How to Fix Error Code 41 on Disney Plus?


When you try to watch a movie or TV show on Disney Plus and get the error code 41, it’s usually because the movie or show isn’t on the servers. Find problems with the network, corrupted files, or broken servers to fix this issue.

This error code can also appear if a user went to the platform through an old link or ran an older version of the Disney Plus app. But it’s also possible that your network connection isn’t stable or that the servers are getting a lot of requests at the moment and can’t handle them all.

When you think about how many angles you need to look at, you can get an idea of how long this kind of problem-solving can take. We’re glad to be here to help you out and make your life easier. In this guide, we’ve listed the best things you can do to fix the Disney Plus error code 41 so you can get back to watching your favorite shows as soon as possible.

What is Error Code 41 for Disney Plus?

The Disney Plus support team says that digital rights problems are often the cause of error code 41. It looks like the service doesn’t have the rights to stream the content when you try to get to it. The error message says, “We’re sorry, but we can’t play the video you asked for.” Please try again. “But error code 41 can also show up when there are problems with the server or the local network. And, for some reason, it seems to be a bigger problem for people who use Disney Plus on Fire TV devices.

Causes of the Disney Plus Error 41

As it turns out, this error code could have been caused by a few different things. Here is a short list of possible causes for this error message:

Broken Cached Data

Most of the time, this problem is caused by corrupted data that is currently being stored on the device in question. To fix this, turn off the device you are using to stream Disney+ content and then turn it back on.

Routers Cause TCP/IP Inconsistency

As it turns out, this problem could also be caused by a TCP/IP problem that makes it hard to stream. Most of the time, you can fix this problem by either restarting your network or putting your router back to its original settings.

The code for Disney Plus’s rights management is 41. That means it is supposed to show up when a subscriber tries to watch content that isn’t on Disney’s servers or that Disney no longer has the rights to stream. Error code 41 will appear if a show or movie is taken off the service because of licensing problems, either permanently or temporarily.

Error code 41 can be used for what it was made for, but it can also show up when other problems make the web player or app say that the content you want to stream isn’t available. This can happen if the server is too busy, if the connection is bad, or if the Disney Plus servers are having trouble.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 41?

While watching your favorite shows, it is quite frustrating when Error Code 41 appears. Try these steps to fix Error Code 41 so you can watch your Disney+ shows again.

Method 1: Reboot or Reset Your Router

The most common reason for this problem is that your device can’t talk to the Disney+ server because of a network problem most likely TCP or IP-related. If you think this is the case and the problem is really with your router, there are probably two ways to fix it:

  • Turning off your router
  • Putting your router back together

If you didn’t do this last time, turn off your router by pressing the power button once on the back. Then, let the power capacitors drain for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on. While you wait, you should also pull the power cable out of the outlet to make sure that the power-cycling process works.

If the problem is with your computer or a laptop/notebook, you can try using Restoro Repair, which can scan the repositories and replace broken or missing files. Most of the time, this works when the problem is caused by a broken system.

Try streaming from Disney+ again after restarting your router to see if the problem is fixed. Follow the steps to reset your router if the same problem keeps happening. But before you do this, you should know that it will reset any custom settings you’ve made in the past, like saved PPPoE credentials, forwarded ports, devices on a blacklist, etc.

If you know what will happen if you reset your router, you can start by pressing and holding the Reset button on the back of your router with a sharp tool like a toothpick or small screwdriver. Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds, or until all the front LEDs start flashing at the same time. Next, re-establish the Internet connection by entering the PPPoE credentials again, if necessary, and check to see if the “error code 41” with Disney+ is gone.

Method 2: Check Disney Plus’s Servers

Most error codes for Disney Plus mean that something is wrong with the servers. In this case, you need to find out if the problem is on your end or on Disney Plus’s end. This will save you time because if the problem is with Disney Plus, you won’t have to try to fix your device. You can use third-party sites to find out how Disney Plus’s servers are doing right now and what problems they have had in the last 24 hours. Since you can’t fix server problems yourself, we suggest that you just wait until Disney fixes the problem. On the other hand, if you need to use the platform right away, you can still try the other steps below and hope that one of them works.

Method 3: Reduce the Playback Quality 

Your internet might be slow, which makes it hard for your device to load the show on Disney Plus. In this case, you can try to make your network less busy by lowering the app’s playback quality. Follow the steps below to change how well Disney Plus plays videos:

  • First, open the Disney Plus app on your device and go to your Profile.
  • Then, tap the button that looks like a gear.
  • Now, tap Wi-Fi Data Usage and choose Save Data. Then, repeat the same steps for Cellular Data Usage.
  • Last, go to Downloads and change the Video Quality to either Standard or Medium.

After changing the stream quality, try playing another title to see if the Disney Plus error code 41 still happens.

Method 4: Check Your Internet and Reset It

Problems with the network connection could also cause the error code 41 on Disney Plus. Run a speed test on your network with to see how fast it can upload and download to see if this is true.

If the result says that your network is unstable, you’ll need to restart your router to get back in touch with your ISP’s servers. Find the power cord for your router and pull it out for 5–10 seconds. Plug the power cable back into the router to turn it back on.

After restarting your router, try again to see if your connection is now working at the right speeds. If your internet keeps being slow, call your service provider and ask them to fix the problem. On the other hand, you might want to think about upgrading if your current plan doesn’t meet Disney Plus’s minimum speed requirement of 5 Mbps.

Method 5: Reboot Your Streaming Device

Restart your device or turn it on again. If you want to watch Disney Plus through the web player, you should restart your computer. If you’re using your phone, turn it off and then back on again. If you are using a TV streaming device, you might be able to restart it through a menu option, but some of these devices need to be unplugged to restart.

Method 6: Delete the Disney+ App and Reinstall It

Take off and put back on the Disney+ app. Try deleting the Disney+ app if you want to stream on your phone or a device that lets you stream on your TV. Then you can get it back on your computer by downloading it again. This will get rid of any possibly corrupted data and make you sign back into the app, which could fix error code 41.

Method 7: Start Over the Video 

By reloading the video, you can find out if the Disney Plus app or website wasn’t able to play the video because of a temporary problem. Check to see if the problem is still happening by reloading the page or video.

Method 8: Using an Appropriate Device

Not all devices can use Disney Plus, so you should check to see if yours is one of them. You can go to the help center to find out if your device works with Disney Plus. If your device doesn’t work with Disney Plus, you can watch the movie or show in your browser or switch to a device that does.


Disney Plus error code occurs due to management rights issues. It shows up when a subscriber tries to watch a show or movie that isn’t on the Disney Plus servers or that Disney no longer has the rights to show on their platform. Error code 41 Disney Plus can also happen if your internet connection is slow or if the servers for Disney Plus are full or not working.

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