Top Android Apps That Helps Improve Productivity

Applications to increase productivity are a must-have for those who find it difficult to focus when carrying out busy activities. Moreover, many things can interfere with activities, thereby reducing productivity.

Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have worked with the work from home (WFH) system. A system that works like this often makes workers lose focus, so an application is needed to help them increase their productivity.

What are the Apps to Increase Productivity for Android?

For someone who has myriad activities and tasks to complete, it is essential to maintain productivity. The goal is to meet all these activities or tasks with good performance.

Here are some notable apps to increase productivity:

1. Microsoft Word

In particular, Microsoft has prepared an application to create new word documents via smartphones and tablets. With this application, you can create new documents, edit documents, and share them with your boss or co-workers while doing other work.

In addition to word documents, you can also create excel or PowerPoint documents using Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook as a compliment.

2. VPN Services

When you are tasked with finding information on foreign websites, you can install a VPN on your Android phone. Aside from freeing you from geo-blocking, having a VPN can also make you more protected against severe cybersecurity risks.

You may try so many VPN services, including the Cyberghost VPN. If you want to try VPN for the first, better see what it’s capable of. Here are the top features of Cyberghost VPN, which might interest you. By having additional protection, you may work and connect to other points of interest worldwide without any obstacles.

3. Evernote

The following recommended application to increase productivity is Evernote. This application is in the form of digital notes that can make it easier for users to record and save files in photo format and links from a website.

In addition to increasing productivity, this application can also be used to create a to-do list of activities. The various features that Evernote offers are indeed beneficial for users to increase productivity at work.

4. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Receiving documents in PDF format has become a daily meal for office workers. But if a smartphone is not installed with a reader application, this common thing can be disastrous. Therefore, don’t forget to install this PDF reader application from Adobe.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is handy for storing various work-related files or personal thoughts. You can take advantage of its features and free storage space for multiple purposes and share it with colleagues. You no longer need a flash disk or external hard disk with this application.

6. Skype

Meetings in the modern era do not have to be attended in person. Many companies and startups use this technology to reach all members of their organizations. Skype is the most used tool; this application is easy, reliable, and accessible.

You can activate the video call feature to meet each other face to face or only by voice to ensure a stable connection. After all, what is essential is the idea you put out, not the expression.

7. Zoom

Many people use this as an alternative to Skype. It offers similar functions to Skype, but it’s lighter and more practical. Although there were some rumors and issues, Zoom is still one of the best apps designed for conferences.

8. Todoist

Todoist can be used as a list of tasks or activities that must be completed at a time. This application will remind users that there are a number of activities that must be done immediately.

Todoist is a productive application and an application that works teams can use to share files. This is strongly supported by the deadline monitoring feature, which will automatically remind the deadline for processing is near.

9. Noisli

For some people, to focus on doing work, they must be in a quiet place. However, few people also prefer a noisy atmosphere to maintain productivity while working.

If you have to work in an environment full of sounds, then using the Noisli application will be the best choice. This application provides a large selection of background sounds to keep you company.

10. Toggl

The following recommended application that can help you stay productive is Toggl. This application is perfect for those who often find it challenging to manage time to do various activities. There is a file storage feature that is useful.

Besides being able to store various files, Toggl can also send files to other users. Users can also access account files stored on Toggl from different internet-connected devices; interesting, isn’t it?


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