The error Status_Access_Violation is an error when an unspecified program code registers for memory without any approval or unauthorized way. But not to worry, it’s not a critical error; you can tackle this problem as there are several solutions that you can apply.

When Status_Access_Violation error occurs your browser shut down for some time due to mismanagement of code register program. However, the user requests to enable the same feature again which might cause a similar error again.

How Can I fix The Error Status_Access_Violation?

If you are facing Status_Access_Violation Error on your browser, then you can fix it using various methods such as restarting the browser, updating your web browser, changing the name of the executable file of the browser, Using a stable Version, Disable extensions on the browser, or use can switch to other browsers.

Restart Your Browser:

While using the browser Status_Access_Violation Error occurred, you can refresh your web page first. After that, if this error is not resolved, then close your web browser and start it again. It may help you to fix the error, as the error is not resolved after restarting the browser, then you can follow the next method to eliminate the error.

Update Or Download Web Browser:

Update your browser, and get all the latest features, follow the Steps given below:

On your computer, open your Browser(Chrome)

  • At the top right, click on the three-dot icon.
  • Click Help > About Google Chrome.
  • Click Update Google Chrome.

Note: If you can’t find this button, you’re on the latest version.

Click on Relaunch.

When the browser restarts, it reopens your opened tabs and windows automatically. Your Incognito windows cannot reopen when Chrome restarts. If you do not prefer to restart the browser right away, then click on Not Now

Download the browser: To fix the Error Status_Access_Violation that might be just because of a bug, you can download the latest chrome setup. The steps to download the latest chrome are given below

Download Google Chrome, double click on it to install the chrome setup, and wait for it to complete.

Afterward, Check the issue is solved, Otherwise follow next method.

Rename The Executable File:

You may fix the error Status_Access_Violation by renaming Chrome.exe. Here, the steps to rename the executable file are described below:

  • On the desktop, Right click on chrome or you can find it under the Start menu.
  • Select the command Open file location.
  • Find the chrome.exe file, and press right-click and rename its file name apart from chrome.
  • Relaunch the application.

Check whether the error is fixed or not. As it’s not fixed, try the next step.

Use The Stable Version Of Chrome:

The Unstable versions of chrome have bleeding edge features that often cause the error Status_Access_Violation, and these versions are also known as Canary Versions. To fix the error, you can switch your browser from an unstable to a stable version. There are a few steps to install the stable version of chrome if you are using the Canary Version.

  1. Press Windows + R, to open the run tab.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl, and then click OK
  3. Select Chrome in the Control Panel, and select Uninstall option to remove the unstable version.
  4. After that, download the latest version of chrome, and check error is fixed or not yet.

If you’re already using a stable version of Chrome, try the Beta, canary builds of chrome.

Disable Extensions:

Extensions can extremely manipulative as they invite many problems to your browser, especially if you have added a faulty Extension. This can also be one of the reasons you are getting a Status_Access_Violation on Chrome. As the error is caused by the mishandling of code in a program, and the program could be your bad extension.

The easiest way to handle the cause of the problem is to disable your all browser extensions. After that, if the error is sorted, then one of your extensions is faulty. Moreover, to figure out the faulty extension, you have to enable all the extensions one by one. To disable the extension, the steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, open your browser, Chrome, on your computer.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon for options which is located on the top right of the tab.
  3. Select more tools> select the tab Extensions where you can find all the extensions that you have installed.
  4. To disable all the extensions, toggle OFF the button

Check whether the error is solved or not and also see which extension caused the error Status_Access_Violation by enabling the extension one by one. If you found the Culprit one, then simply uninstall that extension.

Switch To Different Web Browsers:

If the Status_Access_Violation error is not fixed after applying all the above ways of troubleshooting, then you can switch to another browser because it may be an issue with a specific browser. The other browsers you can use are Chromium, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


The Status_Access_Violation  errors is result of unauthorized memory approval to unspecific program code registers which can be fixed  by using given solutions. However, you can use another browser to search that specific site.