Oneplus 7t pro Start Receiving Android 12 Update: What is New

Oneplus 7t pro android 12 update. OxygenOS 12 Open Betas for OnePlus’s 2019-era flagships have recently been released. Those who own a OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T, or OnePlus 7T Pro can now get their hands on OnePlus’s (much-maligned) Android 12 upgrade and all the additional features it provides. In addition, the mid-range OnePlus Nord CE is getting its first open beta of Android 12.

oneplus 7t pro android 12 update

Last but not least, there is this:

All five of OnePlus’ models are only available in India at this time, and the company warns that using the India version in other worldwide markets could cause problems and isn’t suggested further down in comments. Wait for global-compatible versions, which are expected in the near future

First public release of Android 12 for OnePlus devices includes the OnePlus 7T, 7T Pro, 7, and 7 Pro

For your trouble, you’ll get an early look at numerous OxygenOS 12 and Android 12 features, including an adjustable dark mode, a redesigned shelf, Canvas AOD decorations, and many key Android 12 features, such as a privacy dashboard, recents menu improvements, and more. Even still, OxygenOS 12 continues to be a divisive update due to its resemblance to Oppo’s ColorOS, which my coworker Karandeep Singh labelled “ColorOS in all but name” during a previous hands-on.


When it comes to the Android 12 upgrade for these phones, the source code for the kernel is likely to be unavailable for a long time—and it’s likely to be flawed and lacking in specifics. In light of the upcoming update issue, you may be limited in your ability to run Android 12-based ROMs on the phones.

Open Beta 1 of OxygenOS 12 offers Android 12 to the OnePlus 7 and 7T models:


  • Smart Battery Engine, a new feature that uses intelligent algorithms and biomimetic self-restoration technology to extend the life of your battery.
  • App icons are reworked utilising new materials to give them more depth and texture.
  • Reduces visual clutter and improves the presentation of text and colour to highlight important information.
  • Uses a design inspired by brand-new materials and layers of light to create enhanced textures for desktop icons.
  • Added a rule to prevent MMS communications to the spam blocker’s optimised spam block rules.


  • In the latest update, HyperBoost has been incorporated as an end-to-end stabiliser for frame rate stability.
  • You may now record and preview your voice effect in real time with the newly integrated Voice effect preview feature.
  • The setting is set to “dark.”
  • Allowing for a more tailored and pleasant experience, dark mode now has three configurable levels.

oneplus 7t pro android 12 update


  • Cars can now be given a variety of new design options that make their material easier to comprehend.
  • Access to OnePlus Scout has been introduced to Shelf, allowing you to search for multiple items on your phone, such as Apps and Settings.

There must be a good work-life balance.

  • You may switch between work and life mode in a matter of seconds using the new Work Life Balance tool, which is now available to all users.
  • Work/Life Balance 2.0 now offers automatic mode switching depending on specified places, Wi-Fi networks and times. It also brings personalised notification profiles for Apps based on individualization.


Using a two-finger pinch gesture, you can now change the gallery’s layout, selecting only the highest-quality images and trimming the thumbnails to better match the text.

The Canvas AOD

  • Canvas AOD features a variety of new line and colour options, allowing you to create a lock screen that is truly unique to you.
  • Multiple brushes and strokes, as well as colour modification, have been included.
  • Improved face-recognition technology and software algorithms for recognising different people’s characteristics and skin tones.


  • Optimized function categorization by separating them into visual, hearing and interactive actions.
  • Photos, Phone, Mail, and Calendar can all be used with TalkBack, as well as many other system apps.
  • Also included in this new version are the June 2022 security updates for Android. For the OnePlus 7 series, the initial Open Beta build is H.20, whereas for the OnePlus 7T family, it is F.12. Neither machine runs anything but OxygenOS 12.1.

According to OnePlus, this is an early version of the software that will be used to gather feedback before it is pushed to the stable channels. If you’re planning to use beta software on a regular basis, you should generally avoid doing so. However, you must first create a backup of your data.

oneplus 7t pro android 12 update

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Q1: Is Android 12 coming to the OnePlus 7T?

According to OnePlus, the upcoming Android 12 update will be available for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T.

Q2: Is the OnePlus 7T pro still relevant?

The internal specifications of the gadget, as well as the camera hardware and display standards. Have been out-of-date for the past two generations. There is still a much to like about the Snapdragon 855+. But the newer CPUs are faster and more power efficient.

Q3: Will Android 12 be available on which OnePlus devices?

A future update will bring 5G support to more OnePlus models (including the 8, 9, 9R 5G, 8 Pro, 8, and 8T), as well as the 7Pro and 7 models (as well as the Nord 2 and 1 5G and CE 5G).

Q4: How long before the OnePlus 7T is updated?

OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7, OnePlus Nord CE, and OnePlus Nord. Are now on the list of smartphones eligible for only two OS updates and three years of security updates.

Q5: Is Android 12 coming to the OnePlus 7 Pro?

According to OnePlus, all of these devices are expected to receive an Android 12 update at some point in the future. The Nexus 6P, Nexus 6P Plus, Nexus 6P Pro, and the Nord CE 5G.

Q6: When OnePlus 7T Pro is expected to be released?

Since the OnePlus 7T contains all of the features that a flagship smartphone should have, it’s definitely worth purchasing in 2020. Don’t even think about another phone if your budget is 35k; go with the onePlus 7T.

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