The Power Of Customer Reviews And Why They’re The New Content Marketing Standard


Customer reviews and content marketing have already been treated as two very different things (which they are). One refers to what customers have to say about a business after having worked with them, while the other is focused on creating educational and persuasive content to help convert customers in the first place.

Today, we’re going to talk about the immense power of customer reviews and why they are fast becoming the new content marketing standard. Not convinced? Read on and we’ll elaborate further.

Talking a big game doesn’t work with the modern consumer

One of the biggest issues that many business owners face today is trying to get new leads. Lead generation is expensive and incredibly difficult – even if your content marketing game is exceptional.

This largely comes down to the fact that the modern consumer no longer falls for businesses who talk a big game. At least, not without any proof.

The fact is, we’ve been hounded and harassed by businesses for years and years, each one claiming to be the very best in the business. It is tired and redundant and it carries very little weight.

Which is where customer reviews (or social proof) comes in…

The modern consumer is far more interested in what other people have to say about a business, rather than what a business has to say about itself.

This is why it is so important that you nurture your customers well and encourage them to leave their feedback. The more positive 5* reviews you receive, the far more likely people will be to put their faith in you and invest their money.

You can combine customer reviews with your content creation

Today there’s a growing demand for being able to easily integrate your customer reviews into your content. For example, taking video content (which is one of the most engaging forms of content marketing) and then combining it with social proof by implementing your customer reviews. When your audience engages with quality content that also demonstrates what other, real-life people have to say, it can be far more persuasive.

Case studies work well

Case studies are a form of evergreen content that can be used as social proof as well. Many businesses still fail to recognise the value of creating and sharing case studies, but we believe it is a powerful lead generation tool.

Take this agency who specialises in SEO in Abu Dhabi as an example; they have over 300+ real-life case studies on their website. Rather than try to convince their website visitors of how amazing they are, they simply direct them to the wealth of social proof and detailed content that shows all of the world-class results they have achieved for their recognised clients in the past.

Simple but highly effective (and underrated).

Conclusion: Let them talk!

The best thing that you can do as a business owner right now is start obsessing over customer reviews. How can you improve your products and/or customer service? What changes can you make to ensure that as many people as possible feel compelled to talk about how awesome you are?

The more you invest in your customers, the more likely they will be to respond positively. In the same breath, you should make it easy for your customers to leave feedback (e.g., a QR code link to Tripadvisor on food menus, etc.). Create the path of least resistance and people will be more inclined to help.

Collect positive reviews like Pokémon cards and be sure to respond to all feedback professionally and constructively (whether the feedback is negative or otherwise).


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