Sheba: A New Dawn Review: Gameplay and Origins!


Sheba: A New Dawn is a 2D metroidvania game with an Arabian theme. It was developed by Kashkool Games, which is located in Arabia appropriately. Does this novel have what it takes to become an epic journey through a fascinating and intriguing realm full of unforgettable characters and exciting action, or will it perish with the sands of time, like the 1001 Arabian Nights?

Playing as Enar, a simple shepherd whose village is destroyed by an evil Jinn and who must share his body with an escaping Jinn named Mirah, you will embark on an adventure across the kingdom of Sheba in a world full of Jinns who could be your greatest ally or worst enemy.

Now that he is traveling in search of a way to extricate Mirah from his body, maybe he may discover his true fate along the way. To be honest, it’s hardly the greatest story I’ve ever seen. Some narrative themes are clear, like how Enar and Mirah will eventually get along, but learning about the background was tiresome for me, especially after watching a ten-minute exposition dump.

Although the scenery is really cool, the story is told in such a boring way that it makes you lose interest. It doesn’t help that I didn’t think any of the personas were particularly endearing. Despite my distaste for the story, the artwork and graphics are excellent.

Sheba: A New Dawn Review

The environments in the cutscenes are beautiful and detailed, resembling a painting. Both the character and opponent models work. Elnar lost his cel-shading, which makes his 3D model in the character menu a little unattractive, but aside from that, it looks great, and his attack animations are all smooth and fast. As evidenced by her various cutscenes, Mirah does indeed appear more ethereal.

Gameplay Of Sheba: A New Dawn

There are over 67 distinct kinds of jinn, monsters, and bosses in the game. Combat is combo-based and offers a range of fighting styles. There are also numerous riddles and power-ups to be discovered. This Metroidvania game is vintage. The game’s realistic Arabic environment and storytelling approach promise to immerse players in a mythological and historical realm.

The game’s narrative revolves around Enar, a timid shepherd, and Mirah, an escaped jinn prisoner who upends his life and initiates a chain of events. To restore the situation and help Mirah realize his true destiny, they will have to traverse interwoven realms, face mythological creatures, and unravel long-standing mysteries.

Sheba: A New Dawn Review

The team’s design calls for the game’s tightly packed stages to encourage exploration and keep the player moving. The combo-based fighting system’s 45 unique skills and elemental finishers make every encounter feel like an action fight. The fighting style modification mechanism in combat, which includes RPG features and level-ups, is semi-tactical. There are many puzzles to complete, rewards to be gathered, and opportunities to obtain power-ups and skills.

Origins Of Sheba: A New Dawn

The shift of Kashkool Games from passionate gamers to successful independent content producers underscores the potential of the gaming industry in the Middle East. As kids, the Almansoori boys were obsessed with playing video games on the family PC.

They decided to start their own company after creating their own games to compete with one another. They had to begin, though, by learning everything they could about running a studio and generating video games, which was challenging in a nation where neither a curriculum nor a business license category existed for the creation of video games.

Sheba: A New Dawn Review

When they grew older, their father told them to either quit gaming or take it more seriously. They set out to study anything they could on their own, including programming, design, managing a business, and game development, as there was no accessible curriculum for game production.

We thus decided to focus on developing unique role-playing games that incorporate multiple genres, with a particular emphasis on the rich mythology, history, and culture of the Middle East. “It’s time for this region to contribute to the gaming industry and show off its history to the global community,” they asserted.

We also want to show, through our games, what a game may be like from the perspective of a player from the Middle East. Given this, we decided that the first game should represent the Middle Eastern Sheba civilization, which peaked at approximately 1000 BC.

A civilization that dominated the Solomonic Dynasty. Based on both history and faith, they hold that King Solomon was the greatest king in human history. He ruled over both humans and animals, including jinn. So they tell the player in their fanciful story that jinn are human-like creatures made of burning fire. They are not ghosts; they are still here.

Despite challenges including a lack of formal education in game production and a lackluster business environment in the region, the Almansoori brothers’ steadfast vision and determination have allowed them to release a game on a global scale. They see the game as proof that video games can foster empathy, break down boundaries between cultures, and honor the diversity of narratives found in our society.


Sheba: A New Dawn is a decent game, but a few really irritating decisions make it unfun. Its primary shortcomings include a lack of understanding of how to progress, covertly or otherwise, and a few design decisions that don’t make sense to me. While the game itself can be entertaining, it is best enjoyed with a guide or assistant close by, which makes it unsuitable for a seven-hour session. If you do like it, there will be more to come if you wait until October 2025 for the complete experience. However, there are plans for more updates.

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