How to Choose Cell Phone Accessories?

Accessories for mobile phones are an essential element of comfortable operation of the device. The modern market offers a huge number of add-ons, among which there are must-have gizmos. In this article, we will share recommendations for choosing the right cell phone accessories distributor. Read till end to know famous accessories!

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Connect to a smartphone via a 3.5 mm audio jack, turning the handset into a portable player. You can choose one of two options:

  • Overhead: They provide amazing sound, but have a bulky design. They take up a lot of space, do not fit in the pocket of a jacket or bag, and it will be difficult to put them on over a regular hat. Inserts (droplets).
  • Inserted: directly into the ears. They are compact in size, easily fit in a pocket, but do not provide the level of sound that overhead models.

When choosing headphones, pay attention to power, impedance, supported frequency range, and sensitivity. You can buy them from dhgate wholesale cheap rates.


The smartphone may require charging at any time. It is convenient to have two chargers, thereby ensuring uninterrupted operation of the device. Charging should be selected taking into account the following factors:

  • Manufacturer:Ideally, these should be “native” mobile phone accessories produced by the same brand. Counterfeits and generic models may not be suitable for your device, and may also damage the battery.
  • Power:Must match the capacity of the battery and the original charger.


We are talking about a variety of covers, pads and bumpers that protect the body of the device from damage, as well as give it an original design. Now the most popular options are:

  • Covers and bumpers: Close the back and sides of the case. They are made from different materials, ranging from silicone to metal or genuine leather.
  • Bags: They have fastenings on the forearm or on the belt. Firmly fix the device on the body, which is convenient during sports or other physical activities.
  • Books:They close the entire body, including the screen, opening like a book.
  • Glass:They are glued directly to the screen, guaranteeing protection from external damage, scratches, chips, scuffs. Impact-resistant glass can take the load during a fall, while maintaining the integrity of the matrix.

Car Holders

Allows you to conveniently position the handset in front of your eyes by mounting it on the glass or on the dashboard. Depending on the type of fastening, these are:

  • Sucker for windshield.
  • Adhesive surface for the dashboard.
  • Latch for ventilation.

Holographic Stickers

This phone accessory is a unique opportunity to give your device a stylish, sophisticated and unique look. But the benefits of stickers are not only in aesthetic appeal. They are able to protect the body of an expensive product from dirt and scratches. In addition, holographic stickers can reduce electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone to its owner. And this must be taken into account by those who doubt their purchase.

Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones are an opportunity to listen to music in earphones without any wires. The headset is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, therefore, this interface must be present in your mobile phone, and with support for the A2DP music profile. Headphones can be in the form of earbuds (for example, the RITMIX RH-411BTH Bluetooth headset), rubber earplugs (for example, the Genius HS-905BT Bluetooth headset), or on-ear (for example, the AKG K 830 BT headphones). When choosing both wireless and wired headphones, you should pay attention to the following parameters: lower and upper sound frequencies, membrane diameter, the presence of a microphone and volume control.

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