How to Fix Error Code 10015 in Pokémon?


Pokemon fans need the Pokemon Home app because it lets them move their favorite Pokemon between games and platforms and keep track of them. Still, like any other app, it can sometimes have problems. Error Code 10015 is one of the worst things that can happen to people who use Pokemon Home. In this detailed guide, we’ll show you how to fix this problem so you can keep playing Pokemon without having to stop.

What is Error Code 10015?

When the Pokemon Home app shows Error Code 10015, it usually means that the link isn’t working right. It happens when the app can’t reliably and consistently talk to the server. This makes it hard to find your favorite Pokemon or sell them. Even though this mistake can be annoying, it’s good to know that it’s usually easy to fix.

Common Causes of Error Code 10015

Before we talk about how to fix Error Code 10015, it’s important to know why it can happen:

  • Internet connection problems: Error Code 10015 problems are often caused by an unreliable or hacked internet link. The app won’t work well without a strong connection.
  • Server Problems: Sometimes, the servers that run Pokemon Home have technical problems or are down for repair, making it hard for you to get in.
  • Interference from a firewall or antivirus software: The Error Code 10015 could be caused by security software or firewall settings on your computer that stop Pokemon Home from joining.
  • Outdated App: Another reason could be that you are using an old version of the Pokemon Home app that doesn’t work with how the computers are set up now.

Now that we know who might be to blame, let’s talk about how to fix the problem.

How to Fix Error Code 10015 in Pokémon?

Method 1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you need to do to fix Error Code 10015 is to make sure your internet connection is stable and safe. Right now, you can do the following:

  • To restart your router, unplug it from the wall for a minute and then plug it back in. By doing this, your router will start over. Often, this makes it feel like the connection is starting all over again.
  • Choose a hard-wired connection. If you can, use an Ethernet connection to connect your computer to the internet. Most of the time, wired links are safer than digital ones.
  • Test on Another Device. If you have access to another device, like a smartphone or computer, try running Pokemon Home on it to see if the problem also happens on other devices.

Method 2. Verify Pokemon Home Server Status

Before you try to fix the problem yourself, check how the computers at Pokemon Home are doing. Keep an eye on the Pokemon Home website or their social media pages for official updates about server problems or planned maintenance.

error code 10015 pokemon home

Method 3. Adjust Firewall and Antivirus Settings

Error Code 10015 can happen when security software or firewalls stop Pokemon Home from connecting by chance. To deal with this:

  • Turn Off Security Software. Turn off your firewall or other security software for a short time and see if the error goes away. This can help figure out if these safety measures are really the trouble.
  • If turning off the security software fixes the problem, you might want to add Pokemon Home to the list of approved services or exceptions in your security settings.

error code 10015 pokemon home

Method 4. Update Pokemon Home

Using an old version of Pokemon Home can also cause connection problems, which can lead to Error Code 10015. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app by checking the app store for your device for updates.

error code 10015 pokemon home

Method 5. Contact Pokemon Support

If none of the above steps work to fix Error Code 10015, you should contact Pokemon Support for help. Their dedicated team can give you special advice and help you figure out if the mistake is caused by something deeper.


Error Code 10015 in Pokemon Home can be annoying, but it’s not hard to fix. By checking your internet link, staying up to date on server status, changing security settings, making sure your app is up to date, and getting help when you need it, you will be able to fix this problem quickly and get back to your quest to become a Pokemon Master. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Error Code 10015 only found on certain devices or software?

Error Code 10015 can happen on a number of devices and systems, including but not limited to the Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and web computers. It can be used on more than one gadget.

What should I do if I can’t use Pokemon Home?

If you think the Pokemon Home services are having problems, you should be patient and wait until they are back online. Keep an eye on public comments to find out what’s going on with the server.

Can Error Code 10015 be fixed with a VPN?

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can sometimes help when there are problems with connection in a certain area, but it is not a sure thing and may make things harder.

Will Pokemon Home work again if I restart it?

You can restart the Pokemon Home app, but that should be the last thing you try. Since restarting could mean losing info, it’s best to try other solutions first.

How long does it take most servers to be fixed?

Fixing a server can take different amounts of time, but it usually doesn’t take more than a few hours. You won’t be able to use Pokemon Home while it’s being fixed.

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