How to Unmatch on Tinder Using Android or iOS Device Within Minutes With Reason

“WHAT! Tinder, you just said?” To reject someone, swipe left, and to match with them, swipe right. It’s excellent for casual browsing, but it may also lead to some embarrassing situations if you make a mistake. Tinder, thankfully, allows you to unmatch from anyone you’ve matched with. All you have to do now is start a conversation with them.

How to Unmatch on Tinder

As a result, when it comes to Tinder, everyone has their viewpoint. If you’re a newcomer to Tinder and want to understand how to unmatch and learn more about how the app works, don’t worry. Here’s a step-by-step guide, as well as some other useful information, on how to unmatch on Tinder 

unmatch on tinder

On An Android Device, Tinder Is Unmatchable

If you have an Android device, you must perform the following steps:

  1. You need to have an open conversation with the person, you decided to unmatch with.
  2. You now need to touch the ellipse button in the top-right corner 
  3. Unmatch should be selected.
  4. You need to select any of the options you have to unmatch the person. Choose a reason.
  5. To confirm that you don’t want to view that profile again, tap Unmatch one again.

iOS Device Steps to Mismatch on Tinder.

The instructions are nearly the same if you’re using Tinder on an iPhone, with one minor exception:

  1. Unmatch the individual you want to unmatch by going to their profile and clicking the Unmatch button.
  2. You now need to touch the flag icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Unmatch should be selected.
  4. You may also specify why you wish to unmatch with the individual in this section.
  5. To confirm, tap Unmatch one again.

unmatch on tinder

Unmatch On Tinder Desktop App: 

If you’re using Tinder on a PC or Mac desktop computer or laptop, unmatching is simple:

  1. You now need to tap or click on the profile of the person you need to unmatch
  2. “Unmatch” may be found in the bottom-left corner of her or his profile photograph.
  3. When you click it, you’ll be able to choose a reason for the Unmatch.
  4. To confirm the unmatch, click Unmatch once again.

Unmatching on Tinder: What Causes It?

You can pick a reason why you wish to unmatch with the Tinder profile, as you can see on all devices when you unmatch:

  1. There’s no cause. (This option is pre-selected)
  2. Inappropriate messages
  3. Photos that are not acceptable
  4. Online misbehaviour
  5. It appears to be spam.
  6. Other

You can also specify that you wish to unmatch because you felt uncomfortable, or just pick “Other” or “No reason” if you don’t want to. If the profile’s objectionable conduct is the major cause for the unmatched, you may also report him or her here.

unmatch on tinder

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On Tinder, Deleting All of Your Matches

Is it possible to remove all of your matches at the same time? So, why precisely do you want to delete all of your matches? You should erase your Tinder account if you want to get rid of Tinder without leaving a trace. In this circumstance, all of your messages and matches will be deleted, not just from your profile but also from the profiles of your matches, so you won’t have to worry about leaving any evidence of your Tinder usage.

If you want to remain using Tinder but only want to get rid of your matches, there is no way to remove them all at once. You must go through your matches one by one and manually unmatch them.

What Can I Do if I Accidentally Unmatch Someone?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to restore a match that you intentionally erased. The only feasible choices are to delete your Tinder account and do a Tinder reset. In this case, all of your prior matches, as well as any talks you had with them, will be erased, and you’ll have to start over.

On Tinder, there’s a difference between unmatching and reporting someone.

  1. You can declare whether you want to unmatch someone on Tinder due to their disrespectful conduct while you’re unmatching them. 
  2. If someone’s profile is frequently mismatched as a result of sending indecent photographs or doing something else that violates Tinder’s Terms of Service, his profile will be evaluated and, more than likely, removed.
  3. You may, however, report someone, which sends Tinder a stronger indication that his profile needs to be evaluated. 
  4. If you report someone, his profile will be mismatched almost quickly after you do so.
  5. We’ve written a separate post about how to report someone on Tinder for improper behaviour.

unmatch on tinder

If I Unmatch Someone, Will My Messages Be Deleted?

Yes, if you unmatch someone, all of your communications will be erased from your profile as well as his or her.

On my Tinder match list, a profile vanished. Is this a sign that she isn’t a good match for me?

Perhaps, but not always. For a variety of reasons, including the profile being blocked or deleted, one of your Tinder matches may have gone from your Tinder match list.

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