How To Fix Spotify Logged Me Out?

Spotify is one of the largest streaming software, enjoyed by millions of people across the globe, that provides audio streaming and media services. In Spotify, users can search for music according to various factors such as genre, artist, album, language, and record label. Moreover, Spotify is used to listen to podcasts, and standup comedy acts as well. Besides, Users of Spotify can create, edit and share playlists, share tracks on social media platforms. The music streaming app Spotify provides access to over 70 million songs, 2.2 million podcasts, and up to 4 billion playlists.

The common problems users have faced these days in Spotify are automatic log out, and automatic Startup of Spotify on PC.


The reasons for Spotify account log out are; using an outdated application, multi-users of the same account, premium Subscription expired, Cache data, unauthorized region, Reset password, server glitch, etc.

How Can I Fix Spotify Logged Me Out?

The ways to fix the issue of Spotify logged out are discussed below

Install  Spotify Update

To fix the problem of Spotify Logging out, update your application instantly. To update Spotify App on Android Phones you Can follow the  given steps:
Open the Google Play Store and search for the App Spotify.
Then, Tap the Update button.
Note: If the Open button is shown instead of Update, it means you already have an updated version.
Once the Application is updated, log into your Spotify account and check if the issue persists.

How to update Spotify on an iPhone or iPad
Open the App Store, and then tap your Apple ID icon in the top-right corner.
Click on Update Button.

Check Linked Devices

If your Spotify account Logs out automatically, then follow the given instructions to check the number of users.
Click on the menu bar, then Click on Go (You need to hold the Alt key if Library is not displayed on your screen.)
Open Application Support > Spotify > Users. Here you’ll see the details of the devices you’ve logged in to.
Here, you can also log out of your Account from other devices to overcome the issue of  Spotify automatically Logging out.

Renew Premium Subscription

The other cause of Logged Out Spotify account is your premium membership expired. To check the subscription status follow the steps given below:

Select the Subscription option in the menu on the left.
Where you can Confirm your subscription status (Premium or Free), also can check who manages your subscription (Spotify, iTunes, your broadband provider, etc.), and cost of your subscription, and your next billing date.
If the premium subscription expired then you renew it or enjoy the application with its free version.

Clear Cache Data

To fix the Spotify logged-out issue, you can log in to your account again after clearing all the data of your Spotify App and cache. If there is any corruption of the Spotify app’s data, then it will be resolved.
It’s the simplest way to refresh and start with the Spotify app without uninstalling it.

Use Spotify In An Authorized Region

As Spotify App is blocked in 59 countries, in these countries this application Spotify logged out automatically. Therefore, you can use this streaming app all over the globe except in 59 countries without this reason of logging out account.

Log In After Reset Password

When you reset the password of your account, then you found your account has been logging out from all the linked devices. This is only because of security reasons. In this case, you can re-login to your account and enjoy the services.

Customer Support

Sometimes, users can face Spotify’s Logged out issue because of Server Glitches, then you can check the issue on Twitter, as you may find the hashtag Spotify or may find the information of issue by Tweet a direct message to @SpotifyCares.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can use one premium Spotify account?

If you are using the Family Plan of Spotify, then you and the other five members can use the same account and can enjoy the premium services of Spotify.On Spotify, people make playlists of their favorite songs according to their taste and then play them while they travel, exercise,  or as a leisure activity. It offers users the opportunity to listen to music from the biggest artists in the world free of cost, or at a monthly paid subscription on their premium service.

How can  I log out of all devices on my Spotify account?

Open the application of Spotify, then Click on three line icon Menu on the left side, then select linked devices. Here, you will find all the linked devices, simply click on sign out from everywhere. Your account has been logged out from all the linked devices.

How do I add another device to my Spotify family subscription?

Firstly, Go to your Spotify account page. Then, Scroll down to Manage your family accounts. Select the option “Add” to add the members.

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