and name of the person who you want to boot. 

Step3- Now, you just have to decide how much traffic you want to send. Which is: 1000, 25,000 or 50,000

Step4- After the traffic, the server will automatically work for finding issues. If any issue is find out, work to solve it. If not. Then you can proceed to the next step. 

  Step5- Uninstall the app. It’s not shocking just do it 

Step6- Let us move to settings after uninstallation. 

Firstly, you have to go to check Block all cookies option must be turned off. Turn it on and repeat turn off it again and click cancel. 

Secondly, you need to go to the settings. Where you have turned ON the background refresh setting just tap on it. You will see 3 options here. Wifi, Mobile Data, wifi & mobile data. Make sure you turned on the Wifi & Mobile data. Also in general settings, you have to check whether the date & time is at automatically. Just turn it off and again turn it on ON. it is mandatory to do so. 

The very next step is to do the same with low power mode make it off and on again in battery mode. Also, automatic download in-app store. 

At the fourth step, you have to install Xbox booster++ from any browser of your choice. 

Go with allowing option and install it. 

Here, is the required result. 

Boot People Offline From Your Android Phone

Step1- Install the Xbox booster++ from any browser of your choice. and uninstall it accordingly by adding a username and Ip address to it.  

Step2- After, uninstalling the app. Move to the settings. Open the search bar and search unknown apps in it.  

Step3- Go with the installation option install the unknown apps. Make sure you have allowed chrome. 

Step4- Go to any browser like chrome. Install the Xbox booster++ app from there. 

Step5- press install. And go with the information shown on your screen. 

Here, you will get the required result. 

Most Important Legal Information

It is completely illegal to boot people offline Xbox. It became a trend nowadays to boot anyone. As it is a legal action by the government. Also, if you find any lag in your server. After confirmation. File a complaint against them. call your ISP and request a new IP. 

Don’t share your IP with anyone. if not required. 

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