How to Disable Screen Optimizer to Disable Fake Photos on Galaxy S23 Ultra?


Samsung just showed off the Galaxy S23 series, which has a lot of new and better hardware. The devices now have the latest chipsets and better internals than they did before. The camera was one of the most important things that Samsung changed this year. But Samsung’s computational photography has been getting a lot of bad press lately because it uses AI to take pictures of space. If you don’t like the results, you can learn how to turn off the fake photos on your new Galaxy S23 Ultra or a regular Galaxy S23.

What is a Screen Optimizer?

Scene Optimizer is a feature that most mid-range and high-end Galaxy phones have now. This has made Night mode less important. Scene Optimizer, as described by Samsung, automatically figures out what is in the frame and makes smart changes to exposure, contrast, white balance, and more to make sure you get the best photos possible of any scene.

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In real life, this “optimization” doesn’t make much of a difference, except in one case: when Scene Optimizer finds a dark or low-light scene, it takes a picture just like Night mode does. That is, it takes a bunch of pictures with different exposures and puts them together to make the final picture.

How to Disable Fake Photos on Galaxy S23 Ultra

This is both the good and the bad thing about Scene Optimizer. It is smart enough to know when to automatically switch to Night mode and take a picture. But because Night mode photos take a few seconds to take, you might miss something important while the camera does its thing.

Scene Optimizer forces you to use Night mode even if you don’t want to. Scene Optimizer can be turned off, but here’s the thing: do you turn it off and always get instant shots, or do you leave it on so you don’t have to switch to Night mode manually? But then you might miss a moment.

How to Disable a Screen Optimizer to Disable Fake Photos?

You can turn off the optimized scenes in the Samsung camera app if you don’t like computational photography and just want the camera’s raw results. Follow the steps below to learn how to make fake photos that will last on the Galaxy S23 Ultra if you don’t know how it works.

Step 1: Open the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s built-in camera app.

Step 2: To go to Settings, tap the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap the Scene Optimizer option once you’re in the camera settings.

Step 4: Turn off the toggle when you’re done.

A Few Tips To Make Photos Look Much Real

When you open the Camera app and tap the shutter button on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the cameras can do a lot more than just take pictures. You can play around with a lot of settings, tools, and features to get the shot you want. This is in addition to the four rear cameras that can be moved around.

Grid Lines

One of my favorite things about phone cameras is that they have grid lines. They really help me put my subject in the right place before I press the button to take a picture. The 3-by-3 grid on the S23 Ultra can be turned on in the same place as the scene optimizer in the Camera app’s settings. Just scroll down the page a bit until you see “grid lines,” then flip the switch next to it.

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Increasing The Resolution

Open the Camera app and tap the icon at the top of the screen that looks like a square. The default setting is either 3:4 or 4:3, depending on how you hold the phone. From there, you can choose from a few different aspect ratios and shoot at 200 pure megapixels, which is great if you want to take a picture that you will print or blow up. When you take 200MP photos, it takes longer to take and process each one, and they take up a lot of space on your hard drive. It’s important to know that the three other back cameras only have a 12MP resolution, so you can’t use them to take extra-sharp photos.

Samsung Accused For Moon Photos Being Fake

“Space Zoom” is Samsung’s combination of optical zoom and digital zoom that lets you take pictures from a ridiculously far distance. It was first seen on the 2020 Galaxy S20 Ultra. With the help of the 10x optical telephoto camera, the company’s “Ultra” phones can go all the way up to 100x. But the truth is that the quality starts to go downhill after 30x.

Still, Samsung often promotes this feature, even on its most recent Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung uses pictures of the moon, which are notoriously hard for phones to take well, as the main “wow” factor to show off this feature. This feature was called a “neat trick” in a 2021 review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra by 9to5Google, even though it has always been clear that a lot of software is behind it.

In 2021, Input Mag did a test that showed that AI was a big part of how Samsung took these pictures, but that the final picture really did show the moon. A new test on Reddit that showed Samsung was lying about its results got a lot of attention over the weekend. For the test, u/ibreakphotos used a Gaussian Blur effect on a digital photo of the moon.

How to Disable Fake Photos on Galaxy S23 Ultra

The picture that was made was very fuzzy and didn’t show any clear details. The moon is still easy to spot, but just barely. But when that image is shown on a monitor and then captured by Samsung’s “Space Zoom,” the result is a sharp picture of the moon that has nothing to do with what the camera started with.

At first glance, this does look like very strong proof that Samsung is “faking” these pictures of the moon, which is technically true. When a Samsung camera takes a picture of the moon, it doesn’t just show what it saw. In fact, if you turn off the “Scene Optimizer,” which is the AI’s “secret sauce,” these photos will become a blurry, unusable mess.


People say that Samsung depends too much on computational photography and that it replaces things in the frame with AI. It’s not always a bad way to do things, but it makes them less unique. Images will look better because of the algorithms for machine learning. We just learned how the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s thousands of algorithms work together to make a moon shot.

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As was already said, Samsung’s fake photos can always be turned off or disabled on your new Galaxy S23 Ultra or Galaxy S23 series. Doing this is all you need to do to stop the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s photo algorithms from giving you fake results. Computational photography is pretty common in the smartphone industry, where companies tweak their algorithms to improve the quality of the photos they take.

One of the most well-known companies that uses software to improve results is Google. Even though everything is good, it would make a lot more sense if the photos showed the original photos instead of the ones made by AI. Also, remember that even older Galaxy phones can make the scene better.

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