What is Error 0x800700b7 on Windows 11 22h2?

This article looks at the error code 0x800700b7. System Restore is a great tool in Windows that lets you go back in time. With the tool, you can undo changes you made to the system. Some Windows users get the message “System Restore did not complete successfully” when it doesn’t always work. This could also have the code 0x800700b7.

What Does Error Code 0x800700b7 Mean?

This error means that there was a problem with the restore process. Because of this, Windows usually shows the message “Windows couldn’t make the necessary changes, and it looks like some Windows components are broken.” This code can also be shown by a problem with Windows Update or, more recently, a problem with the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11.

There are a number causes of this error, however the following are the most common ones:

  • Antivirus Programme

The 0x800700b7 error can also be caused by antivirus software that doesn’t work well with System Restore or by incomplete programme installations that leave wrong registry entries.

  • Installing Something Wrong

When you try to restore your PC after a bad installation, you might see the message “System Restore did not complete successfully.” This is the cause of error number 0x800700b7.

  • Corrupt System Files

It’s hard to find a single cause for this problem because there are so many of them, but most of them are related to damage system files that need to be fixed to fix the 0x800700b7 error.

  • Update Issues

This serious problem shows up when you try to upgrade your operating system, when you want to restore it to a previous point in time, or right now in Windows 11 when you instal a subsystem.

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How Do I Fix Windows 11 22h2 when the Provisioning Package Fails With Error 0x800700b7?

But many Windows 11 22h2 users say that the Provisioning package fails with error 0x800700b7. The problem was first reported in October 2022, when 0x800700b7 errors were caused by using provisioning packages after installing the Windows 11 2022 Update.

Microsoft says that this problem could cause Windows to only configure itself partially, which could cause an unexpected restart or make it impossible to finish the Out Of Box Experience. According to the company, the provisioning packages used during the initial setup process would probably also be affected.

But Windows devices that come from Windows Autopilot and Windows systems used in home or small business networks are not affected by the problem. Microsoft recently changed the known issue on the Windows release health dashboard to say that the November 2022 KB5020044 preview update fixed it.

You can fix the Provisioning package fails on Windows 11 22h2 with error code 0x800700b7 by following the steps in this article. You could also use an automatic maintenance app like Reimage to fix most system failures, BSODs, corrupted files, and registry problems. If not, follow the steps described below.

How Do I Fix the Error Code 0x800700b7 for System Restore?

1. Use software that is made for that purpose.

If you get system errors like 0x800700b7, you might be able to fix them with specialized software like Restoro. This software is meant to fix a wide range of issues, such as crashes, freezes, and missing DLL files. The fully automated software will fix any problems with System Restore or any other part of Windows.

Restoro is a complex Windows system repair programme that checks your computer for problems and fixes all critical system files, registry errors, and virus damage (not antivirus software). With a few clicks of the mouse, the programme frees up space on your hard drive and returns all of your Windows settings to their original settings.
Here’s how you can do it:

  • You should download and set up Restore.
  • Kick off Restoro.
  • Wait for it to find any problems with the system’s stability or malware.
  • It should be set to Start Repair.
  • To make the changes work, you need to restart your computer.
  • Restoro’s technology replaces severely damaged Windows system files with clean, up-to-date copies from a secure online database. Giving it permission to do this won’t hurt your user data.

This is the best tool that can fix Windows errors, PC crashes, and problems with the registry all at once. It can improve the speed and security of your device in just a few minutes.

2. Put the KB5020044 Update in place.

The Windows 11 22H2 KB5020044 update fixes the 0x800700b7 problem and adds a number of new features. By combining Windows Spotlight and Themes on the Personalization page, one of these features gives users a more customised experience.
The upgrade will also have useful information for people who use OneDrive. The update also fixes problems with how games run that caused Microsoft to stop letting some customers upgrade to Windows 11 2022 Update in the past. The KB5020044 update is easy to instal, and you can do it either manually or automatically through Windows Settings.

Through Windows Settings, update:

  • Select Settings after clicking Start.
  • Head over to the Windows Update area.
  • Click Examine for changes, then wait
  • Install any available updates by going to the Advanced options.
  • Restart your computer.

Installing the update Manually:

  • On the Microsoft Update Catalog page, enter the KB number and click Search.
  • Get the update, then instal it by hand.
  • Putting the update on by hand

3. Take off the Provisioning Package

You can download the KB5020044 update, which fixes the 0x800700b7 error. If you don’t want to, you can try a different method that has worked for some users.

  • On your Windows 11 computer, go to Settings.
  • After clicking Accounts, you should choose whether to access work or school.
  • Click on a provisioning package to add or remove it.
  • It’s important to get rid of the Provisioning Package.
  • You should choose the provisioning package you want to delete.
  • Choose Remove.
  • Run the provisioning package again to see if the problem is still there or if it has been fixed.

4. Disable your Antivirus Programme.

  • To start the utility, right-click the icon for the third-party antivirus software and choose the right option from the menu that appears.
  • After choosing the Protection button from the left pane, click on Open in the Antivirus section.
  • By going to the Advanced tab, you can turn off the Bitdefender shield button on the right.
  • Then, choose how long you want the deactivation to last, and press the OK button. It wouldn’t take more than 5 to 15 minutes to make sure System Restore works without antivirus software.
  • Try out System Restore to see if it still works.

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Some PC problems are hard to fix, especially when repositories are broken or Windows files are missing. If you can’t fix an error, it could be because your system is broken in some way.

We suggest installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your computer and figure out where the problem is coming from.
So, get rid of any you just installed and start the process over. Also, if you forgot to include any optional parts before, add them this time.

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