How to Create Events in WhatsApp Communities?


The business said on Wednesday that soon there will be a new way for people in WhatsApp Communities to plan events. This tool makes it easy to plan events and get-togethers in WhatsApp, like a PTA meeting or a birthday dinner. Anyone in the group can plan an event, and everyone else can cover it. This makes it clear to everyone who plans to go. The information page for the group has information about the event.

People who are going to the event will be told when it’s almost time. The first group to be able to use the new tool is a Community group. All groups will be able to use it too in a few months. A lot is going on in WhatsApp groups, where people can talk and work together. Adding events to these groups brings them to life and helps members plan get-togethers, talks, and important events.

At events, folks in the community can meet, talk about their lives, and work on hobbies or projects they both enjoy. By making it easier for others to plan events, people in WhatsApp groups can feel like they join and get involved. This makes the group stronger and gets more people involved overall. This guide will teach you how to make events in WhatsApp groups, starting with what an event is and finishing with the best way to set it up.

What Are Events?

An event in a WhatsApp community means a planned get-together or something that brings people together for a reason. Any kind of event can count as one of these, from parties and casual get-togethers to public events and workshops. At events, folks in the community can meet, talk about their lives, and work on hobbies or projects they both enjoy.

Events, such as a virtual webinar, a meetup in person, or a themed party, let people in the WhatsApp group meet, talk, and network. By planning and going to events, people in the community can make real links, share information, and help the community grow and thrive. Any neighborhood group can put on events. Right now, there can only be one host for an event; no one else can do it. To make something happen:

  • In the chat for your community group, find the “pin” icon in the message bar and tap it. After that, click “Event.”
  • Type in the event’s name, the time, and the date.
  • You can also add a picture, a location, or a link to a WhatsApp call if you want to.
  • You have 2048 characters to write about an event.

How to Create Events in WhatsApp Communities?

  • You can add a WhatsApp call link to an event up to 60 days ahead of time.
  • You can put links to other sites, like Zoom, in the event description.
  • Press the button in the bottom right corner when you’re done.

Once the event is set, it will be talked about in the group chat. The member can answer and see more information about events here. You can’t invite people who aren’t already in the group. You also can’t send an event to someone else. To make something happen differently. They can only change things they set up.

  • Click on the Edit event.
  • Make the changes you need to make. You can change your event’s name, date, time, location, and details.
  • Click the check mark.

Those in the group who said “yes” will be told when the event changes. There’ll be a message in the group chat too. To get rid of something. The event’s creators are the only ones who can stop it.

  • Click on the Edit event.
  • Pick up the “Cancel” button.
  • Type “Yes.”
  • Click the check mark.
  • Those in the group who said “yes” will be told when the event is over. There will also be a different message in the group chat.

How to Create Events in WhatsApp Communities?

Adding events to your site helps people get together. The Events tool is a great addition to WhatsApp Communities because it lets people in the group plan events inside the app. People can set up events and invite others to join, like a birthday party or a meeting online.

The event is described on the group’s information page, and people who are planning to attend are automatically reminded of it as the time approaches. Announcements that are better with well-organized responses With WhatsApp, it’s now easier to plan events, and the Announcements Groups in Communities work better too.

Admins can now get answers to their messages that are grouped together like Slack or Discord reply threads. It’s easier for everyone in the group to talk to each other because of this function. These changes are meant to make WhatsApp a better way for groups to talk to each other and get involved in the community. Some of them are making it easier to plan events and making tools for conversation better.

Rollout over time and new features in the future These new tools can only be used in Community groups right now. They will be added to all WhatsApp groups in the coming months. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has said that the company will keep making changes and improvements to help people communicate better with each other and get more involved in their communities.


People are more likely to join and feel like they fit in WhatsApp groups when events are added. Events bring people together and make the town livelier by giving them a place to plan activities and get-togethers. The features of WhatsApp can help community leaders make it easy for members to handle events and talk to each other, which will make the whole experience better for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can anyone make events in a WhatsApp group?

Any member of a WhatsApp group with the right powers can make events, as long as the admin of the group lets them.

Can I make my event cards unique by adding pictures or links?

Even though most WhatsApp event invites are text, you can add pictures or links to the description of the event to help people learn more.

How can I make sure that lots of people show up to my event?

Get the word out about the event in the community, send out notes at the right time, and make things that members will find fun and interesting.

In WhatsApp groups, is it possible to schedule events that happen over and over again?

At the moment, WhatsApp doesn’t allow events that happen over and over again. You can, however, plan regular events by hand and add each one to a separate list of events.

If I have tech issues while planning or making an event, what should I do?

You can get help with technology issues from WhatsApp support or look for answers and tips on how to fix them in community groups.

In WhatsApp groups, these tips will help you plan and run events that bring people together, make them work together, and make them feel like they are part of a community.

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