Withdraw Winnings at Online Casinos

If you have taken the plunge and finalized your registration at a non GamStop casino, the next step (after receiving your welcome bonus and starting to play) will be to withdraw your winnings. As soon as your balance is positive, you can theoretically request a withdrawal. But the bad surprises are numerous! The non GamStop casino you have chosen can sometimes considerably complicate your task. To avoid this type of nasty surprise, the best thing to do is to inform yourself well beforehand and to pay particular attention to the conditions of withdrawals, generally indicated in the “Terms and conditions” section, the link of which is found in very small letters at the bottom of the page of non GamStop casinos.

Here are deciphered and explained these legal requirements, as well as our advice for withdrawing your winnings as easily and quickly as possible.

Conditions for Withdrawing Winnings From the Non GamStop Casino

In addition to the time it takes to process your withdrawal request, you should also take into account the conditions imposed on you by the non GamStop casino. Many players forget to read them before making their first deposit. And, then, find themselves trapped when emptying their account.

The first thing to do before registering and making a deposit at an online casino is to ensure that it is fair. But also to read its general conditions, and in particular those concerning withdrawal requests. This will allow you to determine if they are to your advantage or not, with the possibility of exchanging with the support if you have questions. Furthermore, the faster and more precise they are in their response, the more your level of confidence should increase. It is also a good way to inform yourself and prepare the documents to be provided to validate your account and facilitate the withdrawal procedure. Online casinos without GamStop will indeed want to confirm your identity before sending you your winnings, so be proactive and prepare the following supporting documents:

  • Copy of your identity document (to validate your identity);
  • An invoice or rent receipt of less than three months (to validate your address);
  • A copy of your bank card (making sensitive data such as your credit card number and cryptogram illegible).

You can generally upload them directly to your personal account or send them by email to customer support.

Max/ Minimum Amounts of Withdrawals at the Non GamStop Casinos

Once your ID has been confirmed, you will also have to take into account the limits applied by non GamStop casinos when withdrawing your winnings. The first thing to know (before you even start playing) is the max amount, or “payout”, that you can withdraw. This will allow you to stop at the right time to demand your winnings. For VIP players, these ceilings will most often be revised upwards. In general, online casinos will also impose a minimum withdrawal of 10, see 20 or 30 euros (or dollars). If you choose to withdraw via Paypal, you will not have any limit. More about casino payment /withdrawal methods you can read on Gamblingpro.pro site.

Most platforms require their players to have played a certain number of games before they can access their winnings. Others impose a time limit, more or less important, before being able to withdraw them.

Withdraw Winnings From a Non GamStop Casino Bonus

We must not forget another problem that may arise at the fateful moment of the withdrawal of your winnings: bonuses. Indeed, many non GamStop casinos attract new players by paying into their account, after the initial deposit, a welcome bonus. It can be a fixed sum or a percentage of your deposit.

Pay attention to the requirements for bonuses (which is not always cashable), but it depends on the online casinos. The good news is that some do not impose any withdrawal restrictions on your bonus.

But most of the time, the conditions for withdrawing bonus winnings can be much stricter. And you will be required to place a minimum bet before withdrawing your winnings. However, it is sometimes between 8 and 40 times your initial deposit. So if you have deposited 10 euros, it will be between 80 and 300 euros. This is called wagering or playthrough. What considerably upset your withdrawal strategy.

Our Advice to Facilitate Your Withdrawals at Non GamStop Casinos

Now that you know a little more about the conditions for withdrawing from casinos without GamStop, you will have to be patient. Generally, your withdrawal will be blocked for one to two days, depending on the site. This allows, in theory, to reconsider your decision if you wish to continue playing. In practice, however, it takes longer, with delays from 48 hours to 5 days (depending on the withdrawal method you have chosen). Also, remember to make a first test withdrawal on a small amount and not your entire balance. This will save you from agonizing and checking that your casino is not too reluctant to pay you your winnings. Because in the event of a bad payer, your recourse is void. Indeed, non GamStop casinos are not recognized by the UK, which, in the event of a dispute, reduces your chances of recovering your winnings to nothing if you have come across a dubious casino.

When to Withdraw Winnings From a Non GamStop Casino?

To withdraw or not to withdraw, that is the question! You have certainly already asked yourself this if you are used to playing at a non GamStop casino. Indeed, cashing in one’s winnings is one of the main concerns of all online gamblers. But it is also a huge obstacle for many of them, who doubt the reliability of virtual casinos.

We sometimes receive complaints against some casinos – unfortunately we cannot do anything except recommend that you complain on AskGamblers.

In reality, you can’t really blame casinos that protect themselves from abusive practices, but knowing when to withdraw your winnings from your casino account is not that simple. Some tips to keep in mind when determining when is the best time to withdraw your funds!

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