How to Add Subtitles Youtube Video

Add subtitles youtube video, Subtitles are a huge benefit and are worth the extra effort. Those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speak a language other than English typically benefit from subtitles. Subtitles allow Google to translate the content appropriately, allowing you to reach an audience outside of your native tongue.

So, let’s examine how to incorporate subtitles into your videos and the long-term advantages this might bring to your channel.

It’s easy to forget that people from all around the world will be watching your films on YouTube because of the site’s widespread popularity. Including subtitles and closed captions in your videos is a great way to reach out to people outside of your native language.

add subtitles youtube video

How to Add Subtitles or Closed Captions to YouTube Videos

Including captions in your videos is a breeze using YouTube Studio. Using Google’s speech recognition technology, it will generate and add subtitles to your movie without you having to lift a finger. The catch, though, is that it frequently lacks punctuation and is therefore inaccurate. So, here is a simple way to polish your subtitles without having to type them all by hand.

  1. Go to your YouTube Studio page and select the video you’d like to add subtitles to.
  2. Look on the right-hand side of the screen to find “Subtitles.” Clicking on this will take you to YouTube’s Subtitles Editor, where making changes to your subtitles couldn’t be simpler. You may view the timestamps and durations of your automatically generated YouTube subtitles. To begin working, click Edit at the top right of the window.
  3. Select different sections of text automatically separated by YouTube, and play your video. On the left side of the window, you can make corrections to your spelling and punctuation. Fix the timing of your subtitles by dragging the bars below the movie with your mouse. This will lengthen or shorten the blurbs as needed.
  4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts to scrub through your video. This is much easier to use than trying to scrub through manually with clicks.
  5. When you’re finished, click Save Draft in the top-right corner.
  6. When you’re finished making edits, click Save Draft to apply them to your video. Please be patient; I’ve seen it take a few hours for the changes to show up in people’s videos after being made.

Download Your Subtitles for Other Uses

YouTube’s studio interface makes it a breeze to save your video’s subtitles on your computer. You’ll see a link labelled “Subtitles” with text reading “To manage additional languages, go here” beneath. To proceed, please select that.

In the right-hand corner, you’ll find Edit, followed by a button to reveal other options. To proceed, please press the button. You can choose to remove it from the public domain, download it, rename it, or delete it entirely. When you click the Download button, you’ll be given the option to save the subtitles in the Original,.vtt, or.sbv.

Your audio will be transcribed and saved as a rich text file (.srt extension). file will include your enriched subtitles when you submit your movie to various platforms like Facebook or Vimeo.

add subtitles youtube video

Caption Certification

After making any necessary edits and clicking “Save,” you’ll be sent to a new captioning section on the main Edit page for the video. There’s a toggle for “Video language,” but if you use it, be sure to stick with the language actually used in the clip.

  • There’s a label that says “Caption certification” right next to it. So, according to YouTube:
  • Closed captions may be required if your content first aired in the United States on television on or after September 30, 2012. The FCC mandates this. Online Video Sharing Platform – YouTube
  • If this describes your video, then you should definitely include subtitles.
  • If your video is subtitled in a language other than English, you can increase its visibility by editing the title and description to use that language. This option can be found under “Video language.”

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add subtitles youtube video


Q1: Can YouTube auto generate subtitles?

You should expect YouTube to generate subtitles for your video within a day, using machine-driven voice recognition; but, these captions are only 60-70 percent accurate on average, so you will want to update the automatic captions. Select Subtitles on the left side of YouTube Studio’s interface.

Q2: Can I translate someone else’s YouTube video?

To activate automatic translation, go to the “Settings” menu, then “Subtitles/CC.” You’ll see a list of the languages available for translation. Choose “English.” You’ll see that the subtitles have been translated to English mechanically.

Q3: How do I translate a YouTube video without CC?

Your YouTube video can be translated without the use of CC. Keevi’s “Text to Speech” function lets you record a computer-generated voiceover in any language.

Q4: Can I Google Translate a video?

Despite its many capabilities, Google Translate is unable to translate videos. A portion of a video can be captured on screen and the programme will translate that segment for you. When you use Google Translate, you can also get a spoken translation. However, professional translators will need to be contracted if a video translation is required.

Q5: Is there an app to translate videos?

Kapwing allows you to convert your videos into and out of over 60 different languages. Subtitle your video in one of more than 60 supported languages in a matter of minutes. Once the subtitles have been applied, the translated text can be reviewed and edited by hand.

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