Connect Your Device to Alexa Bluetooth: Phone, Speaker

Echo is the gadget of Amazon smart speaker, which is known for its Assistant technology which is Alexa voice assistant, which powers it but can also be connected to other Bluetooth devices to play songs, audios, podcasts, or any shows from the tablets, smartphones, or any Bluetooth device. Not only will this increase your audio quality, but it will also allow you to get services that Alexa can’t access, including Apple Music and popular podcast apps. 

Not every Echo smart speaker offers an outstanding quality of sound. Echo Dot best interacts with Alexa, and updates are delivered by audio and not by listening to music. The Echo of the second-generation delivers more great sound within a small or a medium room. But for the reliability of the bigger room, the Echo Plus is preferable. Over the Bluetooth audio, the Alexa control source isn’t entirely missing. It generally retains the ability to stop, pause, play, or skip backward and forward. And, it can also adjust the volume followed by the other functions. It also coordinates the Bluetooth connection. 

How to Connect Alexa Bluetooth

All voice-activated features are great, but sometimes you just need to connect them to a regular Bluetooth speaker. Sometimes this method is more convenient. Especially if you want to play files on your phone. Fortunately, the Echo does this too. This guide will show you how to connect from your phone and use it as a Bluetooth speaker. 

How to Change Alexa Voice

It offers you to connect any Bluetooth device to the Amazon Echo. This can be useful if the Echo Dot is smaller or if you want to hear the Bluetooth stereo is much better. But first, connect the phone.

To use your Echo  as a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth enabled device, follow these steps: 

  1.  Make sure your device is within range of your Echo speakers. 
  2. Disconnect all existing Bluetooth connections using the “Alexa, Disconnect” command.
  3. Put your smartphone, tablet, or another device into Bluetooth pairing mode. 
  4. Put the Echo into pairing mode using the “Alexa, pairing” command. She will check “Searching…”. 
  5.  Select the Echo speaker in the Bluetooth settings of your phone, tablet, or another device. Alexa reports a successful connection. 
  6. Once the connection is established, you can restart whenever the device is within active Bluetooth range by typing “Alexa, connect to [device name]” or “Alexa, connect to [device name].”

It’s time to use  Amazon Echo’s smart technology.  Whenever you command Alexa by saying “Alexa pair” or “Alexa turn on the Bluetooth”, it flashes with blue and then starts. The echo will instantly appear on the phone screen list when you do it. Tap on the name in the appeared list and confirm pairing. Then you’re connected, and it’s the time to play any sort of music or audio through your phone, and it’ll play through the Echo just as a Bluetooth speaker. If you want to connect it to a specific phone on your Echo, then say Alexa, please connect to (name of the device)  or simply say Connect to my phone. 

To disconnect, simply select the Disconnect option manually from your phone’s Bluetooth menu. Or say, “Alexa, get disconnected from my phone.”


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If Bluetooth has the best sound audio system and wants to use Echo audio, you can use this.

Or a Bluetooth headphone is also an opportunity to connect to echo. Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth speaker/stereo/headphones are enabled. 
  2. Open  Amazon Alexa Application on your phone 
  3. Locate “Device”, and then click “Echo & Alexa”. 
  4. Now click Echo to use. Click on a specific device. 
  5. In “Bluetooth Connection”, click “Connect Device”. 
  6. You must now display the Speaker / Sound System or headphones on the list of screens. Echo is now wirelessly connected to an external audio device when you click the system to connect. 



To reconnect it at any time, use the voice command to  “Alexa, connect to my dynamics,” and it automatically appears. To disconnect, say, “Alexa, turn off the speaker.”

  • The Speakers of Amazon’s Echo are not much powerful. However, you can sync your Amazon Echo with any Bluetooth speaker to play music on both your Amazon Echo and  Bluetooth speakers to add volume or spread sound across multiple rooms in your home.  
  • The Amazon Echo is a speaker and smart home device powered by Alexa, Amazon’s voice-enabled virtual assistant. Alexa can do many things, from reading the news to meeting reminders, and  Alexa can even play music outside of Spotify. The Echo is not that big, so pairing the Echo with a Bluetooth speaker will give you a better listening experience.
  • Place the Echo and Bluetooth speakers at least 3 feet apart. If your Echo device is near an external speaker, it may be more difficult for Alexa to hear the wake-up word and other requests.  For best results, use  Bluetooth speakers certified for use with Echo devices. 
  • Check if you can connect the speaker to another Bluetooth device, such as a mobile phone.  Turn on the Bluetooth speaker and increase the volume. Disconnect all other Bluetooth devices from the Echo device. Only a single Bluetooth device can connect to Echo at a particular time. 

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