How to Connect Spotify on your Amazon Alexa

How to connect Spotify to Alexa? Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists worldwide, including Apple Music. Spotify is rapidly appealing as it can be simply accessed by signing in with your email address or connecting it with your Facebook. If you don’t like the monthly Spotify premium subscription fee or just want to dive in and try it out, it’s easy to get started.

Spotify Premium allows you to use your music “offline”, but it’s not like downloading music in the traditional sense. For example, you cannot fool the system by downloading an album and then unsubscribing later. Also, you cannot download tracks and burn them to CDs or copy them to other devices.

How to Connect Spotify to Alexa

Not only can you use Alexa to request a ringtone with your voice, but the Echo device also supports Spotify Connect, so you can manually send the ringtone. 

How to connect Spotify to Alexa

When you connect Alexa to Spotify, you have full control over playback and your music library. It gives you Alexa EQ  to fine-tune the sound and a variety of commands to control your music seamlessly. 

Amazon Device Alexa helps you complete various tasks like turning off the smart lights throughout the home and playing music. Using Alexa with voice commands, Spotify can be linked to Alexa, and you can play any song or music. It automatically plays the songs on Spotify but not other music streaming resources. 

  • You can connect Spotify to Alexa through the Alexa app to play music with voice commands. 
  • When you set Spotify as your default music player, you don’t need to say “no.” Type “Spotify” as a voice command.
  • Spotify can be disconnected from Alexa. Just go through the Alexa app or the Spotify website if you wish to disconnect it. 

To connect Spotify to Alexa:

  1. Download and then open the Alexa app on your desired gadget.
  2. Click the More icon.  
  3. Choose settings. 
  4. Choose Music & Podcasts.  
  5. If you don’t see Spotify in the list, select New Service Link. Otherwise, follow the next step. 
  6. Choose Spotify, then select Link Account with Alexa. 
  7. Click Activate to use and sign in to your Spotify account.  

Spotify is supported on the following devices that use the virtual assistant Alexa:

  • Amazon Tap, Amazon Echo, Cube, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo Dot, Facebook Portal/Portal+, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Spot

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How to Set Spotify as Default Music Player with Alexa:

You can make Spotify your default player if you don’t want the “On Spotify” phrase to add to your voice commands while listening to music. To make Spotify your default player for music: 

  1. Open the Alexa app. 
  2. Click the More tab on the bottom toolbar. 
  3. Click Install. 
  4. Select Music & Podcasts. 
  5. Tap Default Service.
  6. Tap Change next to the existing default music player, select Spotify and tap Done. 

This method doesn’t work with podcasts, so you always need to specify that you want a particular podcast to play through Spotify using voice commands.

Once Alexa is running, you can also listen to other users’ Spotify accounts. Just ask Alexa to “Spotify Connect,” Your device will search for something else on the same Wi-Fi network. Great to steal some cool playlists from holiday guests.

Command the music: 

Spotify being selected as your default music service fulfills all your needs regarding songs, albums, artists, and playlists, which it has in Spotify but not in Amazon Music. Some examples related to this are: 

Alexa, play 93.5 Red FM.

The Alexa, play Love story by Taylor Swift.

Alexa, play the album by Maroon 5. 

Alexa, shuffle the playlist and play the study vines playlist.

Only that song will play and stop when you request a specific song.     When requesting an album or “song,” the artist plays multiple songs.

For more ideas, filter the music in the Alexa Live Command List. Not all commands work seamlessly with Spotify, but Alexa constantly improves its integration with Spotify. For example, when requesting music for a particular mood or activity, Alexa looks for a playlist on Spotify.

  • With Spotify streaming on Alexa-enabled speakers, you can control playback from the Alexa app. An animated sound icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices. You can find Now Playing in the main navigation menu on the web.
  • Alexa supports Spotify for MultiRoom Music so that you can sync Echo speakers (except  Echo Taps) in your group. MultiRoom Music will soon support third-party Alexa-enabled speakers.
  • Use the following commands to wake up a specific playlist, song, or artist on Spotify. 

 Alexa wakes Ryan Adams up at 6:45 AM. 

 The Alexa, wake me up at 7:15 with the  Morning Jazz playlist. 

 Alexa wakes me up at 6:30 in the morning.

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