How to Screenshot on Samsung With Most Effective Way

Oh! So, you are a Samsung user.  and you want to know how to take a screenshot on Samsung.  frankly saying capturing something in your gallery is really a smart move to do so.  which means capturing are saving something it’s really a good move

 We research a lot of things daily. But has easy it is to search on Google, Bing, or any other platform.  it is easier to forget that.  that’s why the screenshots are made so that you could easily learn to remember by checking them.  also, they work as proof.  if you want to collect any photo any chat screenshots anything you can just take a screenshot and save it into your gallery.  also you can take a backup of them.  along with saving them in your Google Drive.  it is very easy to do so there are so many ways to do so.  in this article I am going to discuss how to screenshot on Samsung you can follow the way you feel comfortable with. 

How to Screenshot on Samsung

 Capturing a screenshot is the easiest task.  but it varies in different phones such as if you are using a Galaxy phone then there are some of the features which you cannot enable that phone which I have already told you which way is not helpful in the terms of the screenshot in Galaxy phones.  without wasting any time let’s get started. In this article, I have shared different ways such as

  • Using button combinations
  •  Use palm side
  •  Use scroll capture
  •  Your voice 
  •  Using S Pen

Capturing screenshot is one thing but you have to know where you are going to save them.  from where you can check your screenshots this is also discussed in the last paragraph how to  check saved screenshots just go and check it out. 

How to Screenshot on Samsung

Use Button Combinations

 In this step, you will need volume and power keys, especially the volume down key. no matter the phone you have, you can apply this on any Samsung phone. 

 usually, the volume keys are on the left side and the power button is on the right side of the phone. however, it completed depends upon your phone in some way on it located reverse and in some phones Both located on the right side. 

 To take a screenshot you have to press both the keys that is volume or power key together. and you will see a flashlight on your phone which means your screenshot has been captured in your phone

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Use Palm Side: 

Another way to take a screenshot is used inside if you are confused about using button combinations or you are tired of using this then you can go with the other options such as palm side but, this function may not be available on all Galaxy phones so if you are a Galaxy user you have to check it out if this is working in your phone or not

  •  Go to the settings search for and select Palm swipe to capture. 
  •   Then, select the Switch next “ Palm swipe to capture” 
  •  Now, you can capture a screenshot using your palm. in some mobiles you can get your screenshot by using your three fingers. 

 Use Scroll Capture: 

Do you know you can capture a webpage? yes yes, you can do that I am not kidding at all. Capturing one screenshot may take so long to capture the whole web page. But using this technique will give you good access to capture the screenshot. 

By using this method you take multiple screenshots of one page. And then, combine them all into one big screenshot which will convert into one whole picture. 

  •  To use this method you have to press the power key and volume down key simultaneously.
  •  When the screen capture menu appears it looks like and downward arrow and it will bounce up and down
  •  You just have to tap on the icon a second time to begin the scroll capture process
  • Now just tap on the I can’t tell you to want to capture. The screenshots or you reach the bottom of the page or your desired Hote
  •  Scroll capture options displayed on a Galaxy phone 
  •  You can add Tags to the screenshot  by tapping the hashtag icon Smart menu. 
  •  Some of the hashtags will be suggested to you,  but  you can create your own
  •  Don’t forget to type save

When you are done simply tap outside of the smart capture many. to view the captured, tap the screen

Note: In some form smart capture is already enabled.  and in some cases the icon will appear unless you are on a large web page app screen or image that  requires  scrolling. 

Use Your Voice: 

 if you have Google Assistant or Bixby on your device.  you can simply take a screenshot by giving the  voice commands  such as: “ Hey, Bixby take  a screenshot” and Bixby will capture the screen for you

 the save screenshot you can check in your gallery

 also you can share your screenshot just by giving a voice command

“ hey Bixby capture a screenshot and share it on my …” 

Using S Pen:

If you love to do work with S Pen you feel comfortable while working enjoying,  then why not to take a screenshot with it.  yes you know you can take screenshot using S pen as it is very easy to do so. 

  • Do you know S Pen’s write Feature can easily snap a quick screenshot of whatever you doing on phone. 
  •  you simply need to do is Remove your pen from your phone and navigate the screen you would like to capture.
  •  Here,  you have to tap the air command menu icon and then tap the screen right
  •  Your phone will automatically take a screenshot of the page you are on
  •  Use the controls to write a draw on the screenshot if you would like
  • When you are done, tap the save icon and the screenshot will be saved in the gallery. 

Where Are My Screenshots Saved? 

No, matter the type of phone you are using. You can get your screenshots saved in the gallery. Or you can check them by scrolling down your page, where you get notified when screenshot is captured. 


Here, you go now, you can capture screenshot using any of these ways. You are comfortable to. 

I Hope, this article is helpful for you, if you want to share something related. Feel free to reach us in the comment section. 

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