5 Most Effective Ways to Make Your Essay Time Efficient

We always think we have time, and suddenly the submission is just three days away, and we do not even know what we are going to write about.

Essays are not a matter of copy and paste, especially if they have some weightage over your final marks because the teacher will be scrutinizing it. So, even if you have three days, you cannot be given skimpy work.

Writing a good essay, and also being judicious about time will take a lot of focus. That means you need to keep every distraction out of sight, and out of mind. If there is one thing which can stop you from your full potential, it is procrastination.

Here are some of the effective ways which can help you!

Effective Ways To Write Essay Quickly

First of all, you have to stop panicking and get to work. Writing a good essay is not about whether you have a month with you, it is about understanding the assignment, and giving your best.

The utmost determination you can hone, because everything else can wait..

1. Plan The Time You Have

No matter the time you have, planning is important. This is to ensure you do not waste your time on any task for too long. This planning will include an intensive routine where you schedule almost every minute of each hour, including scheduled breaks.

This will be a little difficult to maintain if you do not have the habit of such planning. However, if you get excessively exhausted, take a break and walk around. Do not work with overexhaustion as this will not lead you to your best work.

This scheduling will include assigning strict time for each task, and filtering your work. So that you are doing nothing extra.

2. Get Your Research Done

If you are still at a stage where you do not know what you are doing, then this is the golden opportunity to sit and get your research done. If you have three days left, use an entire day to research and outline your work.

Researching and writing at the same time is a difficulty. Plus, it is excessively time consuming. On the other hand, if you are a little obsessed with the internet, this constant browsing, and writing can eventually distract you from the actual task.

You can keep browsing, or open your social media in the meanwhile, and before you know you are distracted from your task. So, research beforehand about get all your facts, and statistics on a different document.

So that when you write, that is your only source of reference. We would even ask you to switch off your wifi to get maximum concentration.

3. Focus On Facts

Putting a creative spin on everything is fine, but sometimes unknown facts or bizarre facts can also bring out the interest of a reader. So, stray away from too many jargons or statistical analysis as they can make your writing a bit boring.

Rather focus on something which will intrigue the reader, and lure them to read more. For example, if you are writing about ancient Egyptians, stay a little away from the historical textbooks and write about something more personal.

Like how their sanitation system looked like, how healers worked in ancient Egypt, or what was the ‘fashion trend’ then. All the other papers will dwell on dates, wars and building of the pyramid. Why not give a fact which your teacher might not have read before.

If it is a last minute work, it shouldn’t look like that. Give them something interesting to divert their mind.

4. Outline The Work

Once your research is done, it is time to outline the entire essay. Here is how you are going to prepare a good skeleton for your work, so that you do not have to worry about it later.

– First, get all the main headings done. You will be progressing with your work by finishing each heading one by one.

– Second, add the subheadings within the headings. So that you know which topic to cover for each heading.

– If you need subheadings with the subgenres then add them as well.

– Any notable story or case study for any of the topics.

– Important facts and quotations which are a priority to add.

– If any of your paper needs graphs or charts, then leave a page for that. So that you know where to come back.

In this way, you just have to fill the outline with the research you have already carried out.

5. Do Give Time To Revise

Yes, once you are done with the writing part of it, it is surely a sigh of relief. But, do not submit your work right away. There are some nips, and tucks which are yet to be done. No matter how precise your writing is, it is still a draft.

You have to start editing. Do not panic, if you have a set pattern it wouldn’t take much time.

– Take a break of an hour, and then come back to your writing. This will give your writing enough time to marinate and settle in the back of your head.

– Begin with reading the whole thing out loud once. Do not make any corrections at this stage.

– Then the second time, you start making changes to your liking.

– Once the writing part is over, start proofreading with the punctuations first.

– Then finally move to a final spelling check.

– If you know the kind of mistakes you do, then make a note of them and check them separately.

Sometimes you can be bombarded with too many papers, and while you concentrate on one, your thoughts wonder about the other one which is still pending. So, why not take some help and give that pending paper to the experts of custom paper writing to finish.

Start Now!

Now that you know the tips, and tricks of writing a good essay and also being efficient at it. It is time to close this article and get to work.

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