How To Set Up Android Pay On Your Smartwatch

With the launch of Android Wear 2.0, the long-talked-of Android Pay feature finally debuted on wearables. Being one of the most awaited features, we wanted to highlight everything that you need to know to set up Android Pay on your smartwatch.

Before getting started, you must know a few facts to find out if your watch is compatible.

Firstly, to use Android Pay on your smartwatch, you must ensure it is NFC-enabled. Only smartwatches with an NFC chip are able to run Android Pay. Currently, not all such wearables come with an NFC chip.

Here are some NFC-enabled smartwatches currently on the market:

  • LG Watch Sport
  • Samsung Gear S3
  • Jawbone UP4 Fitness Tracker
  • Microsoft Band 2
  • Apple Watch (still awaiting Android Pay compatibility for iOS)

Interestingly, Samsung already introduced Samsung Pay on its Gear S3 watch.

Now that Google has finally included Android Pay with Android Wear 2.0, we can expect more manufacturers to consider smartwatches with NFC.

How To Set Up Android Pay On Smartwatch

If your smartwatch is NFC-enabled, here are the steps that you must go through for setting up Android Pay.

Firstly, you have to make sure that your phone is connected to your smartwatch via Bluetooth. Secondly, install the Android Pay app on your smartphone. Once you successfully set it up, making payments via your smartwatch should be a cake walk.

Next steps:

  • Open Android Pay app on your phone (make sure your phone is connected to the smartwatch via Bluetooth)
  • Enter your card details in the Android Pay app and verify them on phone
  • Now, open the Android Pay app on your smartwatch
  • Tap on “Add card” and choose one card from the list that you will use to make payments

While choosing the card, you have to swipe on your smartwatch to see all the cards that are in Android Pay. Also, you can select one card as your default card by tapping on the blue checkmark displayed at the bottom of the card page on your smartwatch. Similarly, you can delete the card from the Android Pay app on your smartwatch by double swiping up the card icon.

By following the instructions above, you will have successfully set up Android Pay to be used on your smartwatch.

How To Make Payments At A Terminal Using your Smartwatch

NFC Android Pay

It is very easy to make payments with the Android Pay app on your smartwatch. You just need to follow this simple process:

  • Launch the Android Pay app on your smartwatch
  • Choose the card you want to pay with
  • Now, touch the top edge of your smartwatch to the credit card terminal

The payment is successful as soon as you feel the vibration on your smartwatch, and also when there is a beep sound from the terminal.

Security for Android Pay

To ensure the security of your credit and debit cards, Google requires you to have a lock on your smartphone and smartwatch. This can be a pattern, PIN, or password you enter. You won’t be prompted on your smartwatch to unlock every time you use Android Pay, unless you’ve taken off your watch since last paying for something.

Android Pay on Apple Watch

For now, Android Pay is limited to Android Wear 2.0, but Google is rumored to extend this functionality to iOS as well. It means that Apple Watch owners could soon be able to make payments through their watch using Android Pay. Stay tuned with us for more information about Android Pay on wearables.

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